Top 10 Hottest NFL Games – Week 6

Every week, TicketCity ranks the top games fans are flocking to. Not only do these match-ups draw the biggest crowds, but they have the most competition and story-rich side-lines.

Don’t know what to watch first? Here are some reasons why these top five games can’t be missed this coming weekend.


  • New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots – The undefeated Saints will play New England, who is coming off their first loss of the season. The potential return of Rob Gronkowski could put a damper on the Brees-to-Graham connection, but despite his possible return, the outcome of the game will come down to the coaching – who will make the better play calls and allow their QB’s to lead their team to a “W”?
  • Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens – With both teams coming off hard-earned wins, this rarely-played match-up should be one of the best games of the week. Although the Packers have won 6 of the last 9 meetings, they have never won at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium. Can the Ravens improve their pass-rushing game to overcome the Packers defense? Or will Rodgers out-gun Flacco’s crew (of which haven’t been able to keep up with a “hurry-up” offense this season)?
  • New York Giants at Chicago Bears – This is a “must win” game for both of these teams because: (1) the Giants have yet to win a game and (2) the Bears fourth-quarter and defensive issues are re-surfacing, which could cripple the team for the rest of the season. With both teams juggling instability, this game will determine which team will be able to hold tight or come unraveled.
  • Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks – Even with the Seahawks shaky offense and failure to beat the Colts last week, the Titans mistake-ridden loss to Kansas City will sit heavier against their momentum to try and get a win at CenturyLink Field. Will Ryan Fitzpatrick make this a game to watch, or will the Seahawks motivation to get back in the win column overpower the Titans?
  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos – The undefeated Broncos take on the 0 – 5 Jaguars this week. The opening spread of this match-up is already predicting the game to have hardly any competition as Denver is favored by 28 points. This is the highest spread of all time. With that said, it could be a hard task for Manning to keep up his recent performances and light up the field to cover the -28. The Jaguars did beat the Broncos in their last meeting, but personnel has drastically changed for both teams since that Week 1 of 2010. As an additional tidbit, other reasons the price for this game is so high are (1) it is in Denver and (2) fans love the high-scoring potential.

Agree to disagree on my reasoning? Let me know what games you think are the ones to watch this weekend and why!

Check back next week for Week 7′s hottest games to watch!

Reliant Stadium Event Guide – Texans Game Day


This is where you want to be in Houston on Sundays

Cooler weather, fantasy leagues, brighter Mondays, later Thursdays, and a new meaning to #sundayfunday can only mean one thing — football season has arrived. I kicked off my football season at Reliant Stadium for the Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans game and what a way to start the season. Besides witnessing one of the best games of the season thus far, Texans fans know how to throw down for a football game, especially when facing their division foes. In an ironic rivalry twist, as much as Texans fans despise the Tennessee Titans, it’s the Titans they have to thank for their beloved Houston Texans franchise which only fuels this competitive fire, and it shows. But rivalries aside, Reliant Stadium is a great place to experience the NFL.


Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans from section 104 row JJ

I arrived to the Blue parking lot roughly an hour before kickoff and was shocked to see complete an utter chaos in the form of tailgating, it was awesome! When I say chaos I don’t mean a crazy R rated madhouse, I mean all ages in a completely succinct state of mind with one goal — root for the Texans. From DJs surrounded by flat screens to mini football fields in the parking lot, Houston Texans fans have  tailgating down to a science. If you are ever heading to Houston for a game I recommend an early arrival to experience what may be the greatest tailgate you ever attend.

If you have ever been to Houston than you know about the evil cloak the rest of us like to call humidity. It’s not pleasant. Thankfully the people of Houston feel the same and decided to create an indoor stadium complete with AC and retractable roof for those scarce “San Diego-like” Texas days. Though the AC was a huge plus, the atmosphere come game time was the best part. It was like the tailgate moved into the stadium without skipping a beat. I have never given more random high fives in my entire life and I’m not even a Texans fan, GO NINERS! (editor’s note: meh)

I am a huge fan of 50-yard-line seats, but it’s hard to complain about any lower level seat in Reliant Stadium. In fact the whole stadium utilizes the space well leaving few bad seats. The seats are as close to straight up as they can be which really puts the fans in the game. It was by far the loudest football game I have ever been to and you can’t help but join in with 70,000+ cheering fans. My wife and I were in the last row of section 104 just under the second level overhang. What I really liked about these seats is that they provided multiple hanging TV’s that displayed exactly what the two (non-visible) jumbo-trons at each end zone were showing. All in all I would and will make it back to many more Texans games and recommend it to all football fans.

Houston Texans Seating Chart at Reliant Stadium

Houston Texans Seating Chart at Reliant Stadium

As far as concessions are concerned, I think there is an overall agreement that from High School to NFL football all concessions are too expensive. Now that we got that out of the way, beer at Reliant was fairly moderate and it came in a bottom up glass. If you have never experience the bottom up draft, it is a cup that fills from the bottom up. IMPORTANT NOTE…if you only take one thing away from this blog let this be it, the hole at the bottom of the glass does not lock so don’t try to push it in. Your beer will end up in your lap and that’s no good for anyone involved, trust me.

To finish up, if you ever get a chance to attend a game that players from your fantasy team will be playing in, do it…and start those players. It was pretty sweet seeing Ben Tate bust out on a 60 yard run down the sideline and watching the rookie, DeAndre Hopkins, go up and grab the game winning touchdown to give me a 2-0 start in my fantasy league.

You can catch the Texans at Reliant Stadium this weekend (Sep. 29) against the Seattle Sehawks which is likely to be a great game. Houston will also be hosting some of the best quarterbacks in the league this year starting with Andrew Luck and the Colts on November 3. It’s Texans vs. Patriots and their future HOFer on December 1, and then Peyton Manning’s Broncos on December 22.

The Other Lead – The Sports Weekend in GIFs, Videos and Pictures

We start with the ugly, where Ndamakong Suh just broke the record for the biggest fine for an on-field incident in NFL history. $100K. Will he pay it like Randy Moss said he paid his fines (“Straight cash, homie”)?


Chip Kelly’s fast-paced Oregon offense is the talk of the NFL, but having 15 more offensive plays every game also gives your mobile quarterback 15 more chances to get hit. Michael Vick took the full force of Jarius Wynn’s wrath on this play in the fourth quarter:


The coolest image from this weekend’s games is the reflection of Megatron in the visor of Patrick Peterson’s helmet. Seeing Calvin Johnson line up across from you must be pretty daunting for an opposing cornerback, even if you’re one of the best in the game.  (Johnson had 116 yards, 2 TDs).


This one was one of the most anticipated, hyped and completely predictable boxing matches you’ll ever see. Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather jabbed his away into another title by winning just about every round against Canelo Alvarez. These days Floyd doesn’t KO opposing fighters, he just boxes the way a 36-year old undefeated champion should.


This is a bad way to lose a game. When the officials have to apologize after the game, you know you just got robbed. Here we see Wisconsin QB Joel Stave kneel down the ball, then place it down so he can spike the next snap to set up a game-winning 31-yard field goal. An Arizona State lineman jumps on the ball and does not give the ASU player a delay of game penalty — instead takes his time re-setting the ball allowing every second left in the game to tick off the clock. Time expires, no field goal, Wisconsin loses. Life isn’t fair.

There was some debate over whether he actually kneeled it down. We leave you with this: He did.

King of the Tailgate Winner!

Congratulations to this year’s King of the Tailgate- Patrick C. of Alabama! As King of the Tailgate, we’re sending Patrick and a friend to the college football or NFL game of his choice.  We’re  also giving Patrick a new Cruisin’ Cooler, so he’ll be tailgating in style.

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Jersey winner

The new Vikings Stadium looks kind of like…

The media is buzzing today about the proposed designs for the new Vikings Stadium unveiled last night.  With the world’s largest clear ETFE roof in the world, the bold design has ignited a immediate reaction from fans who can’t help but feel like the new stadium looks just a little bit like…well, we’ve pulled our favorite comments below.

What does the new Vikings Stadium remind you of?





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