My Favorite Christmas Story

While it pains me to talk Christmas in the middle of November, the timing can’t be avoided on this one. A Christmas Story, The Musical opened today on Broadway. While it’s standard procedure for publicists to tout the latest product of the Hollywood-to-Broadway pipeline as “based on a beloved classic”, in this case, I find myself in agreement.

Yes, I’m going to trot out the “before it was cool” thing. I saw the film at age 8, something the weak box office receipts of the original run suggest can’t be a boast made by many. (Though I’m not sure I’d want to waste my boasts on that.) Mostly panned by critics, it limped through the holiday season before disappearing. But not for good.

As Turner likes to remind you, A Christmas Story is a big thing now. That seems to be the result of that rare phenomenon: “it was shown on TV, a lot.” I still doze off to the marathon most Christmas Eves.

Now, it’s big enough for a new musical adaptation that’s running through the holidays at Broadway’s Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. While I’ve only been reading up on it, it appears to cover all the highlights: poles, lamps, bunny suits, hungry dogs, and more.

One does not need to be the beneficiary of a major award to check out the show, no matter how fragile. Check our listings for A Christmas Story, The Musical and see how well Ralphie can sing in that pink nightmare.

Yankees Drama Fans

Do Yankees fans love drama? No, not the interpersonal variety, the “legitimate theatre” version. The producing team behind Lombardi and Magic/Bird are hoping they do. They’ve got a new play in the works, this one about the team many love to malign, the New York Yankees.

Details, outside of “that’s the plan”, are non-existent. So there’s not much to to say about the odds Fran Kirmser and Tony Ponturo are right about their hunch. They feel the New York faithful will turn out for a “local” show about their team. Lucky thing Broadway is local.

The Yankees have been on Broadway before, so to speak. The musical Damn Yankees featured them as the titular antagonists to the Washington Senators. The Senators losing streak is interrupted when loyal fan Joe Boyd makes a deal with devil (literally) to become the slugger they need to make the pennant. The update to the tale of Faust ran for 1019 performances in its 1955 Broadway debut.

Want to see the Senators off stage? We can handle that.

The earliest the new Yankees play could hit theaters is late 2013. Until then, you can check out some of the touring shows of Lombardi. Well, you could do a lot of other stuff too, but, you know… sports-theatre wise.

Seeing Les Misérables in the Right Order

Watching SNL on the DVR Sunday morning reminded me of a couple things. One, Anne Hathaway is starring in a film adaptation of Les Misérables, and two, she thinks having a hairstyle disturbingly close the one I had when I was twelve, and a boy, is a good idea.

One of those things I still am, of course.

Still, it’s a fine reason to remind everyone that the big, Christmas Day, ensemble cast film lead by Hugh Jackman is based on a musical. A musical that is, conveniently, touring up a storm right this very minute.

That musical is itself based on Victor Hugo’s novel, and was first produced in Paris in 1980. The road to The Great White Way wound through London’s East End, where the English language version debuted. It underwent some tinkering in the translation from French to English, something that would occur again when it finally made its Broadway debut in 1987.

The Broadway version is basically the version currently touring. The film version is unique in being an adaptation of the musical, though it’s upwards of 13th in line of film adaptations of the source material. Note, I’m not including the Anime version in that list (because it was on televsion).

No word on what, if any, changes the film will have vs the musical. If there’s one synergy between sci-fi and Broadway geeks, it’s a tenacious, at times irrational, devotion to the original source. Deviate too far and suffer the wrath of, well… some guy on a Les Mis fan forum on the Internet.

So, be sure to check out the touring productions of Les Mis before going to see the film. You’ll need it fresh in your memory, otherwise your scathing critiques about the film on the Internet will not be intellectually rigorous.


Star Wars on Ice

It’s All Blades

Those with a healthy work/life balance may not have heard yet, but Disney bought Lucasfilm. The Oct. 30th announcement, though slightly overshadowed by a rather sizable patch of inclement weather on the East Coast, created quite the buzz in certain corners of the Internet. Didn’t hurt that the announcement included the promise of a new Star Wars film in 2015.

The chorus of snarky crossover ideas poured forth fairly quickly. So that’s why I waited a week to post my own: Star Wars on Ice.

Disney has produced ice shows since the early 80s. This explains why I grew up with jokes about ice shows, I suppose. They have multiple ongoing productions, including Rockin’ Ever After, Treasure Trove, and 100 Years of Magic. You can check them out when they pass through a well-chilled arena near you on our Disney On Ice page.

I figure a well choreographed lightsaber fight on skates might be (forgive me) pretty cool. The first part of Empire Strikes Back practically begs for the ice show treatment. Seriously: AT-ATs on skates. Come to think of it, so does the last part of Empire, sorta. If you’re Han…

I’m sure there is already a hard line of fans lamenting the “impurities” that Disney could introduce. An ice show would certainly be considered such. You just have to look at the prequel trilogy to see how purity can be a bit of a double bladed lightsaber. So, lighten up and let it happen.

I know I could have used the Force the first time I tried to ice skate.

Jason Shares His Top Picks For Best Upcoming Events

With so many great live events to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones should be at the top of your list. Jason, one of our friendly sales associates here at TicketCity, shares what’s at the top of his list these days. Maybe one of these great events will inspire your next ticket purchase.

Jason shares his Top Picks for upcoming live events.

1: NBA Finals

Things are really heating up between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. We still don’t know which two teams will be going head-to-head to claim the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, but one thing is certain: it’s sure to be an exciting ride! Will the Spurs continue their incredible streak? Will Lebron finally get his championship? Watch the action unfold live with tickets from yours truly.

2: Belmont Stakes

Belmont has provided the stage for many dramatic finishes.  It is the last of the Triple Crown races and provides the possibility of seeing a Triple Crown winner.  Will I’ll Have Another be able to win at Belmont Stakes to make history, claiming the first Triple Crown victory in 34 years? Only time will tell.

3: US Open Tennis

The US Open is widely regarded as one of the most exciting tennis tournaments. The field of over 600 players always includes the top tennis players in the World. The tournament is played in the shadow of New York City, so Manhattan celebrities are a regular sight. This event makes frequent appearances on bucket lists everywhere.

4: Kevin Hart

Hart has turned into a major draw on the American comedy circuit, and he has also made his mark as an actor, writer and producer for myriad entertainment outlets. With new movies and stand-up specials on the horizon, fans will have plenty to look forward to and will no doubt leave the theater with abs sore from laughter.

5: The Book of Mormon

Jason and our CEO, Randy Cohen, were both wowed by this musical from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. But you don’t have to take our word for it. The production earned 14 nominations and 9 wins in the 2011 Tony Awards. The Drama League, New York Drama Critics, Outer Critics Circle, and Drama Desk all gave their top musical honors to The Book of Mormon.

Looking for tickets to some of your own Top Picks? Give Jason a ring directly at 1.888.561.0037 or call 1.800.SOLD.OUT for personalized customer service from any one of us here at TicketCity.