MJ vs. LJ

With the 50th birthday of the legendary Michael Jordan right around the corner there has been a lot of comparing in the air between MJ and LJ. Is LeBron the next Jordan? Who would win in a one-on-one game between the two? Is LeBron better than Jordan? Is LeBron the best…ever? From ESPN to your local sports news station it seems that this has been the talk ever since LeBron James stepped on to the court. At this point in both players career they have produced similar as far as winning percentage, MVPs, and Finals appearances. There is however one huge distinction — MJ won all three visits to the finals while LeBron only took home one.

I am not here to take anything away from the “King,” he is a great basketball player and will surely leave a huge mark on the game, but he is no Michael Jordan. If you look at the way the two play the game there are few similarities. In fact the aspects of LeBron’s game fall more in line with that of Wilt Chamberlin and Magic Johnson. If anyone on the court today plays MJ-esque it would have to be Lakers phenom Kobe Bryant. Jordan hit the court with the mindset that he was going to beat you single handedly a mindset that seemingly found its way into the head of Bryant. Watching LeBron and his charismatic approach to the game immediately reminds me of a Magic Johnson. James does have more of the scoring ability that Chamberlin possessed but when it comes to generating the offense James is almost a spitting image of Magic. In a sense comparing MJ and LJ is like comparing Nolan Ryan and Babe Ruth or Joe Montana and Ray Lewis. All amazing athletes but have completely different roles in the game. No one has attacked the goal like Jordan, not LeBron and not Kobe; it was the aspect of Jordan’s game that made him the Jump-man Air Jordan.

To compare any player to Jordan is somewhat irrelevant especially someone with only one ring. Maybe the time will come when LeBron’s game takes more of an attacking type style but for now the two can’t be categorized in the same class. LeBron said it best in a twitter response to all the commotion about the comparison; “I am not MJ, I’m LJ.”

When it comes to ranking players as the best it has to come down to who you want on the court to win a playoff game. Though LeBron’s current stretch of at least 30 points and 60 percent shooting is impressive it’s not the playoffs and Jordan did it in the ‘90s but at 46 points at 60 percent along with 10 rebounds and 5.5 assists. Besides Game 6 against Boston, LeBron’s playoff performance is still hanging in limbo waiting to be seen. Jordan was born for the playoffs. When the game is on the line you wanted the ball in his hands without question. In college Jordan hit the game winning shot to win the NCAA championship, he put up 63 points in the Garden against the legendary Celtics team in 86, and sunk the game winner at the buzzer against Utah with the flu. Where LeBron has lost three years in a row, Jordan never lost a playoff series when he had home-court advantage.

There is no doubt LeBron has the potential to be something great but to be the next Michael Jordan, not likely, nor will anybody else for that matter. With 6 NBA championships, 6 NBA Finals MVPs, 5 NBA MVPs, 14-time All-Star nominations, 10 scoring titles, 10 All-NBA First Team selections, 9 All-Defensive First Team selections, a Rookie of the Year award and a Hall of Fame enshirement, there is and always will be only one Michael Jordan.

2013 NBA All-Star Game: How Houston stacks up to Dallas on some of the biggest stages in sports

Some have wondered why Houston has earned a second NBA All-Star Game weekend in a seven-year span.  The fact is, Houston — and Texas — consistently churn out as much if not more basketball talent than basketball hotbeds like New York or LA, summer basketball one of the primary reasons for the surge.

Set in downtown Houston at the Toyota Center, the 2013 All-Star weekend will turn Houston into a festival of basketball, parties and celebrity events. Lebron James will try to win his second All-Star MVP, and the Slam Dunk Contest is always a blast with the no-hold barred mentality that you don’t get in live games. In 1989 Houston set the record crowd for an All-Star Game with 44,735 attendees- a record that was shattered by another Texas city when Dallas hosted in 2010, with 108,713 fans at the game.  NBA officials estimate the three-day event this weekend will have an economic impact of more than $80 million on the Bayou City.

In addition to hosting the NBA All-Star game, both Houston and Dallas have  drawn a number of other high-profile sporting events, including the Super Bowl. New stadiums built in the last ten years have allowed these Texas giants to continue attract major events and support their portfolio of professional teams (both cities boast at least four). But despite the similarities between Houston and Dallas as sporting meccas, an ongoing cultural rivalry has driven many comparisons between the two cities, from food to architecture. So in honor of the game this weekend, we’ve pitted the two cities against each other to determine who reigns supreme on some of the biggest stages in sports.

Larger Than Life

always tell people to go to professional or college sporting event especially if they can get close to the players. The average size of a man is 5’11” and you will quickly discover at most sporting events that there is very little average about big time athletes.


A trip to the University of Texas, Alabama, the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs and even the Dallas Stars will give you a real perspective on the size and speed of the athletes we look at on television.

Yao Ming and JJ Watt

Yao Ming and JJ Watt

The debate between Michael Jordan and Lebron James is as much useless as it is silly but it is still fun. The world had never seen a player like Michael Jordan but has never seen an athlete with the size, strength and speed of Lebron James.

JJ Watt is one of the most fierce and best players in the NFL. I spoke with him on Radio Row the week before the Super Bowl in New Orleans and he is a big man. Again he is one of the most feared players on the defensive line in the NFL. Look at him next to former Houston Rocket Yao Ming. He is dwarfed. It looks like Yao’s head is twice as big as JJ Watt’s.

Get yourself to a game and get the perspective on just how large the athletes we see on television really all in real life.

I’m not a small guy and it amazes me

What a Weekend

What a weekend!

Fun Fun Fun Fest took over Austin and for a guy who cut his teeth in life during the golden age of hip hop (1988 – 1993), this weekend was special. Over the course of the weekend RUN – DMC, De La Soul and Rakim took the stage and took people like me back to another time.

Meanwhile on the gridiron, the Texas Longhorns got a win that most thought was remotely possible but never probable. Texas showed everyone that you truly don’t know what you will get with the Longhorns from week to week. While it has probably driven some Longhorn fans to drink, Texas is 7 – 2 and ranked in the Top 20 in the country. Not knowing whether they will win or not can be tolerated when 7 – 2 is the result.

My poor hapless Lakers finally got a win after going 0 – 8 in the preseason and 0- 3 to start the season. The team that was penciled in to already be in the NBA Finals has looked more like a NASCAR driver playing football than a champion. Here’s some perspective, the Lakers are in 3rd place in the Pacific and the team leading the division is my home town Golden State Warriors. Yeah, neither one of those teams will stay in the same place. History tells us that.

The Dallas Cowboys found another way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Atlanta Falcons were 7 – 0 coming into the game so there is no need to hang your head when you lose 19 – 13. The Cowboys have talent but are 3 – 5 and seemingly always find a way to lose. They will have to finish 6 – 2 just to get to 9 – 7 to have a chance at the playoffs. The good news for them, they only have one team with a winning record left on the schedule. The Cowboys are almost like the Longhorns in that you never know which team is going to show up.

The Most Infamous Sports Superstitions

Today is a day where people dress like zombies, animals, princesses, or whatever the latest celebrity joke is. Some people decorate their house with spider webs, carve pumkins, and set out a bowl of candy. And some people believe in supersititions… like not walking in front of a black cat. In the sports world, athletes may not do something special, specifically for today, but they definitely have their own superstitions. Check out our list of sports superstitions – you just may be surprised.