Top Five Reasons Florida Will Win

Joakim Noah

#5 Bill Donovan. The Florida head coach is one of only six men to ever reach the National Championship as both a player and a head coach. He’s one of three men to play in the Final Four and win a National Championship as a coach (Dean Smith and Bob Knight are the others). Donovan is an ocelot of a man that understands with frightening seriousness how to motivate his team during this high pressure weekend. There’s a reason all of Kentucky nation wants to pay him upwards of $4 million a year to have him to come fill their head coaching position.

#4 They’re the returning champions. And they’re still hungry. Three of their star players last year returned for their senior seasons specifically to have a shot at going back-to-back. It was a big risk for Noah, Brewer, and Al Horford, considering their basketball careers could have been halted this season had any of them become injured, and it’s hard to go anywhere from the top but down. But they came back, and they’re hungry.

#3 Their school developed Gatorade. Enough said.

#2 Experience. They were just here last year, and they have 1000% more experience than any other team in the Final Four, with the exception of maybe UCLA. Joakim Noah (above) may be eccentric, but he’s also the most fired up player in college sports right now. That wins games.

#1 And the number one reason why Florida will win this year… They’re my wife’s pick. And my wife is always right.


NCAA Final Four 2007 is looking to be a classic.

March 19, 1955, at Kansas City, Mo.

Bill Russell doesn’t have anywhere near the hype of Greg Oden.

Russell didn’t deserve it. He was an awkward 6-7 center and didn’t score more than 10 points in a high school game. Did you know?

Russell developed into an intimidating force and grew three inches as the Dons became a No. 1 team. Awaiting them in the NCAA title game was defending champion LaSalle, much like Florida may potentially be defending it’s title against the Bill Russell-esque Greg Oden.

Russell harassed LaSalle’s shooters in the paint, blocking 4 shots, grabbed 25 rebounds and scored 23 points in the Dons’ 77-63 victory.

March 29, 1982, at New Orleans

Before icon status, before Air Jordans, before the triangle offense, he was a freshman trying to win an NCAA title for his esteemed coach.

He was just Michael Jordan then.

His 16-foot jump shot (above), with 17 seconds left, sent North Carolina ahead of Georgetown 63-62 in the championship game.

April 2, 1983, at Albuquerque, N.M.

This was not a Final Four semifinal. It was Cirque du Soleil.

Acrobatics were promised for the matchup between No. 1-ranked Houston, the Phi Slamma Jamma fraternity of dunkers, and No. 2 Louisville, which had won the NCAA title three years earlier with a team characterized as Doctors of Dunk.

Houston’s Akeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler and Larry Micheaux did not disappoint the audience.

The Cougars were limited to two dunks in the first half, but they overcame a halftime deficit by combining actual points with style points. They scored 22 of their 58 second-half points on dunks and defeated Louisville 94-81.

A 21-1 run became a Houston highlight reel. Olajuwon, who had 22 rebounds as well as 21 points, sealed the victory with four dunks down the stretch.

Underdog North Carolina State upset Houston in the championship game 54-52.

-This year’s Final Four promises to be one of the classic Final Four’s of all time, because of the nature of the basketball to be played. Since the three point rule was put in place in the NCAA, tournament play has been mostly a shooting contest, with the team that shoots closest to %50 from behind the arc winning (see the 06′ Final Four). This breed of basketball makes for great oppurtunity for Cinderella stories, and games that are exciting to watch – but the quality of play is definately lacking, which in turn takes the “epic” feel out of the tournament.

However, this year is the first since Bryant Reeves was on the court that we’ll get to watch a legitimate showdown of 7 foot, low block, shot blocking centers. Look to see legitimate coaching strategy changes happen at halftime and then again in the last 10:00 of play in each of the three games this weekend. With the addition of “old school” strategy to the game, the matchups will play out better, and we might get to witness one of the best Final Four’s in history when it’s all said and done.


(credit to IndyStar newspaper)

Frilly Dresses and Big Hats

The Kentucky Derby is just around the corner, May 5th. This year the coveted event will be more than just frilly dresses and oversized hats. Queen Elizabeth II and her Husband Prince Phillip will be attending the 133rd running.

How exciting would it be to sip a Mint Julep with the Queen? There is always a multitude of celebrities at the famous Kentucky Derby, but I think this year’s guest of honor takes the cake. If you have a chance to make it to Louisville this is definitely one opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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Kentucky Derby

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Ticket City Announces Discount on Tickets for Men’s College Basketball Championship in Hopes of Jump-Starting Sales

Sale of tickets for the event started off slowly, but now picking up for the four teams meeting at the Georgia Dome to fight for the national title.Austin, TX (PRWeb) March 29, 2007 — Despite the hype surrounding this year’s Final Four, the fan bases’ enthusiasm has been slow to translate into ticket sales. This week, has had tremendous traffic to their site, but sales are pacing slower than in previous years, prompting them to offer a $25 discount to any of the Georgia Dome games. Visitors to should reference promotional code “hoops” before April 3rd, in order to take advantage of the offer.

Four teams steeped in basketball history will meet in Atlanta this week to battle for college basketball’s National Championship. The Final Four is the pinnacle event in what is perhaps the greatest event in college sports, the NCAA basketball tournament.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are making their first trip to the Final Four since 1999 led by freshman sensation Greg Oden. This is the Georgetown Hoya’s fifth trip to the Final Four, but the first since 1985. Meanwhile, the Florida Gators and UCLA Bruins return for the second year in a row, with UCLA hungry to avenge their defeat in last year’s championship game.

“These are teams with strong basketball programs, who toppled giants to get to the Final Four,” says Ticket City CEO Randy Cohen. “We’re expecting a big crowd from the returning champion Gators, particularly since Gainesville is right down the road from Atlanta. I also know the Buckeye fans will be there in droves, because they travel better than any fan base in the country.”

The big question is: will fans from the other two teams make the trip?

“I think so,” says Cohen. “Georgetown might be smaller than the other schools involved, but the Hoya fans are pure basketball fans. Their football team doesn’t compete at the Division 1 level, so those Hoya fans are year-round, 365-days a year, hoops junkies. And the Bruins are perhaps the best team in the history of college basketball (11 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships), so we know a lot of fans will make that trip out here from L.A. The Bruins really want that 12th national title.”

Unlike previous years, ticket prices have stayed relatively constant in these first few days since the establishment of the four Semifinal teams, instead of the usual post-regional championship push. While it’s not ideal for ticket sales, it could mean huge opportunities for those planning to attend this year’s National Championship game. It also presents an opportunity for sports fans who might not be associated with one of these schools involved to attend this premier sporting event.

“That’s just it,” adds Cohen, “the way things are right now, even if you’re not a fan or alumni of one of these Final Four teams, you can definitely still afford to go to one of the biggest events in college sports in a really cool city (Atlanta).”

Cohen added, “Until you’ve been there in person to experience the passion of the Final Four, you have no idea what you’re missing.”

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From the new guy

Whew. NCAA March Madness sure was a great time to begin my tenure here at Theres been lots of excitement about the tournament, especially with 5 – count it up – 5 Texas teams in the tournament this year. I absolutely love March, it’s my favorite month of the year (it’s also my wife’s birthday month). It was an awesome month, and I’m looking forward to baseball season and especially football season.