Kathy Griffin at the Long Center

With the airing of Season Five of the D-List fast approaching, Kathy Griffin has taken this time to spread insults, celebrity gossip and of course, laughter all over the country.  And Guess What?!?!  She’s making her way back to Austin and is performing once again at the Long Center in Austin!  She will be spitting out her D-List jokes this summer on Thursday, July 9th.

Even though I didn’t get a chance to make it to her sold out show the last time she was in town, I heard nothing but good things about the D-List evening.  This time around, I will not make that mistake and neither should you.  Get your tickets to this Austin Show or Any other venue she is visiting by going to Ticketcity.com or by calling one of our dedicated Sales Staff at 1-800-SOLD OUT!  Don’t be like me and miss the chance to see her live!

European Soccer Teams Tour America

This Summer European Clubs make a tour of American with one of the games stopping in Baltimore.  AC Milan vs Chelsea hosted at M&T  Bank Stadium on July 24th at 8 pm.  This should be a chance for Baltimore to a friendly game against some world class soccer players from all over Europe!

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Spurs Come to Austin

The NBA Classic game featuring the San Antonio Spurs vs the Oklahoma City Thunder will be played at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas this October.  Since the closest thing Austin has to a professional team is the Longhorns (which I’m not complaining about), lets show the Spurs and Thunder that we have love for more than just college sports.  We  can scream and cheer with the professionals!  Plus, if you can’t make the drive to San Antonio or Oklahoma City, this is a great opportunity for you and your family to see an intense NBA game!  Don’t miss your chance to see this NBA Classic in your own backyard!  Put the reminder on your calendar for October 20th and secure your tickets, before they go onsale, for your chance to be a part of this exhibition game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  You can secure your tickets by calling 1-800-SOLD OUT or by visiting TicketCity.com to reserve your tickets Today!

Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp in AUSTIN!

Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp make it to Austin (well Round Rock) this summer on August 4th.  This memorable show will be held at the home of the Round Rock Express, the Dell Diamond, located at 3400 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX‎ 78665.  The concert will start at 5:30 on this Tuesday night, with doors opening at 5 pm.  Although, since this concert is General Admission, I would arrive early so that you can secure prime seating either in the stands or on the field. 

Now if you are thinking…”I don’t want to leave my kids on a weeknight,” well guess what?!?  This will not only be an awesome event for adults, but they are doing something extraordinary for kids as well!  This is one of the only shows that I’ve come across that allows children under the age of 14 to be admitted FOR FREE with each adult ticket!  Now it might be on a Tuesday, but kids are out of school and the concert starts early, so this will be a great time to get in some family time and also expose your children to 3 of music’s finest! 

Also, all the permanent concessions will be available to you during this concert as well.  This means you can enjoy a great steak or burger, Hooter’s Wings and fries, Poke-e-Jo’s BBQ and several other delicious food vendors.  And don’t forget about several specialty and imported beer stands, along with the New Frozen Margarita stand!

This concert can be fun for a person of any age, whether you are seeing them for the 25th time or the 1st, you are bound to find excitement in this show and have memories to share for years to come!  I know I will!

You can get your tickets TODAY before they go on sale to the general public at TicketCity.com!  So secure your tickets today and make sure that you will be a part of this great musical event!

The Celtics vs The Bulls in Game 5

Wow!! What a game!! The Celtics went in to the series tied 2-2 and came out of last nights, two OT game with a win! 

This has been an exciting series, not only for the overtimes but for the dirty antics displayed by both teams!  In the final OT with 2 seconds left on the clock, Rajon Rondon’s arm hit Brad Millers Face as he was going in for a layup!  Even though many would argue that the foul was intentional or flagrant, the refs gave Miller two shots from the line instead of free throws plus the ball returned, but it didn’t matter either way!  After Miller stood at the line with his teary eyes and bleeding lip, he failed to sink the first shot.  On his second attempt to shoot, he tried to intentionally miss the basket but failed in hitting the rim, which resulted in the lose for the Bulls and bringing the series to 3-2 Celtics.

Now even though you might be sad at this turn of events, you should rejoice in knowing that the next game the Bulls have home court advantage and are sure to tie up the series yet again.  If that turns out to be the case, Game 7 will not be short of competition, and hopefully a few overtimes!

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