How Good is Notre Dame?

We already know that Notre Dame is going to play for the National Championship in the Orange Bowl in January. Before the season started we knew they had the season set up for them if they could win all of the games.

#15 Michigan State

Notre Dame has proved the doubters wrong. Photo courtesy of Joe Raymond/AP

#8 Michigan

#21 Stanford

#4 Oklahoma

#1 USC

How can you go wrong that schedule? Outside of those games there would still be games against Miami (FL), BYU, and Pittsburgh. Five games against the top 21 teams in the country and 3 top 10 teams. That is not how it worked out.

By the time Notre Dame rolled into the Los Angeles last week to take on USC everything had changed and the schedule didn’t look so good. Michigan State and preseason # 1 USC were not ranked at all. Michigan was down from 8 to 19 and Oklahoma was down from 4 to 11. The only team that was actually better was Stanford that went from # 21 to the Top 10 at # 8.

Notre Dame will play the SEC winner between Alabama and Georgia for the BCS Title on January 7th. We know the Notre Dame front seven is good. We know their young quarterback Everett Golson is athletic and getting better every day.

What we don’t know is how good this team is based on the schedule they have played. I can’t wait to see the game though.

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