Big 12 Tournament

The Big 12 Tournamentgeared up at about 11:30 yesterday with a Baylor win over Nebraska 65 to 49.  Next came Texas vs Colorado at 2pm where Texas triumphed 67 to 56.  Oklahoma State beat Iowa State 81 to 67 at 6pm and Texas Tech outplayed Texas A&M at 8:30 with a score of 88 to 83.

But the games aren’t over!  The tournament continues at 11:30 today with a match against Kansas and BaylorKansas State and Texas play at 2pm, followed by Oklahoma and Oklahoma State at 6pm and Missouri and Texas Tech at 8:30.

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English Premier League – Prepping for Week 24

Week 23 proved to be a boon for Chelsea and Manchester City, while Liverpool and Newcastle encountered trouble offensively.  Chelsea saw a solid offense, thanks to Salomon Kalou’s second-half double which kept the team’s title hopes alive.

Unfortunately, Liverpool wasn’t as successful.  Posting their 7th draw in their last ten games has put them in a bit of bind, giving Chelsea the go-ahead for the second spot in the standings.   Liverpool’s offense lacked in almost every regard again last week, allowing Wigan Athletic to score on a penalty Kick by Mido.  With Aston Villa trailing Liverpool by one point, and Manchester two points ahead, it is going to be an exciting race to see who makes the top spot.

Make sure to catch the Chelsea/Liverpool game at your favorite brewpub this Sunday, it’s gonna be a good one.  If you are in Austin, Texas, you can catch the game over at Bagpipes Pub at 183 and Burnet.  The game starts at 10:00 AM CST (live), so you will need to head over to Soccer Post to watch the first half (it’s in the same complex as Bagpipes), then you can flip over to Bagpipes when they open at 11 and ask them to change the channel to Setanta Sports or Fox Soccer Channel for the game.  There will be a delayed re-cast of the game on Setanta at 5:45 PM, so you better be prepared to watch it at home, because the Super Bowl is generally regarded as the more favorable program in the U.S.  You will get laughed at if you try to ask your local bartender to change the channel from the Super Bowl to Liverpool/Chelsea.  Hey, it’s the U.S.A., what can you do?

Stadium : Anfield
Time: 16:00 GMT

Here are the stats for both teams:

Chelsea Stats
Ranking 2 : Won 14 Draw 6 Defeat 3
Last 5 Matches

  • 26 Dec 08 Chelsea 2 – 0 West Bromwich
  • 28 Dec 08 Fulham 2 – 2 Chelsea
  • 11 Jan 09 Man Utd 3 – 0 Chelsea
  • 17 Jan 09 Chelsea 2 – 1 Stoke City
  • 28 Jan 09 Chelsea 2 – 0 Middlesbrough

Liverpool Stats
Ranking 3 : Won 13 Draws 9 Defeats 1
Last 5 Matches

  • 26 Dec 08 Liverpool 3 – 0 Bolton
  • 28 Dec 08 Newcastle Utd 1 – 5 Liverpool
  • 10 Jan 09 Stoke City 0 – 0 Liverpool
  • 19 Jan 09 Liverpool 1 – 1 Everton
  • 28 Jan 09 Wigan Athletic 1 – 1 Liverpool

The Origins of Football

Do you ever wonder how American Football evolved to become the sport we watch on television today?  You might be surprised to know that football, in one form or another, existed centuries before the modern variant with helmets and shoulder pads.  In fact, modern football can be traced back to ancient sports that were played with with the foot, and – you guessed it – a ball.

There are a number of similar team sports today that can be grouped under the generic name of “football.”  These sports, which vary from region to region, are all alike in that  they typically involve kicking a ball with the foot to score a goal.  The most popular of these sports worldwide is known as association football, or soccer.  Several other variants enjoy popularity in different countries around the world: gridiron football in the U.S.A. and Canada, Australian football, rugby football and Gaelic football.

These “football” games typically involve between 11 and 18 players, a clearly demarcated field or playing area, scoring points by moving the ball to opposite ends of the field, the goal or line being defended by the opposing team, players required to move the ball and goals as the result of putting the ball between two goal posts.

Early variants of the sport were developed by the Romans and Chinese.  The Chinese played a game known as cuju (“kick ball”), which initially involved kicking a leather ball through a small hole in a piece of silk cloth affixed to a tree or branch.  By the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), air-filled balls replaced feather balls, and cuju became a professionalized game.  Many Chinese players made a living playing cuju.

In medieval and early modern Europe, football is believed to have arrived in England as a result of the Norman Conquest.    The earliest reference of a sport in which the ball was kicked solely with the foot was chronicled in England in 1280.

Many rule establishments and convergences led to the formation of rugby football.  It has been said that the first ever rugby football game was played in Canada in 1865, when British Army officers played local civilians.  The first occurrence of rugby football in the United States occurred during a game between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869.  It is widely known that North American football evolved from rugby, not football.  American football evolved when the forward pass was officially suggested as a rule change in 1908.

To this day, there is still debate over the actual meaning of the term “football.”  Football refers to different sports, so the meaning of the word differs depending on which country it is spoken.  The name “soccer” was originally derived as a slang abbreviation of the word “association” from “association football.”  Currently, only the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand use the term “soccer,” since these countries play their own version of “football.”

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The Most Famous Plays in Sports History

I have put together a list (in no particular order) of the most memorable plays in sports history.  To provide a better visual of these plays, you will find videos for each play embedded in this post.  These decisive plays have changed the sporting world in one way or another, and are arguably the most cogently remembered plays of all time.

1. Immaculate Reception

The Immaculate Reception is a neologism that refers to a shoestring catch made by Steelers running back Franco Harris during the AFC divisional playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders.  The play marked the beginning of a decade of playoff wins for the Steelers, including four Super Bowls.

The catch happened with 22 seconds remaining in the game.  The Pittsburgh Steelers trailed the Oakland Raiders 7-6, and were facing fourth-and-10 on their own 40-yard line.  Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw was looking for Barry Pearson on the play, but he was not open.  Instead, Bradshaw threw in the direction of fullback John “Frenchy” Fuqua, who was hit by Jack Tatum the moment the ball reached Fuqua.  Tatum knocked Fuqua to the ground, and the ball was knocked backward several yards.  Franco Harris, being at the right place at the right time, caught the ball on its descent to the ground (near his feet) and ran it all the way back for Steelers win.

2. The Shot

The Shot refers to a game-winning basket made by Michael Jordan during the 1989 NBA Playoffs vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were behind, 100-99 with 3.2 seconds remaining on the clock.  The ball was inbounded to Jordan, who took the shot from near the foul line to win not only the game, but also the series for the Bulls.  The buzzer-beater allowed Chicago to move on to play the New York Knicks in a best-of-seven.

3. The Ball of the Century

Australia’s Shane Warne bowled a cricket delivery that stirred the entire world of professional cricket.  On the second day of the first Test of the 1993 Ashes series, Warne delivered a bowl that stunned batsman Mike Gatting of England.  The leg spin delivery, characterized by a anti-clockwise spin that causes the ball to drift right (if thrown by a right hander), will strike the ground and move inside the batsman – hopefully to cause the batsman to be bowled.  The closest equivalent, in American sports, would be a sharp moving curveball that resulted in a strikeout.  The significance of this bowl is that the leg spin delivery was thrust prominently back into the spotlight, and its effectiveness was recognized by cricket followers everywhere.

4. The Catch

The Catch refers to a play made by New York Giants outfielder Willie Mays during the 1954 World Series at the Polo Grounds in New York.  The catch is often considered one of the best plays in Major League Baseball, due to the incredible difficulty of the feat.

Mays was playing shallow center field when Indian’s Vic Wertz crushed the ball to deep center.  At the time, the distance from home plate to the center field wall was almost 475 ft. at Polo Grounds, making it one of the hardest ballparks to hit a home run over the center field wall.  Mays ran with the ball at his back, eventually making the dramatic catch over his shoulder near the 425 ft. mark.  The Catch prevented the Indians from scoring any more runs (the score was 2-2 at the time of The Catch), and the Giants won the game in overtime.  The Giants went on to sweep the series.

5. The Play

The Play refers to a last-effort football kickoff return by the University of California Golden Bears against Stanford University during their 85th rivalry game, dubbed the “Big Game.”  Stanford had taken a 20-19 lead on a field goal with four seconds left in the game, and all that remained was time for a kickoff.  The Golden Bears, making use of five lateral passes, returned the kickoff for a touchdown – even after the Stanford marching band had stormed the field thinking their team had won.  The Play is widely controversial, as there are many who say that Cal made illegal lateral passes or was even downed at one point during the run.  However, The Play is still upheld in record books, and is one of the most memorable plays in football history.

One of the most remembered moments in the video below is at the end of The Play, when Kevin Moen slammed into unaware Stanford trombone player Gary Tyrell for the touchdown and the win.

6. The Hand of God goal

The Hand of God goal refers to a ruled goal made by Argentina’s Diego Maradona during the quarter-final match of the 1986 FIFA World Cup.  Argentina beat England, 2-1, not as a result of the goal, but as a result of a later goal dubbed as the “Goal of the Century” scored by Maradona just five minutes after the Hand of God goal.  The Hand of God goal is famous for its inaccurate ruling as a legitimate goal, for Maradona batted the ball into the goal with his left fist.  The goal was dubbed the “Hand of God” goal as Maradona was quoted after the game that the goal was scored “a little with the head of Maradona, a little with the Hand of God.”  In actuality, the goal was scored entirely with the hand of Maradona.

7. The Goal of the Century

The Goal of the Century was a goal scored by Diego Maradona during the same quarter-final 1986 FIFA World Cup match versus England.  The goal was voted the “Greatest Goal in FIFA World Cup History” in a poll on FIFA’s website in 2002.  Earlier in the match, Maradona scored a goal with his hand, which was ruled legitimate.  Argentina beat England in the controversial match, 2-1.

8. The Rumble in the Jungle

The Rumble in the Jungle in Zaire was a famous boxing match pitting world Heavyweight champion George Foreman versus the former champion, Muhammad Ali.  Foreman lost much of his stamina after several rounds, tiring because of Ali’s speed and dodging skills.  In the eighth round, Ali landed the perfect combination of punches to put Foreman on the floor, unconscious.  The match signified that then-favored Foreman was still no match for the treacherous Ali.