Jackson Movie

As if there isn’t enough coverage on Michael Jackson, another breaking news update has emerged.

Allegedly Michael Jackson’s filmed rehearsals and behind-the-scenes footage from his proposed O2 Arena tour are going to be complied into a film titled “This Is It”, which while be in theaters around the world in October. Sony Pictures will release the film, with full consent from the Michael Jackson estate. Interestingly enough, the film is speculated to be presented in 3D and HiDef video and sound.

It has potential to be a blockbuster …or at least pay off the Jackson estate debt. We’ll see.

Cactus Peach

Local band, Cactus Peach is playing at Headhunters [21+] (Red River & 8th St.) on Friday, July 31st @ 9:45.

Check them out on Myspace!

Tour de France

When Borat hit the movie screen from his “home town” Kazakhstan many people had never heard of it. Even though it’s the ninth largest county in the world, next to Russia and the Caspian Sea, it was quite foreign to the US media.

That’s all changed this year though because of Alberto Contador, from the Astana Cycling Team of Kazakhstan. He’s currently getting closer and closer to victory at the Tour de France and he might even be the first man to beat Lance Armstrong in the past eight years. Stay tuned though, this all could change!


So we have all been seeing those Bing “decision engine” commercials [Microsoft’s renamed/re-branded search engine] and now that its been live for a month…how did Microsoft’s reportedly $90 million campaign do? Was the “search overload” enough for people to leave Google?

Not quite, but it was enough for people to leave Yahoo. Microsoft’s slim gain was at Yahoo’s loss while Google still remains strong and stable, holding 65% of all searches.

Bing’s shiny new interface looks great with its striking backgrounds (changed daily) and its 3D mapping options but only time will tell if people will actually use it.

Check out one of their latest commercials. (because you probably fast forwarded through it the first time..the pleasures of TiVo)