The Week in TicketCity Search – You’ll Catch Up In That Direction

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
May. 28th
1 - One Direction
2 - Justin Bieber
3 - ACL Fest
4 - Euro 2012
5 - San Antonio Spurs
6 - Texas Rangers
7 - Miami Heat
8 - Jimmy Buffet
9 - Jason Aldean
10 - Belmont Stakes

Well, now it’s a fight. When last we left this little pop soap opera, the esteemed Mr. Bieber had been trailing One Direction for weeks. The Bieber partisans had put up impressive numbers considering he hadn’t actually released any tour dates. Now the Believe Tour is on the books for this Fall, and interest skyrocketed. Just not quite enough to dethrone the boys of One Direction this week. Mind, the gap between #1 and #2 has changed from “brutal trouncing” to single digits.

Despite not announcing headlining performances from either Justin Bieber or One Direction, the ACL Festival secures #3. That rather wide gap now separates it from second place, though. Fans will simply have to “make do” with the likes of Florence + The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, The Black Keys, Jack White and many others.

The Euro Cup, 2012 edition, lands in #4. Outside of the World Cup, this is one of international soccer’s biggest events. Hosted this year in Poland and Ukraine, 16 of the top European teams will compete, including Spain, who won the last Euro Cup and the last World Cup.

At #5 and #7, Spurs and Heat remind us the NBA finals are still in progress. These two are the favorites to meet in the Finals, though Boston and OKC still have a say in the matter.

Rounding things out in the bottom five we see the return of Jimmy Buffet and Jason Aldean this week. Buffet is on tour right now, and Aldean is part of the big Country Megaticket shows this summer with Luke Bryan.

Finally there’s a greater than usual interest in this year’s Belmont Stakes as enthusiasts buzz about the possibility of new Triple Crown winner. I’ll Have Another has won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, and is set to race at Belmont. There hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner since Affirmed captured it in 1978. If I’ll Have Another wins, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the lucky spectators.

Young the Giant Announces 2012 Headline Tour

Each day when I arrive at work, I get things started by checking my email, eating a bowl of grits, and checking various social media sites. It’s a routine that I have come to know well and perform with almost autopilot-like ease. That is, until today.

Today my inbox was filled with such exciting, glorious news, that I nearly forgot how to eat my grits (and I’ve eaten a lot of grits in my day).  The news made my hands shake, my head spin, and my well-memorized Facebook password disappear from my little ol’ head.

The subject line was, “Young the Giant: North American Tour Announcement.” With eager anticipation, I opened the email with fingers crossed that they would be touring in a town near me. And, low and behold, THEY ARE!

I first hear Young the Giant’s “My Body” on the radio this spring and thought, “Hmmm. Catchy. They’re pretty great.”

Rain-drenched and loving it.

Then came ACL Fest. Young the Giant was playing a rather early set on Saturday afternoon. We were able to get close to the

stage with ample breathing and dancing room, a rare treat at a fest as packed as ACL. I didn’t know many songs, but song after song, I found myself digging the band more and more. Then came “My Body.”

The crowd was jumping up and down in time with the music. The band joined in, obviously feeling the love of the crowd. We were all dancing together, taking in one of those great, pure, music festival moments, when it happened: IT RAINED.

Depending where you live, this may sound like a music fest downer. But for those of us from Austin and the surrounding areas, who had gone months (seriously- months) without feeling the rain, it was magical. It seemed as if everyone danced a little harder and the band played a little louder. All it took for it to rain was a rain dance performed in unison by thousands of festival-goers.

With this being my first experience seeing the Young the Giant live, it’s hard to not hold a special spot for them in my heart. And I am already counting down the days until I’ll get to see the chance to see them again. If you haven’t given Young the Giant a chance yet, you better get started. With their tour starting in early February, you’ve still got plenty of time to brush up on their songs. Below is one my favorites, “I Got”, just to get you started.

While it will be hard to beat the magic of my ACL/Young the Giant experience, I’m certainly looking forward to giving it a shot. In the meantime, I think I’ll just eat to my grits, and keep the Young the Giant YouTube channel rolling on an infinite loop.

Full listing of dates for Young the Giant’s upcoming 2012 tour:

Feb 10    Soma    San Diego, CA             
Feb 15    Railto Theatre    Tucson, AZ
Feb 16    The Crescent Ballroom    Phoenix, AZ    
Feb 18    Ogden Theatre    Denver, CO       
Feb 20    The Varsity Theater    Minneapolis, MN 
Feb 21    Rave Ballroom    Milwaukee, WI       
Feb 23    The Metro    Chicago, IL  
Feb 24    Madison Theater    Covington, KY
Feb 25    Newport Music Hall    Columbus, OH           
Feb 26    Beachland Ballroom    Cleveland, OH  
Feb 28    Magic Stick    Detroit, MI    
Mar 01    Phoenix Concert Theatre    Toronto, Canada       
Mar 02    Ritual    Ottawa, Canada    
Mar 03    Cabaret Mile End    Montreal, Canada
Mar 04    Le Cercle    Quebec, Canada
Mar 06    Higher Ground    South Burlington, VT    
Mar 08    House of Blues Boston    Boston, MA      
Mar 09    Terminal 5    New York, NY  
Mar 10    Electric Factory    Philadelphia, PA
Mar 11    930 Club    Washington, DC
Mar 15    Center Stage    Atlanta, GA  
Mar 18    Culture Room    Fort Lauderdale, FL  
Mar 20    The Parish @ House of Blues    New Orleans, LA       
Mar 22    Fitzgerald’s    Houston, TX 
Mar 23    The Prophet Bar    Dallas, TX 
Mar 24    Stubb’s Bar-B-Q    Austin, TX  
Mar 27    Cain’s Ballroom    Tulsa, OK
Mar 29    The Gargoyle    St Louis, MO  
Mar 30    Midland Theatre    Kansas City, MO
Mar 31    People’s Court    Des Moines, IA             
Apr 03    In the Venue    Salt Lake City, UT

The Week in TicketCity Search – September 23rd

Week of
Sept 19th
1 1 ACL Fest
2 2 Texas A&M Football
3 - Journey
4 3 Mississippi State Football
5 4 Texas Longhorns Football
6 6 Dallas Cowboys
7 - Georgia Tech Football
8 10 Justin Bieber
9 - Adele
10 8 Alabama Football

ACL hangs onto the top of the list this week, on the strength of last weekend alone. The festival will likely pass out of the countdown next week. Lots of the TicketCity crew attended with rave reviews all around. I have it on good authority there were more than a few members of the team at the #3 event on the countdown this week as well.

Journey’s show last night at the Frank Erwin Center likely caused their surge to the top three this week. Fear not if you missed them, they’ll be hanging around Texas this weekend, playing shows in Dallas and Woodlands.

College football remains the biggest force on the countdown once more this week, though concert performers are creeping back to the top as the fever pitch of the early season dies down a bit. The Cowboys likewise remain steady at #6.

Taylor Swift couldn’t hold on this week, leaving the countdown for the first time in quite a while. She gives up her seat to previous countdown stalwart, Adele, who returns in that #9 spot.

The Week in TicketCity Search – September 16

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Sept 4th
1 6 ACL Fest
2 2 Texas A&M Football
3 3 Mississippi State Football
4 1 Texas Longhorns Football
5 5 LSU Football
6 - Dallas Cowboys
7 8 Arkansas Football
8 - Alabama Football
9 9 Taylor Swift
10 - Justin Bieber

Winner this week is no surprise. The 2011 ACL Festival should be getting underway as I type this. Temperature wise it appears it will merely be in the mid 90s, so positively chilly compared to the temperatures Austin has seen for the past few months. Should be quite agreeable by the time headliners like Kanye West, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, and Arcade Fire hit the big stages in the evening. Still have passes available for anyone who wants to get in.

The reminder of the countdown isn’t all that surprising either, as we find another week of college football goodness. The Aggies are the team of choice this week, as they hang onto the #2 spot. Mississippi State, Texas, and LSU follow after. Texas is the only one of the bunch that moved since last week, having given up the #1 spot to ACL. Before more CFB, the NFL makes an appearance at #6 with the Cowboys.

Arkansas and Alabama provide some more countdown love for the SEC, followed by the other concert performers that managed to hang on. Taylor Swift clings to the #9 spot, and, yes, the esteemed Mr. Bieber returns to us this week. He’d been pushed out last week, the first one in quite a while he’d missed, but that wasn’t destined to last long. We will see how long it takes him to get back to the #1 spot.

Tips From TicketCity: ACL Part 2

ACL week is officially here! Since we’re based in Austin, home of the wonderful Austin City Limits Music Festival, the whole office is abuzz. For us, ACL is essentially like Christmas, and we can’t all wait to find out what will be wrapped up under the tree this year.

With all of the ACL veterans we have on staff, we thought it would only be fair to share some of our tips, hints, and must-see bands with you. Read on to find out more, and feel free to comment with some tips of your own.

Rafael Rivas


Rafael’s Advice:

  • Three day passes are the only ones with in and out privileges
  • Prepare for anything- it will probably be dusty and hot so bring sunglasses, a bandana, and water
  • There is very little shade, so wear a hat
  • Have pre-arranged meeting spots if you get separated cell phone service is terrible
Kelley’s Advice:

  • Bring your own toilet paper and hand cleaner
  • Plan a meeting spot since cell phones don’t work great
  • Bring cash
  • Freeze your water bottles the night before



Gene’s Advice: 

  • Check out Charles Bradley- Soul music is an important part of American
    History and it is good to see some old cats, like Bradley, doing it right and
    keeping the soul alive
  • Bring some sunscreen unless you want to look like Snookie from Jersey Shore
  • Avoid flip-flops-there are people everywhere and you want to protect your little piggys
Brandi’s Advice:

  • Try Amy’s Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Check out at least two bands that you’ve never heard of each day- they may end up being your favorite
  • If you promised your friends souvenirs, but don’t want to spend $20+ on a t-shirt for everyone, buy ACL coozies for the gang at about $3 a piece
  • Two words: NECKLACE COOZIE- I learned this one at Jazz Fest in New Orleans- you can hold a drink and clap all at the same time




Brian’s Advice:

  • ATM longs are SUPER LONG! Bring cash
  • Know where your favorite bands are going to be and look at
    the map ahead of time- this will save a lot of time
  • Don’t be opposed to new bands
  • Don’t be afraid to be independent and veer off from the
    group to see a band you want to see
Ashley’s Advice:

  • Eat at Uncle Billy’s before the fest- it’s right down the road from the ACL gates
  • If you can, buy VIP tickets- the bathrooms alone are worth it