The Week in TicketCity Search – December 9th

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Dec. 5t
1 - Cotton Bowl
2 7 Music City Bowl
3 - Alamo Bowl
4 5 BCS Bowl
5 - Holiday Bowl
6 - Champs Sports Bowl
7 - Orange Bowl
8 - Sugar Bowl
9 - Fiesta Bowl
10 8 Dallas Cowboys

As the list suggests, the college football bowl announcements arrived last Sunday night, just in time to almost completely take over the list. This is probably the most bowls I’ve seen on any list since keeping track. The bowl almost ran the board, but Cowboys fans would not be denied. They clung to the countdown at #10.

Diverse set in the top 5, kicking off with the venerable Cotton Bowl, now in Arlington, followed by the Music City Bowl, one that’s had strong buzz even before the teams were announced. Mississippi State and Wake Forest fans are looking forward to locking up in Nashville. The Alamo Bowl, another “local” favorite, rounds out the top 3, followed by the actual National Championship game at #4.

The bottom five kicks off with the Holiday Bowl. The big BCS bowls cluster down at the bottom of the list, with Orange, Sugar, and Fiesta all grouped together right over the Cowboys. For what it’s worth, the Rose Bowl would have been #12 on the list.

Sill have time to get your bowl tickets. Check out our full bowl list, and give us a call if you have any questions.

The Week in TicketCity Search – December 2nd

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Nov. 28t
1 3 SEC Championship
2 10 ACC Championship
3 1 Texas Longhorns Football
4 - Baylor Bears Football
5 2 BCS Bowl
6 - Big Ten Championship
7 - Music City Bowl
8 - Jeff Dunham
9 - Kentucky Basketball
10 - Justin Bieber
Week of
Nov. 21st
1 1 Texas Longhorns Football
2 3 BCS Bowl
3 - SEC Championship
4 2 Mississippi State Football
5 6 Radiohead
6 4 Dallas Cowboys
7 7 Taylor Swift
8 - Big Time Rush
9 - LSU Football
10 - ACC Championship

Back to fill in another missing week. The conference championships have rocketed to the top in the past few days. The SEC won by a wide margin, but the volume on the ACC wasn’t too shabby. The Big Ten finds itself a little further down the list. Hard to say if the absence of the newly minted Pac-12 Championship has anything to do with their decision to keep everyone guessing on where it would be held until the last minute.

This is “announcement weekend,” so expect to see a lot of bowls on next week’s list. The BCS, fittingly, has been around for a few weeks now, and was joined this week by the Music City Bowl. Not one I’d have expected early buzz for, but we can certainly accommodate.

Rounding out the list we see Kentucky’s basketball team is getting some interest. With the almost-certain news the NBA lockout is over, we will see if the search momentum shifts to the pros over college teams. The revised NBA schedule isn’t out yet, but we’ll have listings once it’s officially announced.

The Week in TicketCity Search – November 11th

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 31st
1 2 Texas Longhorns Football
2 3 Breeders Cup
3 4 Justin Bieber
4 - Phish
5 9 Mississippi State Football
6 7 Dallas Cowboys
7 - Arkansas Football
8 1 Taylor Swift
9 - BCS Bowl
10 - OSU Football

Sliding into November we see football keeps a pretty strong grip on the countdown. The Longhorns return to the top spot that was vacated by Taylor Swift, who took a big tumble down to #8. The Longhorns are followed by the Breeders Cup which showed some strong interest all week. The festivities are today and tomorrow at Churchill Downs.

Phish is back after a longer than usual absence. They are playing a series of shows at Madison Square Garden leading up to New Years Eve.

Mississippi State, who’s remained on the countdown steadily for weeks now, climbs back to the #5 spot, and the Dallas Cowboys pick up a spot to kick off the bottom five. A fresher face, Arkansas, arrives to lend some variety to the proceedings, while the BCS Bowl once again makes an early appearance. We are about 1 month out from the big bowl announcement weekend, though.

Our partners at OSU find their way into the last spot this week, bringing the countdown to a close.

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 21st

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 17th
1 2 Texas Rangers
2 - World Series
3 1 Texas Longhorns Football
4 4 Justin Bieber
5 5 Taylor Swift
6 3 Dallas Cowboys
7 - WWE
8 7 Mississippi State Football
9 - Breeders Cup
10 - BCS Bowl

The top 2 earned their spots by a wide margin this week. After a comeback win the Rangers tie things up in the World Series, earning a game 5 in Arlington. They managed to push the Longhorns out of the top spot. The shuffle at the top didn’t effect the rest of the top 5, as the esteemed Mr. Bieber and Taylor Swift stayed put at #4 and #5.

The Cowboys kick off the bottom five, followed closely by the WWE. Monday Night RAW will be broadcast from the Erwin Center next… Monday, yes, it’s definitely Monday.

Mississippi State managed to hang onto the countdown that lost a lot of other teams this week. The Breeders Cup slides into the #9 spot. The 2 day event happens at Churchill Downs this year, so you can get a little taste of horse racing action in Louisville without feeling self conscious about your choice of headgear.

Finally, the National Championship Game peaks in at #10. Certainly no stranger to the countdown, but usually a little further along in the calendar. Interesting to see it pop up in October.

The Week in TicketCity Search – January 14th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 3 Super Bowl
2 4 George Strait
3 - Girl Talk
4 2 BCS Bowl
5 10 Lady Gaga
6 1 Cotton Bowl
7 6 Kenny Chesney
8 9 Linkin Park
9 5 Taylor Swift
10 7 Monster Jam

Lots of shuffling, but only one new face this week. It appears the momentum of last weeks bowl contests spilled over into this week, as the BCS and the Cotton Bowl both hung on for another round. This will probably be the last we see of them for another 11 months or so, though. The Super Bowl has reached the top, as we are getting closer to finding out who will be playing.

Girl Talk shoots into the countdown at #3, impressive debut for a newcomer to the countdown. Wow, with a name like Girl Talk, I bet there’s some nice looking ladies- wait, what? Oh… Well, okay… This is an even bigger fake out than having 2 dudes in the group Lady Antebellum. So, Girl Talk is the stage name of Gregg Michael Gillis, a mashup / electronica musician. “Gregg” will be at the Austin Music Hall tonight before continuing a nationwide tour.

As predicted, Gaga’s return stateside is moving up the charts. The rest of the countdown is pretty much a bit of a shift from last week, with some ups and downs for the returning concert acts. Linkin Park climbs while Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift both tumble a bit. Monster Jam rounds out the countdown, looking like the longevity it achieved last spring will be repeated this year.