Zilker Park survives ACL!

If you were at ACL the Friday you saw Zilker Park like you’ve never seen it before. That’s because ACL organizer C3 Presents spent nearly $2.5 million in improvements to the park, which included that amazing, no shoes needed grass.

Then on Saturday it poured, making Zilker Park a mud pit. Like a true festival, the fans and music didn’t stop one bit though.

This unfortunately ruined C3’s mass improvements and investment in Zilker…BUT ONLY UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER.

C3 has reported that though Zilker Park is very muddy, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department states that “the grass and root system are still in tact. Zilker Park will be restored to pre-Festival conditions, and as always, C3 Presents will be covering the cost of post-Festival park maintenance.”

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The Week in TicketCity Search – September 25th

I say consistency requires she have pink hair.

I say consistency requires she have pink hair.

After 2 weeks of total chart domination, Jay-Z vanishes without a trace, having entered and exited entirely at #1. Guess the fans are a bit fickle. Not surprisingly, the Austin City Limits Music Festival steps up to take his place. We still have passes available for those who want to go, but your options may quickly run out, as this has proven to be one of the most in-demand festivals of its reasonably short history.

Aventura climbs to number 2, while George Strait and the last concert of his 2009 tour bring him back into the spotlight at #3. Fans may have to wait until next year to see George live on stage again. The Longhorns remain on the countdown, though dropping to #4, while U2 holds steady at 5.

The bottom five brings this week’s countdown newcomer, Pink. Finding big success in the early part of this decade with her debut album and the follow-up, Pink’s star ebbed a bit in the mid… have we decided what this decade is called yet? 00′s… Aughts… Whatever… mid-Aughts. In any case, she released the album Funhouse in 2008 and in 2009 began an international tour in support of it. The Funhouse Tour hit North American shores in September.

1 6 ACL
2 3 Aventura
3 - George Strait
4 2 Texas Longhorns
5 5 U2
6 9 Metallica
7 8 Taylor Swift
8 4 Miley Cyrus
9 - Pink
10 - Blink-182

The Week in TicketCity Search – September 18th

With one notable exception, a rather stable top 10, particularly the top 5 area. Jay-Z continues to hold top spot by a wide margin, and the Longhorns remained at number 2. In fact, things would have been remarkably unchanged in the top 5 where it not for the sudden appearance of wildcard Aventura.

Aventura, originally from New York, is a Bachata music group. Wikipedia tells me that Bachata music originates in the Dominican Republic, and routinely features themes of romance, heartbreak, and sadness. “Fire and Rain” is more my speed for that. In any case, Aventura has been around since 1994 and released 5 albums, the most recent of which is The Last. At least they’re set if they break up and never release another one. I think there’s an Abbott and Costello routine in there somewhere…

At the moment we have no tickets listed for Aventura, but you can always give one of our sales associates a call and they may be able to help you out.

The remainder of the countdown features some returning faces as well as a LSU fans supporting their team. Metallica, who had been a fixture earlier this summer makes a return appearance, and KISS moves up as well. ACL continues to find a spot on the countdown as time continues to run out prior to the festival start date.

1 1 Jay-Z
2 2 Texas Longhorns
3 - Aventura
4 3 Miley Cyrus
5 5 U2
6 4 ACL
7 10 KISS
8 7 Taylor Swift
9 - Metallica
10 - LSU Football

Phish & ACL announce 2009 concert dates

Legendary jam band Phish has announced they are reuniting for atleast three shows in 2009.  The shows will be played at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia on March 6th, 7th and 8th.  The shows will be their first official concerts as a band since their farewell show at Vermont’s Coventry in 2004.

Keep an eye on the official Phish website for annoucements of more tour dates in 2009.

Austin City Limits Musical Festival just wrapped up the 2008 ACL Fest, but has already announced dates for their 2009 event.  The dates for ACL 2009 are October 2nd through 4th.  There will be “early bird” discounts available on the official ACL Festival website.

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