Ortiz vs White


Will UFC poster boy Tito Ortiz and UFC President get end their quarrel once and for all in the ring? Let’s hope. The major issue has to do with Ortiz and his contract with the UFC, and his not getting enough money…so he says.

Ortiz says he helped build the sport in its popularity and he hasn’t been promoted properly. White, formerly Ortiz’s manager, has opening called him a “moron:” Now that the challenge is on, this could be the next big UFC fight. I hope this isn’t some sort of media ploy.

On another note that has nothing to do with anything: Ortiz dates pron star Jenna Jameson. Gotta give him kudos for that….ugh, I think.

Chuck Liddell gets ICED !


Who woulda thunk it?
Actually, I was “thunking” it the entire time and it was due to happen. Chuck Liddell knocked out? At one time I thought impossible that anybody who a) not only supports a mohawk, but b) has tattoos on his HEAD, could/would get knocked out! This breed of person doesn’t usually get beat up but Chuck Liddell was knocked out in the first round by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson last Saturday night for the UFC title.

Jackson won fair and square…there was no draw…no this or that. Just a quick right to the chin which put the Iceman on the ground to take a beating and await his impending doom. Gotta love the UFC!!

Liddell-Jackson II


The fastest-rising star in the world’s most controversial sport, Chuck Liddell has frightened a lot of opponents — including old-school sports guys. Not bad for someone who paints his toenails. For the past six years, Liddell has been known as a badass, the best fighter in the world bar none. He’s the UFC’s current light heavyweight champion. In his 10-year career, he has lost only three fights and has gone on to avenge two of them. The third, his 2003 loss to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, is set for Saturday’s Ultimate Fighting Championship card at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. In 1998, while he was working as a bartender and a kickboxing instructor, a friend of a friend asked him if he wanted to try a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Liddell agreed and won. Not long after, the UFC came calling. Now Liddell has transcended the sport to become a cultural icon (witness his recent cameo on “Entourage”). He is The Guy for most guys, a real-life hero in a world of spoiled, whiny poseurs.

De La Hoya Loses, But Not Beat by Mayweather

The De La Hoya-Mayweather fight was hyped as the best of ‘this’ century… the best in a decade plus… and it lived up to the hype so long as you weren’t looking for a knock out. De La Hoya went all 12 rounds and didn’t look soft the entire time… something Mayweather’s corner seemed to be expecting. Oscar chased Floyd around the ring as Floyd seemed unwilling to go toe to toe. Floyd won the fight with a split decision that was based on the fact that his punches thrown to punches landed percentage was much higher than Oscar’s. Oscar was throwing almost twice the punches as Mayweather, who’s a great defender.

So, Mayweather wins… but did he BEAT De La Hoya… IMHO NO!! I think you should have to “take” the belt from the champion and although Mayweather fought very smart he didn’t “take” anything.

Oscar was trying to fight… give the fans their money’s worth and put on a show, win or lose go toe to toe. Mayweather was either banking on Oscar losing by points, waiting for Oscar to exhaust before attacking (which never happened), or was simply unable to get aggressive against Oscar and won the the fight based on his great defensive skills. Either way it’s on everyone’s minds and lips… “De La Hoya vs. Mayweather Rematch”

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De La Hoya is all business.


After Mayweather (37-0, 24 KOs) taunted and threatened De La Hoya — and hung a replica of the Golden Boy’s Olympic gold medal around a chicken’s neck — during their 11-city promotional tour, the fighters’ Las Vegas extravaganza was decidedly muted. Mayweather said only a few words on the dais, and De La Hoya (38-4, 30 KOs) was equally brief.

“I’m hungry, I know what it takes and I’m ready to go out there and die in the ring,” said Mayweather, who wore $1 million in diamond jewelry.

The only vintage trash-talking came from Roger Mayweather, Floyd’s uncle and trainer, who attacked the fighting credentials of Freddie Roach, De La Hoya’s respected trainer. Roach didn’t acknowledge Roger Mayweather’s jabs with a reply.

“Don’t miss this one. It might not be too long,” Roach said.

De La Hoya is all business when it comes to his upcoming fight. He’s nearing the end of his boxing career, and he’s recently started a company called Golden Boy Promotions that’s supposed to be revolutionizing the sport of boxing behind the scenes. Boxing promoters like Don King have had a kung-fu grip on boxers earnings through illegal and shady business dealings and contract negotiations. De La Hoya promises his new company will strive to be completely honest and up front with all of it’s clients – and he’s working hard to take boxing above the realm of just cable audiences and pay-per-view watchers.

“Ultimately, I am fighting not just to secure my legacy and because I enjoy a challenge,” De La Hoya says. “It so happens that I can use this as a vehicle to get the word out that Golden Boy is the company to make boxing respectable again. It works hand in hand.”