After the Weekend: Is Miami the Best Team in College Basketball?

What a great weekend as the first weekend without football. The Los Angeles Lakers traveled to South Beach and Lebron James was phenomenal as the Heat took down the Lakers.

Notre Dame beat Louisville in 5 overtimes, this is not your father’s Kansas basketball team and the University of Miami might just be the best basketball team in the country. Yes that’s right ‘The U’ might be getting it done in hoops.

The NBA All-Star Game is also heading to Houston.

The University of Texas gets their best player Myck Kabongo back against Iowa State on Wednesday after a 23 games suspension or hijacking by the NCAA, take your pick. Texas is 10 – 13 overall and 2–8 in Big play with 8 games to play. They could go on a massive run to end the season and go 18–13 and 10–8 in conference play. Would that be enough to get them in the NCAA tournament?

Probably not, but it is going to be really interesting to see what he brings to the Longhorn team on Wednesday.

Football Postmortem: What’s Next?

Well this is the first weekend without football and everyone is trying to figure how to get by for the next 200 or so days until football is back in the saddle in the great state of Texas.

The most exciting two minutes in sports.

The most exciting two minutes in sports.

The NBA All-Star Game is coming up in Houston. The Masters is in Augusta, GA. Major League Baseball has 162 games for you to check out. The best part of the NBA season is still yet to come when the teams actually start to play defense.

Call up TicketCity and head to the Kentucky Derby and put on a hat and drink some Mint Juleps.

Spring football will still carry the day in the south. Recruiting junior days and camps keep football at the front of the mind but, my best advice to you is to get out of the house, grab a friend or loved one and go to an event you have never been to before and act like you belong.

They’ll be a lot of people having fun and you can be one of them.

National Signing Day

Today is the day. Whether you cheer for the University of Texas, Florida, Notre Dame, Nebraska Syracuse all the way down to Abilene Christian and Mt. Union, the first Wednesday in February is the life blood for every football program.

Coaches are important and fan bases are important but the games are won and lost with the players recruited into the program. Sure you have to coach them up and sure you have to develop them but procuring talent is what makes a program successful.

Now to the players as today is the culmination of a lot of dreams and I can’t isolate that to the players. It’s the parents and family that are paying for camps, driving hundreds of miles to seven-on-seven and purchasing everything from meals to eye black to cleats to flights to everything else needed to build the exposure needed to garner a football scholarship.

So this fall when you are in your favorite stadium watching your Alma mater or your favorite team play, remember it started for a lot of teams today.

I still laugh when I think about the fact that there are grown men with families, money, power and the like with their lives are tied to the wishes of 17 and 18-year olds that decide to come play football for them.

You want to know how good your favorite team is going to be over the next few years, check out today.


Well my 49ers did not get it done and they will have the sting of knowing they left a lot on the field against the Ravens. It was a crazy game and I have talked to a few people that were not like me and crazy enough to leave New Orleans the day before the game.

How could you not love that experience. It was one of the craziest Super Bowl games ever and was the longest game ever compliments of half of the stadium losing lighting for more than 30 minutes.

When the lights came back on so did the 49ers. They came roaring back in this game and for all intents and purposes should have had an opportunity to win with first and goal on the 7 yard line with over 2:30 left in the game.

It is always about the experience. It was one experience for the fans, one experience for the cities and an unexplainable experience for the Harbaugh family. As a father and mother it must have been bitter sweet regardless of the outcome. They had to be so happy for one son and probably naturally first went to the son that was stinging.

Sports and events are all about the stories, the experience and the memories. Super Bowl 47 had plenty of that and then some.

Super Week Rolls On

The Big Easy is not so easy. After talking to dozens of folks in New Orleans about the Super Bowl between San Francisco and Baltimore on radio and TV here’s what I know, “Nothing!”

I know Chris Berman says, “And that’s why you play the game,” but I wanted to know something. I’m the jaded journalist. I don’t cheer for much anymore as much as I pick. If there is any team based fandom left in me thought it is for the team I loved as a child the San Francisco 49ers.

I usually set myself up for failure when I think a game is going to be as good as I think this one is going to be. I mean both have good defenses with the 49er defense approaching that great category.

Both head coaches made tough decisions during the course of the season with offensive personal and coaching moves. Those two head coaches are brothers and grew up sharing a bedroom. This will be Ray Lewis’ last season and he will go down probably the greatest middle linebacker to ever play the game. Both quarterbacks are future stars of the game. Seriously, how could this not be an awesome game? On paper it could go down as the best Super Bowl ever.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I’m setting up myself for disappointment. I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

You know what? It won’t matter. I mean if my 49ers win!