The Week in TicketCity Search – May 21st

At least one thing has returned to “normal” on the countdown this week as Lady Gaga takes up residence at the top once more. Time will tell if the recent volatility in her rankings is over or if this is just another wild fluctuation. Fluctuating with her is Pearl Jam, who appear at #2 and coincidentally have a huge show at Madison Square Garden tonight. I’m pretty sure they will not be here next week.

The WWE holds steady at their peak #3 ranking, while Tool tumbled from the top down to #4, allowing the esteemed Mr. Bieber to cling to top 5 status. That brings us to #6 and the little local festival we have around here every fall. Yes, the ACL Line-up was announced, a little later than last year, which brought it to chart this week. Six is a little soft, actually, I expected it would have cracked the top 3. Come this fall, I’m sure it will be the dominating force it was last year.

Rounding out the countdown is on-again-off-again Drake, with returning favorites Michael Buble and Aventura, mixed in with none other than the Jonas Brothers. The JoBros have a summer concert tour planned that starts off in our general vicinity with shows in Dallas and San Antonio. It will be interesting to see if any real contest develops between the slightly more mature Jonas Brothers and current tween heartthrob Mr. Bieber.

1 5 Lady Gaga
2 - Pearl Jam
3 3 WWE
4 1 Tool
5 4 Justin Bieber
6 - ACL
7 - Drake
8 - Jonas Brothers
9 - Michael Buble
10 - Aventura

Summer 2010 Concert Tours

You know it is almost summer when concert tours take over the nation! Here are a few of the hottest concerts on-sale this week:

Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball Tour, May-July

Rihanna & Kesha: Last Girl on Earth Tour, July-August

Justin Bieber: My World 2.0 Tour, June-September

The Eagles: Long Road Out of Eden Tour, May-June

Roger Waters: The Wall Tour, September-December

Aventura: U.S. Tour, June-July

RUSH: Time Machine Tour, June-October

Santana: Universal Tone Tour, June-August

Doobie Brothers/Chicago: 2010 Tour, May-September

Goo Goo Dolls: The Inner Machine Tour, May-August

Lilith Fair: 2010 Tour, June-August

Visit the Concert Tickets page to find local concerts in your area!

The Week in TicketCity Search – November 27th

What happens to the Top 10 on a big holiday weekend… not much it turns out. Now that the Big 12 Championship has been set, it climbs from 5 to 1. No doubt this sudden surge of interest is partially attributable to the presence of our home town team, the Longhorns, in the championship game. The remainder of the top 5 is a pop tour-de-force with Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus all there to welcome this week’s chart newcomer Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is a 15 year old Canadian pop singer whose debut album My Word was released on November 17th. A recent autograph signing for Mr. Bieber was the cause of near-riot at the Roosevelt Field Mall where a Def Jam Recordings (really?) record exec got arrested for what the media liked to play up as “failure to tweet.” People hate on Wikipedia as a source, but I’d not be able to relate most of that information without it, as I am far outside Mr. Bieber’s target demo in both age and chromosomes.

The bottom 5 shows interest in the SEC championship remains strong, if not quite what it was over the past couple weeks. As both Big 12 and SEC championships are this weekend, it’s likely both may experience a last minute surge. The recent Texas-Texas A&M rivalry game contributed to both teams appearing in the countdown. John Mayer slips a bit and Aventura returns once more after a few weeks absence.

1 5 Big 12 Championship
2 1 Lady Gaga
3 6 Taylor Swift
4 - Justin Bieber
5 2 Miley Cyrus
6 4 SEC Championship
7 - Texas A&M Football
8 7 John Mayer
9 - Aventura
10 9 Texas Football

The Week in TicketCity Search – November 6th

[picapp src="1/8/4/8/Miley_Cyrus_Performs_bb5d.jpg?adImageId=7162042&imageId=6203555" width="234" height="351" /]

Miley Cyrus Returns

“Interesting Times” indeed. Not just the punchline of a purported ancient Chinese curse or a good read by Terry Prachett, it describes the movement on the top 10 in recent weeks nicely. Not that I mind, makes it easier to write these things. One thing certainly hasn’t changed, that’s Taylor Swift’s recent dominance, which continues handily through this week as well.

It is all about music and football this week. The football arrives courtesy of 2 upcoming and hotly anticipated conference championships, one for the SEC and one for the Big 12. The Big 12 is certainly anticipated locally, as Austin’s own Longhorns are a favorite to attend at this point. The SEC because, well, it’s the SEC which has a habit of producing college football’s top teams year after year.

Miley missed the countdown so much she returned at #3, while Aventura and Bon Jovi both dropped thanks to the Longhorns and their championship hopes. AC/DC makes an appearance. They’ve been on tour for a while now, but it took a show at the Frank Irwin Center to put them up on the big board. A veritable institution of rock, they’ve been touring in support of their most recent release, Black Ice, which is just over a year old at this point.

1 1 Taylor Swift
2 - Big 12 Championship
3 - Miley Cyrus
4 - Texas Longhorns
5 3 Aventura
6 2 Bon Jovi
7 - AC/DC
8 - Lady Gaga
9 7 KISS
10 - SEC Championship

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 30th

[picapp src="2/e/9/3/Taylor_Swift_Fearless_dd5f.jpg?adImageId=7011636&imageId=6199345" width="234" height="282" /]

Make-Up Taylor Swift Pic For Last Week

A slightly premature Happy Halloween to all.  The shakeups continue, though Taylor Swift retains her commanding lead at #1, Miley Cyrus exits the countdown completely for the first time in a long time. Replaced by? Bon Jovi. The veteran pop rockers have a new album, The Circle, releasing in November, and a new tour to support it. The Circle Tour doesn’t kick off until February 2010, but long time fans are looking to get their seats early.

Aventura remains a steady 3, while the announcement of a new Garth Brooks show in Vegas put him back on the radar after his “retirement”. Interest is running high for his opening shows, though the engagement is for five years, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you’re not able to get in for the first few months. Like many Vegas acts, Garth is going to be there a while.

The World Series clocks in at #6, though maybe I should have just combined the numbers for it and the Yankees down at #8. The Turnpike Series is now tied 1-1 heading into Game 3. Squeezed in between is Notre Dame, who’s about engage to in the “San Antonio Showdown” with rivals Washington State this weekend. Tickets are still available for that game.

1 1 Taylor Swift
2 - Bon Jovi
3 3 Aventura
4 - Garth Brooks
5 8 Disney On Ice
6 - World Series
7 - Norte Dame
8 5 NY Yankees
9 7 U2
10 - Phish