ACL 2013 Lineup: Our favorite reactions via Twitter

It’s official: the 2013 ACL lineup has been announced and everyone has their own opinions on the bands set to take the stage at  Zilker five months from now.  From funny to down-right emotional, we’ve collected a few of our favorite tweets discussing the lineup today below.







Tips From TicketCity: ACL Part 2

ACL week is officially here! Since we’re based in Austin, home of the wonderful Austin City Limits Music Festival, the whole office is abuzz. For us, ACL is essentially like Christmas, and we can’t all wait to find out what will be wrapped up under the tree this year.

With all of the ACL veterans we have on staff, we thought it would only be fair to share some of our tips, hints, and must-see bands with you. Read on to find out more, and feel free to comment with some tips of your own.

Rafael Rivas


Rafael’s Advice:

  • Three day passes are the only ones with in and out privileges
  • Prepare for anything- it will probably be dusty and hot so bring sunglasses, a bandana, and water
  • There is very little shade, so wear a hat
  • Have pre-arranged meeting spots if you get separated cell phone service is terrible
Kelley’s Advice:

  • Bring your own toilet paper and hand cleaner
  • Plan a meeting spot since cell phones don’t work great
  • Bring cash
  • Freeze your water bottles the night before



Gene’s Advice: 

  • Check out Charles Bradley- Soul music is an important part of American
    History and it is good to see some old cats, like Bradley, doing it right and
    keeping the soul alive
  • Bring some sunscreen unless you want to look like Snookie from Jersey Shore
  • Avoid flip-flops-there are people everywhere and you want to protect your little piggys
Brandi’s Advice:

  • Try Amy’s Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Check out at least two bands that you’ve never heard of each day- they may end up being your favorite
  • If you promised your friends souvenirs, but don’t want to spend $20+ on a t-shirt for everyone, buy ACL coozies for the gang at about $3 a piece
  • Two words: NECKLACE COOZIE- I learned this one at Jazz Fest in New Orleans- you can hold a drink and clap all at the same time




Brian’s Advice:

  • ATM longs are SUPER LONG! Bring cash
  • Know where your favorite bands are going to be and look at
    the map ahead of time- this will save a lot of time
  • Don’t be opposed to new bands
  • Don’t be afraid to be independent and veer off from the
    group to see a band you want to see
Ashley’s Advice:

  • Eat at Uncle Billy’s before the fest- it’s right down the road from the ACL gates
  • If you can, buy VIP tickets- the bathrooms alone are worth it


Tips from TicketCity: ACL

Since TicketCity is based in Austin, home of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, it’s fair to say that we have a lot of ACL experts on staff. So instead of featuring tips from just one of us, we will be posting several different tips throughout the next seven days as we count down to ACL.

While this year marks the tenth anniversary of ACL Fest, it is my personal sixth anniversary of attending the festival. It has been six glorious years full of great music, delicious food, and unforgettable memories.

Part of the fam at ACL Fest.

When my family and I decided to first attend the festival in 2005, I was a sophomore at LSU and had only visited Austin once before. Since that year’s lineup included Coldplay, Tom Petty, Ben Harper, Ray Lamontagne, and Kings of Leon, among others, there was something for everyone, so my whole family decided to attend. We all enjoyed it so much that we have made it an annual family tradition and are still doing it six years later. And I took my love even one step further than the rest of the fam by packing up and moving to Austin just as soon as I could.

In a sense, ACL is the perfect family vacation. No worrying about finding universally appealing activities, as every family member is sure to find something pleasing right there on the grounds of Zilker. Also, the fact that there is a set date each year means that there is no letting a year’s reunion slip through our fingers–we know the next year’s family reunion date approximately a year ahead of time, thanks to the miraculous logistical planning of the folks over at C3 presents.

But, my dad’s favorite thing about it, using a line from his favorite movie, Coupe de Ville, is that “We all got together.” So here I am to share what it is, exactly, that we must do, when we all get together, six years strong.

Get ready for some two steppin' at The Broken Spoke,

1: A night out at The Broken Spoke

My dad is a true country music connoisseur. Since my siblings and I were raised listening to albums of Willie, Waylon, and the boys, it only makes sense that The Broken Spoke is at the top of our Austin to-do list.

According to its web site, The Broken Spoke is the “Last of the True Texas Dance Halls,” and also the best chicken fried steak in Texas.

It features live music five nights a week, and dance lessons Wednesday through Saturday. Check out the calendar here to see which band is playing each night.

Go with an empty belly, and don’t forget your dancing boots!

2: Brunch at East Side Cafe

Ten years before I made the move to Austin, my sister lived in this amazing city, and while she did she earned a living by working at East Side Cafe. During our first tour of ACL, she suggested we brunch at this quaint restaurant, and the food was so life-changing we vowed to return each year.

As its name might let on, Eastside Cafe is located in a warm, old house with wood floors in Austin’s vibrant Eastside neighborhood. Many of the herbs and vegetables in its dishes are grown right outside the door in the restaurant’s own garden. The menu has something to please even the pickiest of eaters, including my own father, who finds even the very thought of soysauge, vegetarianism, or salad appalling. Check out the menu here.

Quick tips: Reservations are accepted for brunch, and are suggested. Also, if you’re looking for a souvenir, visit East Side Cafe’s gift shop, which is located just across the courtyard from the restaurant.

The always refreshing Barton Springs.

3: A quick dip in Barton Springs

While Texas is known for many things, our moderate climate ain’t one of ‘em. In fact, ACL Fest in September can downright blazing. Fear not, ACL goers, for there is a quick, affordable solution located right in Zilker Park. Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite spots in Austin: Barton Springs.

For those that have purchased three-day passes to ACL (It’s not too late-get yours here), exiting and reentering the fest is permitted. This allows one to walk out the festival gates, cross Barton Springs Road to get to the other side of Zilker Park, and experience Mother Nature’s air conditioning. Barton Springs is fed by natural springs and maintains an average temperature of 68 degrees F. For a mere $3, you’ll gain entry to the pool side, or by walking a few extra yards, you can visit the creek side free of charge. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy this nice reprieve from the heat of the Texas sun in between festival acts. For more information on pricing and hours, click here.

While these are just a few highlights of the items on my family’s annual to-do list, they are some of our favorites. No matter which acts you see, foods you taste, or nightlife you experience, you can be sure that when you’re reliving your ACL memories at the festival’s end, you’ll at least be able to say one thing: “We all got together.”

Austin City Limits Festival Uses Lottery Tickets To Reveal Line-Up

How about this for an interactive way to get your festival’s bands out—Austin City Limits’ September festival line-up is being slowly rolled out via scratch-off tickets given away at select Austin-area retailers. Five lucky fans who scratch off tickets with three of the same band will score a pair of VIP tickets for the three-day affair. As bands are revealed, we will update our AUSTIN CITY LIMITS FESTIVAL page where you can get in to see your favorite bands play!

2011 Lineup Lottery (ACL)
Austin City Limits Tickets

The Week in TicketCity Search – May 21st

At least one thing has returned to “normal” on the countdown this week as Lady Gaga takes up residence at the top once more. Time will tell if the recent volatility in her rankings is over or if this is just another wild fluctuation. Fluctuating with her is Pearl Jam, who appear at #2 and coincidentally have a huge show at Madison Square Garden tonight. I’m pretty sure they will not be here next week.

The WWE holds steady at their peak #3 ranking, while Tool tumbled from the top down to #4, allowing the esteemed Mr. Bieber to cling to top 5 status. That brings us to #6 and the little local festival we have around here every fall. Yes, the ACL Line-up was announced, a little later than last year, which brought it to chart this week. Six is a little soft, actually, I expected it would have cracked the top 3. Come this fall, I’m sure it will be the dominating force it was last year.

Rounding out the countdown is on-again-off-again Drake, with returning favorites Michael Buble and Aventura, mixed in with none other than the Jonas Brothers. The JoBros have a summer concert tour planned that starts off in our general vicinity with shows in Dallas and San Antonio. It will be interesting to see if any real contest develops between the slightly more mature Jonas Brothers and current tween heartthrob Mr. Bieber.

1 5 Lady Gaga
2 - Pearl Jam
3 3 WWE
4 1 Tool
5 4 Justin Bieber
6 - ACL
7 - Drake
8 - Jonas Brothers
9 - Michael Buble
10 - Aventura