Better than an iPhone App for Buying Tickets

What could possibly be better for iPhone users that want to buy concert tickets or sports tickets than an iPhone app? Hmm… perhaps a full featured website that functions the same whether you’re using your iPhone or your computer. Afterall, with the iPhone Apple promised a browser that would allow you to surf “The Real Web”

We’ve thought about building a TicketCity iPhone app, but honestly what would we do differently from our website? We’d love to hear your ideas of how we could make a ticket buying iPhone app better than a ticket buying website. Comment with your ideas.. if you have a great idea and we use it then you might just get a gift card! We’d also love to hear any ideas about how we can improve our website for regular computer browsing.

In the meantime we’ll stick to making our website better for all users, iPhone or not!

BTW, here’s a quick tip for iPhone users.. you can scroll the list of tickets and move the seating chart around with “two finger scrolling

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