The Book of Mormon (New York City) Wow!!

The view from my seat.

I love to travel, and one of the perks of working at TicketCity is catching the latest in live entertainment.

I just returned from New York City, where I had the privilege of attending the hottest theatre show in the country.  I went to see The Book of Mormon at the Eugene ONeill Theatre. After 14 Tony Award nominations and nine wins, I knew I was in for a treat.

When I arrived at the show, the energy in the theatre was electric. Caroline, the Director of Sales at TicketCity, hooked me up with an amazing seat for the show in row K. The show started off with a wonderful introductory song that was so passionate, it energized the entire audience. Things only got better from there!

Please take the time to see this show the next time you are in New York. If you appreciate the humor of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

My very best,

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer TicketCity

The TicketCity Bowl Experience

Cory Morrow starts off the game at 10:50am with an amazing rendition of our National Anthem.  Three Air force Jets then wiz over the Cotton Bowl at more than 500 mph and the crowd of nearly 50,000 ROARS!  Three men then parachute into the Cotton Bowl with the TicketCity game ball in hand and deliver it to the referees. The ref calls me and my twin boys, Alec and Derek, and Clark’s son, Ryan, over to the huddle for the pre-game coin toss and all was quiet.

At the game with my son Derek (far right) and country music singer Cory Morrow (center).

I looked at the players and said “Gentleman, victory loves preparation and you all have prepared yourselves to be victorious today.  Will you play with the soul of a lion (and I looked at the Penn State players) and the heart of a cougar (and I looked at the Houston players) and leave everything you’ve got on the field today?”  Both teams’ players looked at me and said “YES SIR.”  I threw the silver dollar higher than any coin had ever been tossed.  The Houston player called heads, and after two seconds the coin finally came down and banged the helmet of a Penn State player. The coin flew onto the grass and landed on tails.  Penn State had won the toss and deferred until the second half.

It was a great game, with the University of Houston ultimately coming out on top.

With the game finally over, I am about to deliver this HUGE amazing TicketCity Bowl Eagle trophy to the victorious Houston Cougars and the players surround me.  I look at them and all is quiet. I said, “Gentleman, victory loves preparation and you all have definitely prepared yourselves to be victorious today.”  Case Keenum, who was in the huddle at the beginning of the game for the coin toss, looks at me and shouts out, “Heart of a cougar baby! Heart of a cougar!

I said “On three everyone give me a big WOO WOO!, 1,2, 3…” The team shouts “WOO WOO” and spontaneously starts jumping up and down around Tom Starr, the TicketCity Bowl President, and myself in celebration.   Wow! What a game.

Thanks to both Penn State and the University of Houston for the great game, and to all of the fans that came out to support these to great teams.

Me with part of the gang at this year's TicketCity Bowl.

Bowl Picks for the 2009 College Football Bowl Season

FedEx BCS National Championship
Projection: Texas vs. OU
Texas has a case, and if Missouri does not pull off a shocker, Texas should still have enough BCS points to stay ahead of Florida.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Projection:  Florida vs. Utah
The Fiesta Bowl will pick Florida because they will be the next highest ranked BCS teams.  The big question will be the opponent, as the Fiesta will get the first pick of at-large teams and will cut a deal with the Sugar Bowl and end up taking Utah because it is closer.  And they will travel to Arizona after there amazing season.

Allstate Sugar Bowl
Projection:  Alabama vs. Ohio State
The SEC championship game loser will travel to the Sugar Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl will enable them to scoop up Ohio State again. Ohio isn’t afraid to have a big game in New Orleans.

Fedex Orange Bowl
Projection: Boston College vs. Cincinnati
The ACC champion automatically goes here. Boston College should beat up on Virginia Tech and Cincinnati will be the last available BCS team standing.

Rose Bowl presented by Citi
Projection:  USC vs. Penn State
This is already set in stone unless USC loses to UCLA and it should be a great matchup.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
Projection: TCU vs. Boise State

EagleBank Bowl
Projection:  Maryland vs. Navy

New Mexico Bowl
Projection: Colorado State vs. Fresno State
I’d rather be skiing!

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl
Projection: BYU vs. California

St. Petersburg Bowl
Projection: South Florida vs. Southern Miss

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Projection: Troy vs. Memphis

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
Projection:  Western Michigan vs. Hawaii
Great for Western Michigan, this game will be a volcanic eruption.

Motor City Bowl
Projection:  NC State vs. Ball State
Free car for every player on the winning team!

Champs Sports Bowl
Projection: Georgia Tech vs. Minnesota
Minnesota is always excited to visit Mickey Mouse.

Emerald Bowl
Projection: Miami vs. Arizona
Hope some people go to this game because Miami is staying at the beach.  The Canes are back though and will lay the ground work for next year.

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Projection: North Carolina vs. Pitt
Home game for North Carolina.

PapaJohn’ Bowl
Projection: Rutgers vs. Florida Atlantic
Extra cheese please! Oh, and hold the pepperoni.

PetroSun Independence Bowl
Projection: Louisiana Tech vs. UL Lafayette

Alamo Bowl
Projection: Iowa vs. Nebraska
Everyone deserves a chance to visit San Antonio in the winter and enjoy a little sunshine.

Texas Bowl
Projection:  Notre Dame vs. Rice
Rice will be excited to see the Fighting Irish eat a little BBQ.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl
Projection: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
Oklahoma State has had a great season, and Boone Pickens can bask in the ocean breeze.

Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl
Projection: Wake Forest vs. Nevada

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
Projection: Air Force vs. Houston
Air vs. Oil Bowl

Sun Bowl
Projection: West Virginia vs. Oregon State
They would rather have Notre Dame; but if not, tequila all the way!

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl
Projection: Clemson vs. Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt has had a good year and this home game will be the icing on the cake

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Projection: Virginia Tech vs. South Carolina
This game will be a tough cock fight.

Insight Bowl
Projection: Wisconsin vs. Kansas
Kansas, coming off a lucky upset of Missouri, will enjoy a little sunshine after that game.

Outback Bowl
Projection: Northwestern vs. LSU

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl
Projection: Florida State vs. Missouri
This depends on how Missouri plays against OU.  This game will show the world how great the Big 12 conference really is.

Capital One Bowl
Projection: Michigan State vs. Georgia
Georgia slides into this game, but there is still a chance Ole Miss may be here instead and Georgia will end up playing in the Cotton.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Projection: Tulsa vs. Kentucky

AT&T Cotton Bowl
Projection:  Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss
The Cotton Bowl would love to have Georgia, but Ole Miss travels pretty well and it would be great to have Jevon Snead return to Texas to go head-to-head against Graham Harrell.

International Bowl
Projection: Connecticut vs. Buffalo

Projection: East Carolina vs. Central

Another amazing day of college football

Wow, Saturday was another amazing day in College football!  Three of the top five teams in the country lost, and that was with the #2 Alabama team sitting idle this weekend.  The big story was #5 Texas beating #1 Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout.  That was the first time in a decade the lower ranked team has won in the RRS, what a huge win for the Longhorns.With Oklahoma, LSU and Missouri going down, the BCS championship in Miami is looking like a doozy.  Even though we have a long season ahead, I predict 2007 Heisman winner, Tim Tebow, will play in the BCS National Championship Game in Miami against team Bevo led by 2008 Heisman Trophy winner Colt McCoy.  Alabama, Oklahoma State, USC, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and several other teams are not out of it yet, but I just get the feeling that this quarterback showdown between Tebow and McCoy is meant to be.  If that does happen, it promises to be a heck of a game.

See you at the beach,

Randy Cohen

Chief Energizing Officer

Wimbledon Wow! Epic tennis and U.S. Open is next

I don’t know about you, but I spent my Sunday in Rockport Texas on vacation glued to the 4th and 5th sets of one of the greatest tennis matches that I have ever seen.  Coming from a lifelong tennis player who played for the University of Denver, Federer showed us the most amazing heart that I have ever seen in an athlete.  He has the heart of a champion and seems to dig down to that extra place in his soul when he had to muster up a point.   At the end Federer didn’t have quite enough and there was a changing of the guard.  The young 21 year old champion Nadal who was fresh of a win at the French Open won Wimbledon in overtime in the 5th set, the longest match in Wimbledon history at nearly 5 hours.  Nadal will take over the number one spot in the world from his 27 year old nemesis Federer.

This Wimbledon final is now electrifying the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows New York which is the next grand slam.  The tennis world is extremely excited about this and maybe just maybe we can get another Nadal vs Federer Final in N.Y..  What more could we ask for.  As always you can get your  tickets for the U.S. Open at

My very best!!!

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer Ticketcity