Tuesday Trivia June 25th: Blackhawks Edition

tuesdaytrivia_hockey04Congratulations to Anthony Struck, the winner of today’s Tuesday Trivia contest!  Anthony, please email us at facebook@ticketcity.com to receive your $25 gift card.

Question: Before last night, when was the last time the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup?

Correct Answer: 2010


TicketCity Ranks the Most Engaged NHL Fan Bases

We’re excited to announce the first annual TicketCity ranking of the most engaged fan bases in the NHL. The ranking, based on an algorithm that evaluates fan activity in terms on home attendance, social media following, average ticket price, and monthly search volume provides a unique perspective as to which NHL fans are the most engaged with their team both online and offline.


<a href="http://blog.ticketcity.com/2013/02/19/ticketcity-ranks-the-most-engaged-nhl-fan-bases/"><img alt="Active NHL Fan Bases" src="http://blog.ticketcity.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/top10hockeyteams.png" /></a><br />
<a href="http://blog.ticketcity.com/2013/02/19/ticketcity-ranks-the-most-engaged-nhl-fan-bases/">Top 10 Most Active Fan Bases in the NHL</a> created by <a href="http://www.ticketcity.com/nhl-tickets.html">TicketCity</a>

Please use the above code unaltered or include a citation of this site as the original source.

Many of the teams represented on this list will go head to head over the next week looking towards playoffs.  The Pittsburgh Penguins, in first place in the Eastern Conference as of February 17, will go head to head against the Pittsburgh Flyers on February 20, in what is sure to be a high-scoring game.  Other matchups include tomorrow’s Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks, the New York Rangers at Montreal Canadiens (Feb. 23), and the Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings (Feb. 24).

Locking Out the Lockout

If all you wanted for Christmas was the NHL season than you’re in luck. After what seemed like an eternity to hockey fans, the league and the players finally came to an agreement that ended the 2012-13 lockout just in time to scrape together a matrix for a 48-game 2013 season. Almost identical to the results of the ’94-’95 lockout which proposed a similar 48-game matrix that left out the Winter Classic and the NHL All-Star game, the 2013 season will do the same.

Fans and players alike underwent an extreme case of deja-vu as we have gotten all too familiar with the NHL’s lockout habits. The 1992 strike kick-started this chain of labor actions in the NHL and though it was the least severe of the four recent lockouts it still managed to postpone 30 games in the 91-92 season. The 10-day strike led to season play ending in June for the first time in NHL history. The 75th NHL season wasn’t all bad though as it brought out the “Turn Back the Clock” uniform program and put the original six NHL teams in throwback uniforms… oh yeah, and we still got to watch our favorite teams play an entire 80-game season.

Two years later in the 94-95 lockout we got a glimpse of the future as the 3 month, and 10 day lockout cancelled a total of 468 games including the All-Star Game. The spark to this fire was the implementation of a salary cap favored by the owners but opposed by the players. Though the season was shortened to the 48-game matrix we have to settle for this year the NHLPA took it into their hands to produce some good out of the bad. Some of the Players left North America to play in various other leagues but the ones who remained took part in the “4-on-4 Challenge” organized by the NHLPA and raised more than half a million dollars in support of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities of Canada and various hockey associations throughout North America.

After roughly ten years of lockout free hockey the most devastating labor dispute in all of sports in North America took place. The collective bargaining agreement that resolved the 94-95 lockout expired and a day later, without hesitation the 2004-2005 season was in jeopardy. The 10 month and 6 day dispute known as the 2004-05 NHL lockout would cancel what would have been the 88th season of play in the NHL and mark the first time in 86 years that the Stanley Cup would not be awarded. Not only did the lockout result in 1,230 un-played games but since there were no results to base the 2005 NHL Entry Draft on a lottery system was put in place for a draft that included one of the most highly regarded draft picks in hockey history, Sidney Crosby. If you are a Pittsburgh Penguins fan than you can pull some good out of the 04-05 lockout as the Penguins came out of the “Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes” with the player dubbed as “The Next One”. For all other hockey fans we were just happy to hear that the dispute was over in time for the 2005-06 season.

Almost another decade of lockout free hockey goes by and nearly a month before the 2012-13 season is to get underway another lockout hits the face of the NHL. Any guesses as to the topic of desire that sparked the most recent lockout? If you guessed CBA you’d be correct. It’s not all bad though because the fans will still get their hockey fix in 2013 which is expected to get underway on January 19 with opening day games rumored to be between the Penguins and Flyers, Kings and Blackhawks, Senators and Jets, Maple Leafs and Canadians, and Blues against the Red Wings.

Dust off those hockey jerseys and get ready for some 2013 NHL action because a glass half empty is always better than no glass at all right?

The Most Infamous Sports Superstitions

Today is a day where people dress like zombies, animals, princesses, or whatever the latest celebrity joke is. Some people decorate their house with spider webs, carve pumkins, and set out a bowl of candy. And some people believe in supersititions… like not walking in front of a black cat. In the sports world, athletes may not do something special, specifically for today, but they definitely have their own superstitions. Check out our list of sports superstitions – you just may be surprised.

Deja Vu for the Devils

Hello again and happy Monday. What an amazing week it was in the world of sports. There is Baxter’s clutch catch to save Santana’s no hitter, a first for both Santana and the New York Mets’ ball club. Then there was the NBA Conference Finals where OKC came back from a 2-0 disadvantage against the Spurs to tie the series and Boston doing the same against Miami. As if this wasn’t enough for one week, Mexico defeated Brazil 2-0 with an amazing chip-shot off the right post and a well deserved penalty kick. We even got to see some vintage Tiger in the Memorial Tournament with his version of the chip-shot that sent him to the top of the leader boards. I could stop here and be completely satisfied with how my weekend of pure sports bliss went, really I could, but there is more.

The Los Angeles Kings are at it again. To recap, the Kings entered the Playoffs as the 8th seed, the last seed. The highly underestimated, as we now know, Kings have only lost two of their 16 playoff games. The first came in round one against the number one seeded Canucks and the second came from Phoenix in round three. Other than that, it’s been nothing but wins. Continuing this winning theme  in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Kings have taken a 2-0 lead, with both of the W’s coming in overtime at the New Jersey Devils’ home rink. I would hate to speak too soon, but with the next two games at home for the Kings in L.A., we could possibly see a Stanley Cup sweep.

Now, the play that topped this spectacular seven days of sports heaven. Almost identical to their win in game one, the Kings scored in overtime again to win game two. Twelve minutes into OT, after a very brief attack by the Devils, the Kings sent the puck up to Drew Doughty at center ice. Doughty makes a game changing back hand pass to a wide open Anze Kopitar, who only has the goalie to beat. Kopitar flies down the ice and in one sweet, swift motion finds the back of the net for the win and deja vu for the Devils.

Your one and only TicketCity Play of the Week! Enjoy.