Top 10 Hottest NFL Games – Week 17

The last week of regular season games in the NFL  brings equal measures of excitement and anxiety as teams battle for the remaining spots in the playoffs. Although not every match-up this weekend has teams fighting for a playoff berth, here’s our list of the  Top 10 Hottest NFL Tickets for Week 17 & why fans are clamoring for a ticket to the game:

    1. Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears ($280.80) - Winner takes the NFC North title; loser’s season is over.
    2. Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys ($240.90) - Winner takes NFC East Title and makes the playoffs. Loser’s season is over.
    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints ($200.63) - If the Saints get a “W” they go to the playoffs, and with a Panther’s loss, they can clinch the NFC South title. A Saints loss + a Cardinals win means the Saints lose their playoff opportunity.
    4. Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots ($197.48) - A Patriots Win (and an unlikely loss by the Broncos) would give New England homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. However, a loss to the Bills would potentially strip them of a first-round bye.
    5. St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks ($197.15) - With a win, the Seahawks would solidify homefield advantage in the NFC division.
    6. San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals ($161.13) - If the Cardinals win (and the Saints lose) they make the playoffs. However, the 49′s will have clinched that playoff spot if they beat the Falcons.
    7. Washington Redskins @ New York Giants ($150.17) - Despite their both teams struggles this season that have ended their playoff potential, this often over-looked rivalry puts pride and bragging rights as the prize for this end-of-season battle.
    8. Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings ($120.65) - Another game that doesn’t matter in regards to the playoffs, as both teams are out of the race, it is the last time this rivalry will be played at the Mall of America stadium, in which the Vikings have defeated the Lions more than any other team they’ve played there.
    9. New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins ($119.29) - If the Dolphins win, they get the final spot in the AFC.
    10. Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers ($118.65) - Although this game has no impact on the post-season, this storied rivalry is the oldest in the AFC and due to the proximity of the teams, many fans will be showing up in their team colors for one-last hoorah of the season.

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Top 10 Hottest NFL Games – Week 6

Every week, TicketCity ranks the top games fans are flocking to. Not only do these match-ups draw the biggest crowds, but they have the most competition and story-rich side-lines.

Don’t know what to watch first? Here are some reasons why these top five games can’t be missed this coming weekend.


  • New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots – The undefeated Saints will play New England, who is coming off their first loss of the season. The potential return of Rob Gronkowski could put a damper on the Brees-to-Graham connection, but despite his possible return, the outcome of the game will come down to the coaching – who will make the better play calls and allow their QB’s to lead their team to a “W”?
  • Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens – With both teams coming off hard-earned wins, this rarely-played match-up should be one of the best games of the week. Although the Packers have won 6 of the last 9 meetings, they have never won at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium. Can the Ravens improve their pass-rushing game to overcome the Packers defense? Or will Rodgers out-gun Flacco’s crew (of which haven’t been able to keep up with a “hurry-up” offense this season)?
  • New York Giants at Chicago Bears – This is a “must win” game for both of these teams because: (1) the Giants have yet to win a game and (2) the Bears fourth-quarter and defensive issues are re-surfacing, which could cripple the team for the rest of the season. With both teams juggling instability, this game will determine which team will be able to hold tight or come unraveled.
  • Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks – Even with the Seahawks shaky offense and failure to beat the Colts last week, the Titans mistake-ridden loss to Kansas City will sit heavier against their momentum to try and get a win at CenturyLink Field. Will Ryan Fitzpatrick make this a game to watch, or will the Seahawks motivation to get back in the win column overpower the Titans?
  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos – The undefeated Broncos take on the 0 – 5 Jaguars this week. The opening spread of this match-up is already predicting the game to have hardly any competition as Denver is favored by 28 points. This is the highest spread of all time. With that said, it could be a hard task for Manning to keep up his recent performances and light up the field to cover the -28. The Jaguars did beat the Broncos in their last meeting, but personnel has drastically changed for both teams since that Week 1 of 2010. As an additional tidbit, other reasons the price for this game is so high are (1) it is in Denver and (2) fans love the high-scoring potential.

Agree to disagree on my reasoning? Let me know what games you think are the ones to watch this weekend and why!

Check back next week for Week 7′s hottest games to watch!

So Much Spirit!

Best rivalry with my best friends= my family!! Yankees at Red Sox! Game ended up going 11 innings and Boston took that series! Perfect night out! Even got a personalized message for the score board! - Photo by Cladia M.

Best rivalry with my best friends= my family!! Yankees at Red Sox! Game ended up going 11 innings and Boston took that series! Perfect night out! Even got a personalized message for the score board! – Photo by Claudia M.

There is no better way to show your true colors as a sports fan than attending a rivalry game! With her Yankee Crew “decked-out” in New York gear, Claudia M.’s picture captured the heart of team-spirit. Congratulations Claudia M. – your fan-support makes you the winner of a $100 gift Card!

How the entries were scored:

  • Style and creativity- 40%
  • Relevancy to and incorporation of event- 30%
  • Photo clarity and quality- 30%

Thank you to the many others who have submitted spirit-filled pictures! You all definitely show true ‘fandom’ and deep appreciation for your favorite teams  – here other awesome entries!

A meet and greet With Eli Manning! - Photo by Connie B-C.

A meet and greet With Eli Manning! – Photo by Connie B-C.

At The University of Texas at Austin, HOOK EM HORNS!!! - Photos by Paul M.

At The University of Texas at Austin, HOOK EM HORNS!!! – Photos by Paul M.

My boys before the Seahawks game in Seattle 2012. Daddy's team. - Photo by Mandy G.

My boys before the Seahawks game in Seattle 2012. Daddy’s team. – Photo by Mandy G.

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Heating-Up the Ice – NHL is back!

Starting the season with a bit of adversity, many players are already getting banned for fighting:

Toronto forward David Clarkson was suspended 10 regular-season games without pay for leaving the bench to take part in a fight during the Maple Leafs’ game against the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday night. — AP via ESPN 

as well as  finding new ways to bend rules,

Brett Gallant and Krys Barch find rule loophole and remove each other’s helmets before fighting.

but in the eye of the storm friendship prevails…

Baffalo Sabres vs. Toronto Maple Leafs – Sept. 22, 2013


Catch all of the action, friendly and foe, during this week’s games of the night:

Tuesday, Sept. 24Anaheim Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings at 10:30PM

Wednesday, Sept. 25Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Wings at 7:30PM

Thursday, Sept. 26Ottawa Senators vs. Montreal Canadiens at 7:30PM

Friday, Sept. 27New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings at 10:30PM

Saturday, Sept. 28San Jose Sharks vs. Anaheim Ducks at 10:00PM

Sunday, Sept. 29Ottawa Senators vs. New York Islanders at 6/7:30PM