The Week in TicketCity Search – July 9th

The Lady ascends to the top spot, where she will probably remain for the rest of the month as her concert dates in central Texas rapidly approach. Still time to get your tickets for the shows Dallas and Houston. The esteemed Mr. Bieber has fallen to #2 and we’ll see how well he does the remainder of the year. He won’t be back to our little slice of Texas until next November.

The World Cup, fever for which has only managed to catapult it to #3, is nearly over. Take heart, though, if you’re looking for your soccer fix in slightly more accessible locations, you can always check out Manchester United touring the US for some friendly matches later this month.

Wicked tour in Houston remains popular, climbing up a spot as Aventura falls from the number 2 spot as their tour departs for more far off, exotic places… like East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Cirque events return this week after dropping out; demand certainly seems to be somewhat fickle for these shows. Michael Buble gains a few notches as he heads towards some central Texas dates in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.

That leaves the Yankees, who pop back in to the countdown instead of the Rays this week, and countdown favorites Tool and Phish, both of whom have a talent for appearing and disappearing week to week. This is an “appear” week, we will see what happens next week.

1 3 Lady Gaga
2 2 Justin Bieber
3 6 World Cup
4 5 Wicked
5 2 Aventura
6 - Cirque du Soleil
7 10 Michael Buble
8 - New York Yankees
9 - Tool
10 - Phish

The Week in TicketCity Search – July 2nd

The concert performers have mostly returned to the top 5. Sure, Wicked popped back into the number five spot, but that’s close enough for me. The Esteemed Mr. Bieber retakes the top spot from Tool, who, as expected, are nowhere to be found after their tour departed central Texas. Likewise, Aventura’s leg through Central Texas is also in full swing, and their second place showing is a direct result. Lady Gaga isn’t scheduled to show up around here for a few weeks but she’s already firmly back in the top 3.

New to the countdown is Eminem, who’s recently released album Recovery is a bright spot for the plastic disc industry, appears at #4. This is his first showing on the countdown. Having been off the touring circuit for a while, it seems fans are hungry for some live shows. Only two have been announced so far, both in September and both in stadiums: Commerica Park and Yankee Stadium.

Rounding out the bottom of the countdown are some returning faces and the World Cup, which continues without the US team. Dave Matthews, Rush, and Michael Buble, all return, while the Rays remain steady at #9 for reasons unknown to me.

1 2 Justin Bieber
2 7 Aventura
3 4 Lady Gaga
4 - Eminem
5 - Wicked
6 6 World Cup
7 - Dave Matthews Band
8 - Rush
9 9 Tampa Bay Rays
10 - Michael Buble

The Week in TicketCity Search – June 25th

It has been a while, but a non-pop concert performer as topped the list. Rockers Tool played the Cedar Park Center earlier this week, enough so that even after they left town, the volume was enough to keep them at the top of the list. By early July they’ll be up in Canada, so my guess is we may not be seeing them again on the list next week. The esteemed Mr. Bieber’s time at the top was short lived, though he will have a another run at it next week, and the College World Series continues out in Omaha. You can still make it for the championship games.

Lady Gaga’s stumble was short lived, both here and in reality, while Cirque continues to hold steady in the middle of the countdown. Like the CWS, the World Cup is still going on and there’s yet more time to catch the greatest, and possibly noisiest, spectacle soccer has to offer. The US team has made it to the second stage where it looks to face Ghana next. Germany and England will also be locking up in a hotly anticipated game.

Rounding the out the list we have Aventura popping back in. They’ve got some shows coming up all across Texas, so that’s not surprising. Phish holds steady at 8 while MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays enter the countdown and The Eagles finish things off. Like Aventura, the Eagles will are also in Texas for shows in Houston and Dallas.

1 5 Tool
2 1 Justin Bieber
3 2 College World Series
4 10 Lady Gaga
5 6 Cirque Du Soleil
6 3 World Cup
7 - Aventura
8 8 Phish
9 - Tampa Bay Rays
10 - Eagles

The Week in TicketCity Search – May 4th

The WWE retains a submission hold on the top spot, though with our local Austin RAW over, it will be interesting to see if they remain competitive next week. Gaga and the esteemed Mr. Bieber swap spots, bringing additional normalcy back to the top 3. Swinging in at #4 is College Baseball, or rather, post season college baseball and the Regional / Super Regional contests leading up to the College World Series in Omaha later this month. The CWS is always popular with us, and looks like this season won’t be any different.

Championships abound this month. World Cup climbs a bit to round out the top 5 and the finals of the NCAA Lacrosse Championships keep that on the board. Skipping down to #10 we see the Lakers appearing, as they secured a 12th meeting with the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals. Another piece of history there with the most famous championship rivalry in all of pro basketball. The Lakers’ record in these meetings could use some polish, so maybe they’ll get on the road to evening things up with the Celtics this year.

The rest of the top 10 includes everyone’s favorite Bachata band, Aventura, and Tool, who tumble a bit from the Top 5 down to #8. Finally, what’s baseball season without the Yankees putting in an appearance on the countdown.

1 1 WWE
2 3 Lady Gaga
3 2 Justin Bieber
4 - College Baseball
5 8 World Cup
6 5 NCAA Lacrosse
7 9 Aventura
8 4 Tool
9 - NY Yankees
10 8 LA Lakers

The Week in TicketCity Search – May 28th

[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=lacrosse&iid=8478841" src="8/2/b/5/NCAA_Lacrosse_BIG_29df.jpg?adImageId=13021871&imageId=8478841" width="234" height="334" /]


Apparently I missed the memo about the WWE enjoying an 80′s like Renaissance, or people in Austin really really want to check out the Memorial Day show at the Erwin Center. Either way, Vince and Co. have climbed to the top of the countdown ladder and secured the belt. This concludes our dose of subtly savvy professional wrestling references for this week. Their victory leaves the regulars in a bit of disarray, as the esteemed Mr. Bieber climbs to #2, Lady Gaga falls to 3, and Tool remains at 4.

In at #5 is the NCAA Lacrosse championships. Lacrosse-o-philes can still make it up to MT Bank Stadium in Baltimore to catch the finals on May 31st. Games are scheduled throughout the weekend leading up to the championship. The Lacrosse championships beat out championships in a couple other sports with much higher Q scores. That would be the Stanley Cup, in at #7 via the Blackhawks, and the World Cup, appearing at #8.

Country duo Brooks and Dunn make their debut on the countdown at #6. Good thing, since apparently The Last Rodeo Tour is their retirement tour. They’ll be playing US dates throughout the summer.

1 3 WWE
2 5 Justin Bieber
3 1 Lady Gaga
4 4 Tool
5 - NCAA Lacrosse
6 - Brooks and Dunn
7 - Chicago Blackhawks
8 - World Cup
9 10 Aventura
10 8 Jonas Brothers