Best Games of the 2014 College Football Season

Michigan State vs. Oregon, September 6

The Spartans finished the 2013 season win 10 consecutive wins, and will be sexy pick to win the Big Ten. Wins over Ohio State and Stanford proved that they belonged in that Rose Bowl, but will they be able to stop Oregon’s offense? This Week 2 game will be a battle of two completely different styles of play.

Texas shocked the Sooners in 2013 in Dallas

Oklahoma vs. Texas, October 11

Last year’s Red River Rivalry was one of the biggest upsets of the season with the Longhorns obliterating the Sooners in Dallas. Texas had already lost two games to mid-tier opponents, but rocked OU early and often. The Sooners went on to lose only one more game in 2013, culminating in a shocking dismantling of the Alabama Crimson Tide at the Sugar Bowl. This is always the defining game of the Big 12 season, and it’s a must win for both teams.

Notre Dame vs. Florida State, October 18

Halfway into the season comes this matchup that could be a major upset if the defending-champion Seminoles are 6-0 heading in. Notre Dame finished last season at 9-4, including wins over Michigan State and USC. Unfortunately for the Fighting Irish, both of those wins came in South Bend. Barring a complete collapse early in the year, Florida State will be heavily favored.

Ole Miss vs. LSU, October 25

Ole Miss was as streaky as it gets in 2013, but was able to take down the Tigers in Oxford last season 27-24. Ole Miss was not very successful in SEC play, with their defining wins being over LSU and Texas. The Tigers lost to only the Ole Miss and Alabama but will be without QB Zach Mettenberger.  While Ole Miss might not look like a title contender, this will be a big step for the Tigers if they want to be in the mix in 2014.

Alabama vs. LSU, November 8

Alabama might have a more storied history squaring off against Auburn, but this fixture in the schedule always has national title implications. It’s very likely that both of these teams are undefeated coming into the game, and you know Les Miles and Nick Saban will be throw everything but the kitchen sink at each other to come out victorious. This time it’s in Baton Rouge, and there isn’t a better college football experience in the country than a night game at Tiger Stadium.

Auburn vs. Alabama, November 29

With how this game ended last season, you can Bryant-Denny Stadium will be electric for this one. A field-goal returned for a touchdown as time expired put the Tigers in the SEC title game and eventually in the National Championship, while Alabama got crushed in the Sugar Bowl by the Sooners. This is one of the best rivalries in all of sports, and it’s the last game of the regular season for both schools. All of Alabama wishes they could cram into the stadium for the Iron Bowl in 2014.

Red River… What? Texas vs Oklahoma Game Gets Rebranded Again

Each year, the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma face off in one of the most exciting and long-lasting rivalries in college sports. No matter how good either team is performing each season, all bets are off when they face off in Dallas. Since their first meeting in 1900, the two teams have faced off 108 times, with Texas leading the Head To Head 60-43-5. Known to fans as the Red River Shootout, the name was changed to the Red River Rivalry in 2005 to avoid condoning gun violence. The next year, the official name became the AT&T Red River Rivalry. Now, in 2014, they’ve re-branded once more. If you’re looking for tickets this year, you’ll want to ask for tickets to the AT&T Red River Showdown.

2014 AT&T Red River ShowdownChanges in old tradition can oftentimes rub people the wrong way. Heck, even a new Facebook layout can set people off. So, we took to Twitter to find out what the fans thought of the re-brand. So, here’s a quick breakdown of what we found. Spoiler alert: Longhorns and Sooners will find any opportunity for a little smack talking.

Red River Shootout – Is, was and always will be

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people still plan to use this moniker and stick with old traditions. I’ll admit, I was raised in a Longhorn family and even Red River Rivalry sounded a bit off to me. The new name is just simply not going to catch for many fans.

@Scanachi @TexasEx10 I still call it “The Red River Shootout.” Oh yeah, it’s 5:50 & ou STILL sucks! \m/ #HookEm #GodBlessTexas

@dgmiles Red River Shootout, always. #boomer RT @OU_Football: OU-Texas now “AT&T Red River Showdown” – No matter what you call it, #beatTexas

@Gatrbarb @CollegeGameDay always the Red River Shootout and always the World’s Largest Cocktail Party…too much political correctness!

Red River Rivalry – Say that five times fast

When I started this research, I expected to see certain trends and this was definitely not one of them. For many, the change is welcomed, if for no other reason, it’s easier to say. I never really thought about it, but while the alliteration is fun, Red River Rivalry doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

@theUNLVBigGuy  Guns to tongue twister to blah MT @EricBaileyTW: OU-Texas goes from Red River Shootout to Red River Rivalry to Red River Showdown

@OKCJoseph Changed the name of the Red River Rivalry to the Red River Showdown. The alliteration was too hard for the two-toothed sɐxǝʇ fans to say.

Room for improvement  what’s next for the name?

Some people welcomed a change, but there weren’t many voices that really loved replacing shootout/rivalry with showdown. Most of the positive reactions were just fans getting excited about the Showdown/Rivalry/Shootout later this year. Some people didn’t necessarily love it or hate it, but took it one step further and have facetiously suggested what could be coming next:

@JimMWeber Next up: Red River Hoedown RT @Jake_Trotter The Red River Rivalry is now the Red River Showdown. Used to be the Red River Shootout.

@GuerinEmig Recapping… OU-Texas was once a Red River Shootout, then a Rivalry, and now must settle for being a showdown. Next: a Social.

And my personal favorite:

@SliceOK The Red River “Shootout” became the “Rivalry” and is now apparently the “Showdown.” When do we get to call it the Red River Rumpus? #OUTX

So, football fans, what do you think of the new name? Sound off in the comments!

Get to know Texas’ new head coach Charlie Strong

School president Bill Powers pronounced it a “historic day for the University of Texas.”  Charlie Strong accepted the position of head coach of the Longhorns on Saturday and faced his first official press conference this morning.

So what does Strong bring to Texas?  In the infographic below we’ve pulled together highlights from Strong’s career as both a player and a coach, including his last four years as head coach as Louisville where he achieved a 37-15 record.

Do you think Strong is right for Texas? Let us know in the comments below.

Charlie Strong

BCS National Championship Game Ticket Prices Falling

With the final BCS National Championship game just two weeks away, ticket prices are falling on the secondary market. As of Monday morning, the average price for a ticket to the game is $823, nearly half the cost of a ticket purchased on Selection Sunday.

With ticket prices for the National Championship game already down 15% compared to 2012, tickets to see Auburn and Florida State face-off in Pasadena are available for as low as $494. Comparatively, the most expensive game ticket purchased cost an impressive $4315 for lower level seats on the 50-yard line.

bcs national championship

BCS National Championship Era: The Record Holders

Florida State and Auburn are ranked first and second, respectively, in the final Bowl Championship Series standings and will face each other in the BCS National Championship on Jan. 6 in Pasadena, California. In the finale of it’s final season, how will the BCS be remembered?

From the biggest blow-out to the biggest upset, this infographic takes a look back in history at the BCS National Championship game record holders.  While the BCS Championship has had some controversy in selecting which teams would compete, many national championship games are talked about among the greatest college football games of all-time.

bcs national championship

BCS National Championship Era: The Record Holders

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