2013 MLB Home Run Derby

Thousands of fans turned out for the Home Run Derby at Citi Field last night to watch second-year slugger Yoenis Cespedes take the win. And while Citi-Field can hold nearly 45,000 people, it wasn’t until we saw the photo below submitted by Mets Bro blog that we realized the sheer size of that crowd as fans scrambled to get on the 7 train.

Click through the photo gallery below to see some of the best fan-submitted photos from the game. Thanks to everyone who shared their pics, and congrats to @METS_BRO for sending us the winning shot!

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2013 NBA All-Star Game: How Houston stacks up to Dallas on some of the biggest stages in sports

Some have wondered why Houston has earned a second NBA All-Star Game weekend in a seven-year span.  The fact is, Houston — and Texas — consistently churn out as much if not more basketball talent than basketball hotbeds like New York or LA, summer basketball one of the primary reasons for the surge.

Set in downtown Houston at the Toyota Center, the 2013 All-Star weekend will turn Houston into a festival of basketball, parties and celebrity events. Lebron James will try to win his second All-Star MVP, and the Slam Dunk Contest is always a blast with the no-hold barred mentality that you don’t get in live games. In 1989 Houston set the record crowd for an All-Star Game with 44,735 attendees- a record that was shattered by another Texas city when Dallas hosted in 2010, with 108,713 fans at the game.  NBA officials estimate the three-day event this weekend will have an economic impact of more than $80 million on the Bayou City.

In addition to hosting the NBA All-Star game, both Houston and Dallas have  drawn a number of other high-profile sporting events, including the Super Bowl. New stadiums built in the last ten years have allowed these Texas giants to continue attract major events and support their portfolio of professional teams (both cities boast at least four). But despite the similarities between Houston and Dallas as sporting meccas, an ongoing cultural rivalry has driven many comparisons between the two cities, from food to architecture. So in honor of the game this weekend, we’ve pitted the two cities against each other to determine who reigns supreme on some of the biggest stages in sports.

Kevin Love Really Wants To Be On The NBA All-Star Roster

We love it when players can poke a little fun at themselves. That’s why when we saw this “commerical” released by the Minnesota Timberwolves trying to boost Kevin Love’s chances of getting into the All-Star Game, we had to share. As of this writing, the NBA had chosn its All-Star starters, but Love–who’s averaging 21.6 points and 15.7 rebounds per game–didn’t make it. So to get him on the reserves roster, the Timberwolves produced this video for a fictional cologne, “Numb#rs,” and website, www.612AllStar.com, in attempts to get the coaches to vote him in. Well, we can say he would get our vote!  

Cologne hypes Kevin Love’s bid [ESPN]

Fantasy Drafts Come To The NHL All-Star Game

It’s amazing to me that out of the four major sports leagues in America, the NHL is the most inventive in terms of marketing and changing the game. They’ll change things up on a whim, like rules or this year’s All-Star game, which takes a page out of our past and current fascinations. Two as-yet-unnamed captains (we’ll let you guess who the obvious choices are) will choose from a roster of 40 players that were either voted in by fans or chosen by the league. While it’s easy to equate this to our nation’s fascination with fantasy-sports leagues, I’d like to equate it to our playground past, which with the popular Winter Classic played outdoors, might be how the NHL is trying to angle it, too. With the strong roster released yesterday, it seems like another, to use a somewhat improper phrase, slam dunk for the NHL in terms of its marketing.

Recap: Last All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, Wow!

Not only was it the last All-Star game to be played at Yankee Stadium, it was the longest All-Star game ever. Lasting a record 4 hours and 50 minutes, Phil Niekro couldn’t have even guessed how memorable it would actually be. A battle to the very end – a 15-inning battle – the American League pulled off their 12th straight All-Star game win. J.D. Drew captured the All-Star game MVP award, sealing the deal with a two-run shot in the seventh that tied the game and helping the AL rally in the 11th, putting runners on first and third with only one out. Despite the NL snuffing several AL opportunites to shut it down early, the game went on and on, and the fans were probably feeling quite somnabulent much before the final inning. Incredible.

This final game at Yankee Stadium was an absolutely fabulous All-Star showdown. If you did not get a chance to make this year’s outing, head to St. Louis in 2009 for the next All-Star experience.