Season’s First BCS Rankings Cause Quite A Stir

As the season’s first BCS poll rankings are revealed, it’s always expected there will be a difference of opinion, and many opinions at that. However, some interesting upsets this weekend, with the likes of Ohio State and Nebraska, mixed with the usual chatter around the much debated BCS, have brought even more debate. “Pay no attention to these BCS standings,” saya Dan Wetzel of Yahoo’s And Bleacher Report asks the question, “Who Got Screwed in the First BCS Poll?” Depsite Nebraska’s loss to Texas and still being ranked above them (No. 16 vs No. 19), some would argue Nebraska still got screwed after a 7 point loss to a then unranked team. And apparently Wisconsin’s win over Ohio State did not have the impact many expected as the Badgers still chase the Buckeyes in the poll, No. 13 to No. 10.

Here’s the round-up of this week’s current BCS standings:


  1. Oklahoma .9215
  2. Oregon .8921
  3. Boise State .8898
  4. Auburn .8641
  5. TCU .8573
  6. LSU .8245
  7. Michigan State .7628
  8. Alabama .6654
  9. Utah .6540
  10. Ohio State .5726
  11. Missouri .5491
  12. Stanford .5374
  13. Wisconsin .5335
  14. Oklahoma State .5261
  15. Iowa .4824
  16. Nebraska .4295
  17. Florida State .4267
  18. Arizona .3807
  19. Texas .2214
  20. West Virginia .1812
  21. South Carolina .1555
  22. Kansas State .1422
  23. Arkansas .1302
  24. Mississippi State .1253
  25. Virginia Tech .0658

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