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The Most Ridiculous Defunct College Bowl Game Names

Do you ever wonder why college football bowl games boast some of the most ridiculous names?  I do, and I can’t help but chuckle each time I hear “Meineke Car Care Bowl” uttered aloud.  I feel like the aforementioned bowl game is a ceremonial car wash, and I should bring my coupe over the stadium to give it some extra love and attention.  Or how about the lowest payout Papajohns.com Bowl?  I can just imagine the commissioner walking down to meet the winning team at the podium, and instead of handing them a trophy (citing inadequate finances for any commemorative paraphernalia glazed in precious metals) he orders them a Papa John’s pie for dinner and distributes coupons for free pizza for all the players and their flat mates.  Way cooler than a few million dollars and bronzed football, right?  I just hope he tips the driver well, because many of us have been in those shoes.

Below, I have compiled a list of the most ridiculous defunct bowl game names.  In the long history of college football, I have always wondered how fans have felt about the obvious disconnection in college football postseason advertising.  These bowl games have all failed for one reason or another – can you guess why?

Mercy Bowl
Though born of goodwill to raise money for the tragic accident of the Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo football players killed in a plane crash in 1961, the name of the bowl is outright hilarious.  Just by the name, it sounds like the weakest bowl to have ever hit the college postseason.  More like the Ballerina Bowl.

Cigar Bowl
This defunct bowl, hosted in Tampa, would never survive the outrage over tobacco advertising in college sports today.  Could have been an easy sell, though, had every fan received a free Cuban upon entry.

Salad Bowl
This precursor to the current Fiesta Bowl was hosted in Phoenix, Arizona from 1948-1952.  This bowl game was destined to be doused in Fiesta’s ranch sauce from the start.  Conclusion: the Fiesta Bowl sounded a lot more tempting than iceberg lettuce.

Gotham Bowl
This bowl game, named for New York City where the bowl was played, is reminiscent of a certain DC comic mainstay.  I would have loved to see the “Biff! Pow!” light up the scoreboard every time a defender clobbered the ball carrier.  I guess the Bat Signal confused too many fans, and Robin secretly hated big, sweaty men in pads.

Refrigerator Bowl
This bowl game, hosted in Evansville, Indiana from 1948-1956, was likely the coldest bowl game ever played.  The cancellation of this bowl is a primary example of what happens when you run out of Freon.

Bacardi Bowl
The predecessor to the Cigar Bowl, the Bacardi Bowl was hosted in Havana, Cuba seven times between 1907 and 1946.  When Batista assumed office, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would forego a drink.  Mojito, anyone?

Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl
Though the Independence Bowl is still around today, the Poulan Weed-Eater part of the bowl is not.  Also known as the Weedwhacker Bowl, this bowl became the poster child for second-ranked bowl games.  Today, the bottom-rung bowl games are still referred to as Weedwhacker bowls.

Galleryfurniture.com Bowl
When this Houston bowl game went extinct, it saved you money!

The Big 12 Just Got BCS’ed

Three weeks after a final-second upset in Lubbock, the Texas Longhorns put a stomping on Texas A&M.  The 49-9 win was not enough, however, to give the Longhorns the advantage in the computer polls used to calculate BCS standings following week 14.  After the Oklahoma Sooners defeated the Oklahoma State Cowboys 61-41 on Saturday night, the computer polls gave Oklahoma the resounding edge to put them in at #2 in the BCS standings.

Texas, kiss your National Championship hopes goodbye.  The computers have chosen your fate.

In fact, the human polls released this Sunday revealed that the Longhorns had actually gained human votes, and had surpassed Oklahoma in the human formula.  This can’t save the Horns though, as the BCS wreaks havoc again, despite the fact that Texas beat Oklahoma 45-35 during the regular season.

The biggest complaint Big 12 fans have at this point is not directed at the BCS and its antediluvian system.  Rather, its at the Big 12 and its antediluvian system.  It’s about time that the Big 12 learned how to create a head-to-head tiebreaker when faced with three teams all vying for the Big 12 Championship Game.

Big 12, it’s time to get your act together.

End whine.

2008 Thanksgiving Day Football TV Schedule

Thanksgiving Day football is more than tradition – for most fans it’s an absolute necessity.  Anytime the family congregates on a holiday, there is usually television involved – whether it’s New Year’s Eve broadcast from Times Square in New York, re-runs of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story around Christmas, or local fireworks on July 4th.

On Thanksgiving, there are two staples of television:  The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and football.  Both are equally important to watch for some families, as both capture the sense of participation, sharing and merriment during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

The tradition of Thanksgiving Day (NFL) football goes as far back as 1920, and the Detroit Lions have been playing on Thanksgiving Day since 1925.  Up until 2008, only six NFL teams have not competed on Thanksgiving Day.

Here is your Thanksgiving Day football TV guide (all times are Eastern):

Titans at Lions @ 12:30 p.m. (CBS)
Seahawks at Cowboys @ 4:15 p.m. (FOX)
Cardinals at Eagles @ 8:15 p.m. (NFL Network HD)

Texas A&M at Texas @ 8:10 p.m. (ESPN)

Week 13 Recap – Anticipating the BCS Championship

Week 13.  Just when you thought it was getting hot, it just scalded your face.

Oklahoma blew the top off Texas Tech this weekend in a stomping that should have made any spectator recoil in pain.  The Oklahoma defense was impenetrable and ravenous, eating Graham Harrell for dinner with four sacks on the night.  Tech just stuck their thumbs in their mouths, and cried.  How embarrassing.

Now that Tech is no longer in contention for the BCS title, lets look at our possible BCS Championship contenders:

Alabama is still #1 in the BCS standings, but they will need to prove their clout against upcoming opponents Auburn and Florida.  The Gators have one of the strongest offenses in the SEC, and are on pace to demolish any team standing in their way to a BCS Championship berth.  I give my vote to Florida for the BCS Championship berth – Alabama is going to have one heck of a time trying to overcome the Gators in the SEC Championship.

In the Big 12, Oklahoma and Texas are sitting pretty with Tech still gasping for breath after this weekend.  Oklahoma will face a ranked Oklahoma State team this coming weekend, and will need to seal the win to capture the Big 12 Championship berth.  If the Sooners are upset by the Cowboys, then Texas Tech will have another opportunity to see the Big 12 title game.  Texas will face Texas A&M this coming weekend, and the Horns are heading into the game as strong favorites over the Big 12 cellar-dweller.  Despite the clear schedule for week 14, nobody knows which way the vote will swing when it comes down to Texas and Oklahoma for the Big 12 title bid.

If both Texas and Oklahoma can defeat their opponents this weekend, then it is likely Oklahoma will pull ahead in the polls due to a tougher schedule.  In that case, It is likely we will watch Oklahoma in the BCS title game.  However, the Longhorns have a way to pull off the unimaginable, so my vote is solid for the Longhorns.

My prediction for the BCS Championship game:
Florida Gators vs. Texas Longhorns