Water Cooler: 10 Things To Know About the BCS National Championship Game

It’s the finale year of the BCS National Championship, one of the most memorable and controversial periods in college football. Here’s 10 facts to keep you in the know this bowl season:

BCS National Championship

$30,000: The value of the American Football Coaches Association Trophy

1. The winner of the BCS National Championship Game means its state will finish with the most BCS championships in the system’s 16-year history. The states of Florida and Alabama each have four BCS championships.

2. About 60 percent of bowl teams spend more to play in these games than they receive in payouts for their participation.

3. The last time the SEC didn’t win the BCS championship Johnny Manziel had just turned 13 years old.

4. The Associated Press quit letting the BCS use its weekly coaches’ poll as part of the BCS standings formula in 2005. The AP reportedly didn’t think a subjective ranking should be the basis for a major athletic competition.

5. The BCS has proven to be the longest-standing and most expansive national-championship formula to date.

6. Thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 15 times in 15 years by BCS measurements and 12 times in the last 15 according to the AP poll — including the last nine years in a row.

7. The BCS is the most wide-reaching attempt to unite the traditionally strongest six Division I-A conferences with the top four bowl games.

8. There are the more than 7,000 student-athletes who have taken part in the BCS National Championship game…more than 13,800 band members and more than 100,000 additional performers who take part in the entertainment and other productions associated with the games…more than 1,280 cheerleaders who support their teams and fan bases…more than 1.8 million fans who celebrate their teams, the games, the bowls and the traditions created every postseason.

9. $30,000: The value of the American Football Coaches Association Trophy, awarded to the BCS winner.

10. 77% of people polled by ESPN think the four-team playoff announced on June 26, 2012 was the right move for college football.



Top 25 Biggest College Football Rivalries in 2013

Conference realignment and scheduling changes associated with the new direction of college football means the rivalry landscape has changed. With many traditional rivalries are joining the list of has-beens, other major college football rivalries have gained traction in recent years.  In order to identify the top match-ups that will dominate discussion this season, TicketCity created a unique algorithm that quantifies the popularity, notoriety, history and competition of 95 Division 1 college football rivalries across 14 variables.  The result is a data-driven ranking of the 25 biggest rivalries in college football in 2013.

top college football rivalries

According to the data, Alabama Crimson Tide vs LSU Tigers is the biggest college football rivalry in 2013.  We’re on another collision course for these two teams to be undefeated when they meet this year in Tuscaloosa. Although their first meeting was 112 years ago, this rivalry didn’t scream for attention until LSU’s recent decade of dominance.

Alabama vs. LSU is just one of 19 of top 25 rivalries that are intra-conference, half of which are SEC.  But despite the SEC’s dominance of the list, it’s the Big Ten that lead in terms of attendance at rivalry games.  With some of the largest stadiums in American football (Michigan Stadium, Beaver Stadium and Ohio Stadium) Big Ten rivalries hold 4 of the top 5 spots for game attendance in 2012.

What do you think about the results?  Is Alabama vs. LSU a bigger rivalry in 2013 than Ohio State vs. Michigan?  Are there other rivalries you’re surprised to see included in the top 25? Let us know in the comments.

The Other Lead – The Sports Weekend in GIFs, Videos and Pictures

We start with the ugly, where Ndamakong Suh just broke the record for the biggest fine for an on-field incident in NFL history. $100K. Will he pay it like Randy Moss said he paid his fines (“Straight cash, homie”)?


Chip Kelly’s fast-paced Oregon offense is the talk of the NFL, but having 15 more offensive plays every game also gives your mobile quarterback 15 more chances to get hit. Michael Vick took the full force of Jarius Wynn’s wrath on this play in the fourth quarter:


The coolest image from this weekend’s games is the reflection of Megatron in the visor of Patrick Peterson’s helmet. Seeing Calvin Johnson line up across from you must be pretty daunting for an opposing cornerback, even if you’re one of the best in the game.  (Johnson had 116 yards, 2 TDs).


This one was one of the most anticipated, hyped and completely predictable boxing matches you’ll ever see. Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather jabbed his away into another title by winning just about every round against Canelo Alvarez. These days Floyd doesn’t KO opposing fighters, he just boxes the way a 36-year old undefeated champion should.


This is a bad way to lose a game. When the officials have to apologize after the game, you know you just got robbed. Here we see Wisconsin QB Joel Stave kneel down the ball, then place it down so he can spike the next snap to set up a game-winning 31-yard field goal. An Arizona State lineman jumps on the ball and does not give the ASU player a delay of game penalty — instead takes his time re-setting the ball allowing every second left in the game to tick off the clock. Time expires, no field goal, Wisconsin loses. Life isn’t fair.

There was some debate over whether he actually kneeled it down. We leave you with this: He did.

Game of the Week: Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas A&M

TicketCity’s weekly ranking of the 10 hottest games in college football is designed to identify the match-ups with the strongest ticket demand on a weekly basis. This week Alabama vs. Texas A&M ranks #1 on our list. Contributor Jeff K. gives the run-down on who will win this stage-setting match-up.

Why Alabama will win the biggest game of week one:
Alabama’s offensive weapons. The Texas A&M defense has really struggled this season. The Aggies gave up over 500 total yards to Rice and 390 to Sam Houston State. Several suspended players will return this weekend, but Alabama has a bevy of talent at the skill positions. QB A.J. McCarron is a Heisman candidate himself. He has explosive weapons in RB T.J. Yeldon, Christian Jones and Amari Cooper. McCarron struggled against Virginia Tech, but Jones scored three touchdowns to pick up the slack. Expect McCarron to bring his ‘A’ game as the Crimson Tide try to avenge their only loss in 2012.

ncf_u_manziel6x_600Why I could be wrong:
Johnny Football. Johnny Manziel has been under the microscope since winning the Heisman. Manziel’s arm seems to have recovered from signing all those autographs (memorabilia or air) and he passed for more than 400 yards last week. The Aggies rolled up 719 yards against Sam Houston State in their tune up for the Crimson Tide. If those suspended players can help shore up the defense Texas A&M could very well beat Alabama for the second year in a row.

Why you don’t want to miss this one:
Some say Alabama fans have been waiting for this game immediately following A&M’s win in Tuscaloosa last year. Do Tide players have revenge on their mind? Nick Saban will have his team focused. Led by a senior quarterback Alabama won’t underestimate this Aggie squad. This is another statement game for Kevin Sumlin and his team as they play for respect in the tough SEC. It’s probably safe to say the tackling epidemic sweeping the country won’t rear its ugly head in this clash.

College Station will be hoppin Saturday. There’s still time to get your ticket to this year’s Game of the Century. Join me Saturday afternoon as I’ll be live-tweeting during the game. Follow @TicketCity and @JeffKubiszyn and share your predictions with us.

Jeff Kubiszyn is a long-time college football fan and joins TicketCity this season to highlight the biggest game of the week. He is by no means a college football expert, except at the dinner table. 

A Guide to Texas A&M vs. Alabama 2013

The game on Saturday between Texas A&M and Alabama is by far the biggest of the season in college football as two of the strongest units in the country last year face the burden of proof in College Station.  Here’s a quick snapshot of how this game compares to last year’s epic showdown. Can the Aggies beat the Tide again?

Texas A&M Alabama 2013

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