The Big Easy

So I’m on the road to the Big Easy for he Super Bowl between my San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

We made it through Vidor, TX. We rolled through Baton Rouge and drove by Tiger Stadium. We drove over a lot of swamp and probably some alligators too.

We did it all in an effort to get to the Big Easy for the big game. I still think the 49ers have the best team in the game but the Ravens could have the emotional edge whether you believe the deer antler extract story or not.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll give you the low down on the first nights food and festivities. Make no mistake, this trip is also about eating great food.

Tiger Roaring Back

Look, I’m not calling my shot. I’m not Babe Ruth. But I am saying that you better circle the dates April 8 – 14 in Augusta, GA for The Masters. Yes, I know the Super Bowl is this week but there will be plenty of time to get to that.

Tiger Woods is in San Diego and he is up 6 strokes with 11 holes left to play in the fog delayed Farmers Insurance Open in Torrey Pines. He played a total of 25 holes on Sunday and before play had suspended for the night, he had tripled his lead.

Now Tiger Woods winning at Torrey Pines is about as normal you and me breathing air but for the few of us that think Woods still has a shot at Jack Nicklaus’ major winning record of 18 majors, there is not a better time to get back on track than in Augusta, GA in April.

I’ve never been the hater on Tiger Woods that many are. I am all about the golf and while he may never return to the dominant golfer he once was,  he doesn’t have to be to win 4 more majors.

I’ll be returning to Augusta again in a couple of months and while it’s clear that I am in the group of folks that want to see Tiger Woods get back to the top of golf, all I want him to do is be ready to put together four solid rounds at The Masters and see what happens.

Heading to the Big Easy

We celebrated the virtue of a movement and a man yesterday with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Now we have just under two weeks to the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens playing in the Super Bowl in the Big Easy.

While both Harbaughs have plain names (Jim and John) there is nothing plain about them. John came out of obscurity when he was hired for the Ravens head job. Jim traveled the ranks of small college football starting at San Diego, then to Stanford before he replaced the Hall of Fame player in Mike Singletary at San Francisco as head coach.

It’s bucket list time with the Super Bowl in New Orleans at the same time that Mardi Gras and the French Quarter will be in full swing.

I won’t be in New Orleans the whole time but I will be bring the ‘huddle’ to New Orleans the week of the Super Bowl.

It’s going to be a lot of people having fun and I’m going to be one of them.

Changing of the Guard

Everyone wondered as the Williams sisters got older as to who would be the next on line to take the reins for US Women’s tennis. The future of women’s American tennis just might have introduced herself to the world over night in Australia.

Sloane Stephens grew up with Serena Williams posters on the wall of her bedroom in Plantation, Florida. She is the daughter of former New England Patriot running back John Stephens and Sybil Smith an All-American swimmer at Boston University.

Sure Serena was injured and injured herself during the match but a win against a top player had to come at some point and this win will provide tremendous confidence.

The girl that grew up idolizing the Williams sisters can say she’s taken the best one down. I’m ready to see her inn the Australian Open semi’s and of course back in the states at the US Open.

Maybe the future is now!

Betting on the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers, in my opinion, are the best team left in the NFL playoffs. They lost in the NFC Championship game last year with a great defense, a really good running game and a lot of audacity.

This year they roll into the NFC Championship with all of that but also with one of the best and brightest young quarterbacks in the game in Colin Kaepernick. He has, seemingly, everything you could ever want in a quarterback. He is smart, aggressive, a leader, accurate, strong and capable. He is a quarterback that can punish a defense for not paying attention to him and he is only getting better.

The 49ers have the weaker of the match ups this week with Atlanta. This is just a bad matchup for the Falcons and the fact that the game is being played in Atlanta is the only thing that gives me pause from predicting a comfortable win.

The 49ers will play well from the start and push their way to New Orleans.

Chance of winning – 34%