Insider Tips for The Rivlary Game in Tallahassee

The big rivalry game between Florida and Florida State is here and TicketCity has your insider tips for a great weekend in Tallahassee. Check out these fun facts about the rivlary, traditions, sights to see, and dinning recommendations in Tallahassee. And if you need tickets, call 1.800.SOLD.OUT.

Insider Tips for The Civil War Rivlary Game in Corvallis

The big rivalry game between Oregon and Oregon State is here and TicketCity has your insider tips about this historic game, sights to see, and places to eat in Corvallis, Oregon. Checkout these fun facts and tips and tell us if you have any more to add! And don’t forget your tickets from TicketCity!

US Grand Prix Insider Race & Event Information

The US has been waiting for Formula One to return to the States and the US Grand Prix will be debuting in Austin, TX next weekend November 16-18th. There are alot of details to know – the schedule for each day, how to get to track, the amount of time to leave yourself getting there, and fun events around Austin for the weekend. TicketCity is your F1 experts. We’re available 7 days a week to answer any question you may have. Or if you’re still needing Race Tickets, Parking Passes, and Concert Tickets, you know who to call. Get your engines started!

The Most Infamous Sports Superstitions

Today is a day where people dress like zombies, animals, princesses, or whatever the latest celebrity joke is. Some people decorate their house with spider webs, carve pumkins, and set out a bowl of candy. And some people believe in supersititions… like not walking in front of a black cat. In the sports world, athletes may not do something special, specifically for today, but they definitely have their own superstitions. Check out our list of sports superstitions – you just may be surprised.

Kickin’ it in College Football and the NFL

Kickers are some of the most important players on a football team. Checkout some of these fun facts about the most field goals, longest kicks, and best players (past and present).