I’ll Have Another Just Needs Belmont Stakes Win to Make History

Two weeks ago I introduced an American Thoroughbred horse by the name of I’ll Have Another who won the Kentucky Derby. Well, true to his name he took another, but this time it was at the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore.

Similar to the Kentucky Derby, I’ll Have Another did not take to the front of the pack until the last seconds of the race, but this time the colt never fell below fourth. The majority of the race was dominated by the first four horses–Bodemeister, Creative Cause, Pretension, and I’ll Have Another. The four horses stayed in this order until they reached the end of second turn, where I’ll Have Another slipped in front of Pretension. As we all saw in the Kentucky Derby, the second turn and the home stretch is where I’ll Have Another truly performs.

At a minute and thirty five in the video you can see the colt really put it into overdrive. From this moment on is what I am delegating the TicketCity Play of the Week. In watching the horses stampede down the home stretch, I’ll Have Another and his cockeyed running stance tells it all. Determination and heart seem to be pouring out of the horse as he easily passes Creative Cause and sets his sights on Bodemeister, who had maintained the number one spot for the entire race.

The last 200 yards I’ll Have Another is literally stepping on the heels of Bodemeister and closing the gap quickly. At the 100 yard marker the two horses are nearly neck and neck and set up for what is sure to be a photo finish to the race. And a photo finish is exactly what it was as I’ll Have Another crosses the finish line by the length of his head before Bodemeister. This win gives the colt the second leg in the Triple Crown, only the 33rd horse to ever win the double. If he sees a win at the Belmont Stakes in June, I’ll Have Another will definitely go down in the record books as it has been 34 years since the last Triple Crown winner. If the Belmont Stakes is anything like its preceding races, it is sure to be an exciting one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss your chance to witness history June 9 at the Belmont Park Race Track in Elmont, New York. Get your Belmont Stakes tickets today from TicketCity for the chance to witness history in the making.

Here is your TicketCity Play of the Week:
( The home stretch starts at 1:35 where I’ll Have Another gives us this week’s play.)

I’ll Have Another Wins the Derby and Play of the Week

This week’s Play of the Week comes to us from Churchill Downs. A beautiful North American Thoroughbred colt by the name “I’ll Have Another” took the spotlight in Kentucky this weekend. However, it was not until the last stretch of the Kentucky Derby that the spotlight actually found the horse.

At the sound of the gun, the horses hit the first stretch as if they had been catapulted from the gates. It takes a few moments for the lead pack to disperse into well-distinguished order. Heading into the first turn, I’ll Have Another is not even part of the top five, holding seventh place. As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race,” and the 138th Kentucky Derby was no exception.

During the second stretch, I’ll Have Another makes his first advance and holds the sixth position for the remainder of the stretch. As the horses enter the second turn, I’ll Have Another taps in to his reserved energy and shifts to second gear. As the turn comes to an end, the conservative colt is now chasing the third place runner into the final stretch.

The TicketCity Play of the Week occurs at the end of this turn just as they enter the final furlong of the Derby. The colt’s jockey, Mario Gutierrez, makes a slightly wide turn into the homestretch, immediately taking a direct angle to the inside. At 1:38 in the video, the move that puts the pair into second place is clear as day. After edging to the inside, I’ll Have Another shifts into full-throttle mode. Behind the first place runner by three horse lengths, it takes everything the colt has left to advance into first place and sprint across the finish line, victorious as the winner of the 138th Kentucky Derby, a first for both the colt and the jockey. Don’t miss the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes as the duo attempts to achieve the impossible and take home the US Triple Crown.

May I present to you the 138th Kentucky Derby winning run and your TicketCity Play of the Week (1:38  in the video is where things really heat up).

Tips from TicketCity: Kentucky Derby and Oaks

The Kentucky Derby is officially only one week away. Hopefully you have your tickets (No? We can help…), hotel reservations, and hat ready to go. But in case you’ve procrastinated, some of the Derby veterans from the TicketCity team have offered up their advice for making the most of this historic event.

As Sean Adam’s explained in a previous blog post, the Kentucky Derby is so much more than just a two minute race. It’s about tradition, fashion, memories, and maybe crossing a big item off of your bucket list.

Below you’ll find some of the favorites that keep Rafael, Rick, and Lindsay going back to Louisville year after year. Looking for tickets or have general questions about the event? Feel free to give us a call at 1.800.SOLD.OUT to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates, or visit TicketCity.com. We’d love to help you create some Derby memories of your own.


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Best Seats

Personal preference. A great time can be had anywhere. Personal preference, but 3rd floor or higher arguably the best for visibility/ perspective. Anywhere has a good view, but I like the Turf Club’s view best.

Best Food

Hot Brown Sandwich, Beer Cheese Hot Brown Sandwich  Hot Brown Sandwich

Best Drinks

Bourbon, Oaks Lily, Mint Julep Mint Julep just to say you had one. Mint juleps aren’t great but you have to drink one. Oak Lily’s are delicious!

Best Lodging

Seelbach, Brown Hotel, 21C are the best high end.  Crown Plaza Airport Hotel has a great atmosphere. Galt House(great central location downtown)  Sheraton

Transportation Tips

No cheap way to do it if you plan to drink.  Designate a driver and park in somebody’s yard.  Trackside parking passes cost $400. Taxi if possible. Traffic is ridiculous. Shuttle from your hotel or cab it.  Parking near the track is hard to come by unless you get there early.

Required Attire

Spring colors. Tacky is okay. Girls have to wear a hat. Depends on where you sit. Infield: Shorts and flip flops; Clubhouse or better: Suit, tie, hats a plus. Crazy, larger-than- life hats, suits (seersucker is always popular)

Necessary Souvenirs 

Dated derby glass. You may catch some racing goggles if you sit in the low rows of 119. Dated Derby glasses. I bring these back every year for my family and friends. Dated Derby glasses (FREE if you drink mint juleps/lily’s which is a MUST at the Derby)

Dining and Nightlife

Catch some Derby festival parades throughout the week, Jeff Ruby’s is a hot spot. Jeff Ruby’s steakhouse downtown near Galt House. Great food! Pricey! Numerous celeb sightings and tough to get reservations, so call early. Jeff Ruby’s had good food and a piano bar for after dinner. Several celebrities were there the day before Oaks.

It’s More Than Just a Two Minute Race

It's all about the hats.

It could not be any more different than where and how I grew up but I can’t wait to make my way to Churchhill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. I don’t know what a Mint Julep is but 120,000 of them are served every year at the Kentucky Derby so I should at least have two just to try. The biggest draw of the event is the hats. Old school or new school, big or small, feathered or flowered the parade of hats has become a time-honored tradition. While women rule the day on the hats, don’t be shocked to see men rocking a special lid for the day as well.

Let’s be honest, the Kentucky Derby is about the event, about the history, about the tradition and the spectacle because after all, it is just a two minute race. While some refer to it as the greatest two minutes in sports, in the end, it’s really quite simple for me. There are a lot of people having fun and I want to be one of them.

Sean Adams is a contributing writer on ESPN.com, radio host on 104.9 ESPN Austin’s “The Adams Theory”, author, and motivational speaker. Sean is a guest author on the TicketCity blog.

The Hero of Louisiana

The Kentucky Derby. Photo by John Athayde

With the Kentucky Derby exactly one month away, many folks are now turning their attention to the most exciting two minutes in sports. Leading up to the first race of the Triple Crown is the 140th Thoroughbred Racing Season, culminating in the Louisiana Derby. This year in the 99th running of the Louisiana Derby we saw one of the most unlikely victories you’ll ever see in horse racing. Hero of Order, a 109-1 under-under-underdog, won by a nose and put $220.80 in the pocket of anyone with a $2 betting slip on the horse. That’s over $11,000 if you happened to be crazy enough to drop $100 on the longshot.

As we get closer to big race at Churchill Downs, this might help a few more people play those deep odds for a chance at glory. Recent winners with long odds have been Giacomo, Mine That Bird and last year’s victor Animal Kingdom, so it’s not out of the realm that you can watch another relative unknown cross the line in first place. They might have to start an extra quarter-mile behind the pack to get odds at 109-1 though.

Watch Hero of Order’s amazing win:

Don’t want to miss the 2012 Kentucky Derby? Let TicketCity take you there.