Heavy in Houston

Here’s a couple of photos from Lamb of God’s headlining Off-Ozzfest tour date on 9/1 at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston taken with the surprisingly good camera in the Motorola RazrV3XX.

HATEBREED live in houston 9/1Lamb of God live in Houston 9-1-07

The show was amazing – very heavy, very loud. This was my first concert ever in Houston and it did not disappoint. The Verizon is a great venue for any kind of music event: intimate enough for crowd/performer interaction, yet big enough for a massive, intense crowd. Typical metal antics were in full swing and a brutal time was had by all.

Be sure to check out Ticket City’s inventory for upcoming concerts at The Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston .

Good Times.

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