View From Inside Augusta National

Here are some photos taken by a Ticket City client during their trip to the 2007 Masters. They were able to get up close to some of the best golfers in the World.

Vijay on the practice green.

Ernie Els finishes practicing and heads towards the 1st hole.

Up close with Freddie Couples on the course.

The very best concession stands in the World. You won’t find lower prices at any other event.

A ton of work goes into keeping Augusta National so finely manicured.

Ticket City Clients Enjoying The Masters

Here are some photos of Ticket City clients enjoying the Augusta National golf course at The Masters:

Posing infront of the beautiful scenery on the course.

Here with the fairway and Masters scoreboard behind them.

These pictures were snapped during the Wednesday Practice Rounds. Cameras are not allowed on the course from Thursday-Sunday. To buy tickets now of the 2008 Masters, call us or go to our web site.