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How often has BCS Championship matched top teams?

The BCS Championship started in 1998 as a way to matchup the #1 and #2 team in a one-game National Championship Game.  Since that first game in 1998 between Tennessee and Florida State, the BCS Championship Game has matched the #1 and #2 teams in the AP rankings just eight times.  In those eight matchups, the #1 team has won four and the #2 has won four.  Below is a breakdown of those BCS Championship Games – click here to see more information on the BCS National Championship Game history.

BCS Championship Game (#1 ranked team defeats #2 team)
1998 – Tennessee Volunteers (#1) beat Florida State Seminoles (#2)
1999 – Florida State (#1) beats Virginia Tech Hokies (#2)
2004 – USC Trojans (#1) beat Oklahoma Sooners (#2)
2008 – Florida Gators (#1) beat Oklahoma (#2)

BCS Championship Game (#2 ranked team upsets #1 team)
2002 – Ohio State Buckeyes (#2) beat Miami Hurricanes (#1)
2005 – Texas Longhorns (#2) beat USC (#1)
2006 – Florida (#2) beats Ohio State (#1)
2007 – LSU Tigers (#2) beat Ohio State (#1)

BCS Championship Games that did not match #1 versus #2 team
2000 – Oklahoma (#1) beats Florida State (#3)
* The Miami Hurricanes were ranked #2 in AP poll to end season, won their bowl game and finished #2 overall.

2001 – Miami (#1) beats Nebraska Cornhuskers (#4)
* Oregon & Colorado finished ahead of Nebraska in week 15 AP rank. Oregon won Fiesta Bowl to finish 11-1 and #2.

2003 – LSU (#2) beats Oklahoma (#3)
* USC was #1 ranked team, won their bowl game and split the Championship.

2008-2009 Bowl Game Schedule

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College Football Bowl Games
Teams Playing
Alamo Bowl Tickets 12/29 Alamodome,
San Antonio, TX
Missouri vs.
Armed Forces Bowl Tickets 12/31 Amon G. Carter Stadium,
Fort Worth, TX
Houston vs.
Air Force
BCS National Championship Tickets 01/08 Dolphins Stadium,
Miami, FL
Florida vs.
Capital One Bowl Tickets 01/01 Citrus Bowl,
Orlando, FL
Georgia vs.
Michigan State
Champs Sports Bowl Tickets 12/27 Citrus Bowl,
Orlando, FL
Wisconsin vs.
Florida State
Chick-fil-A Bowl Tickets 12/31 Georgia Dome,
Atlanta, GA
LSU vs.
Georgia Tech
Cotton Bowl Tickets 01/02 Cotton Bowl,
Dallas, TX
Ole Miss vs.
Texas Tech
EagleBank Bowl Tickets 12/20 Nationals Park,
Washington, DC
Wake Forest vs.
Emerald Bowl Tickets 12/27 ATT Park,
San Francisco, CA
Miami (Fla.) vs.
Fiesta Bowl Tickets 01/05 University of Phoenix Stadium,
Glendale, AZ
Ohio State vs.
Gator Bowl Tickets 01/01 Jacksonville Municipal Stadium,
Jacksonville, FL
Clemson vs.
GMAC Bowl Tickets 01/06 Ladd Peebles Stadium,
Mobile, AL
Tulsa vs.
Ball State
Hawaii Bowl Tickets 12/24 Aloha Stadium,
Honolulu, HI
Hawaii vs.
Notre Dame
Holiday Bowl Tickets 12/30 Qualcomm Stadium,
San Diego, CA
Oklahoma State vs.
Independence Bowl Tickets 12/28 Independence Stadium,
Shreveport, LA
Northern Illinois vs.
Louisiana Tech
Insight Bowl Tickets 12/31 Sun Devil Stadium,
Tempe, AZ
Kansas vs.
International Bowl Tickets 01/03 Rogers Centre,
Toronto, ON
Buffalo vs.
Las Vegas Bowl Tickets 12/20 Sam Boyd Stadium,
Las Vegas, NV
BYU vs.
Liberty Bowl Tickets 01/02 Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium,
Memphis, TN
Kentucky vs.
East Carolina
Meineke Car Care Bowl Tickets 12/27 Bank of America Stadium,
Charlotte, NC
West Virginia vs.
North Carolina
Motor City Bowl Tickets 12/26 Ford Field,
Detroit, MI
Florida Atlantic vs.
Central Michigan
Music City Bowl Tickets 12/31 LP Field,
Nashville, TN
Boston College vs.
New Mexico Bowl Tickets 12/20 University Stadium,
Albuquerque, NM
Colorado State vs.
Fresno State
New Orleans Bowl Tickets 12/21 Superdome,
New Orleans, LA
Southern Miss vs.
Orange Bowl Tickets 01/01 Dolphin Stadium,
Miami, FL
Cincinnati vs.
Virginia Tech
Outback Bowl Tickets 01/01 Raymond James Stadium,
Tampa, FL
South Carolina vs.
Iowa Bowl Tickets 12/29 Legion Field,
Birmingham, AL
NC State vs.
Poinsettia Bowl Tickets 12/23 Qualcomm Stadium,
San Diego, CA
Boise State vs.
Roadys Humanitarian Bowl Tickets 12/30 Bronco Stadium,
Boise, ID
Maryland vs.
Rose Bowl Tickets 01/01 Rose Bowl,
Pasadena, CA
Penn State vs.
St. Petersburg Bowl Tickets 12/20 Tropicana Field,
St. Petersburg, FL
Memphis vs.
South Florida
Sugar Bowl Tickets 01/02 Superdome,
New Orleans, LA
Utah vs.
Sun Bowl Tickets 12/31 Sun Bowl Stadium,
El Paso, TX
Oregon State vs.
Texas Bowl Tickets 12/30 Reliant Stadium,
Houston, TX
Rice vs. Western

Deciding a Champion: BCS vs. Playoff Formats

I was not always a college football fan.  The NFL pretty much capped my experience until I enrolled as a student at the University of Texas in 2003.  It was then that the college football subculture engulfed my life.  From the outset, I was surrounded by burnt orange t-shirts, cowboy boots, beer and chants of “Hook ‘em Horns.”  It didn’t take me long to realize that Texas football was the biggest Texas pastime beside the fraternity and sorority initiations happening down my street en masse.

College football, to the avid beer-drinkin’ fan, is a quest for #1.  So imagine my surprise when I asked (in such a freshman moment) the oldest kid I could find, “How exactly is a national (college football) champion chosen?”  He told me about how teams are ranked according to their conference, games won, toughness of schedule and human opinion polls.  I was even more confused after he imparted the answer than before I requested it.

“You mean, there’s no playoff?”, I replied.  “No,” he said, “but there are bowl games.”

Bowl games are not playoff games.  They are traditional publicity games.

Under the current BCS system, only the top 2 ranked BCS teams will ever have chance of being crowned national champions.  On top of that, teams that remain undefeated during the regular season from a “lesser” conference could be struck from the top 2 for failing to have “a tougher schedule” or because were underestimated in the human opinion polls.  But hey, if you aren’t ranked in the top 2 and remain undefeated, you can go to one of the millions of bowl games, right?  I mean, what’s better than passing up an opportunity to be #1 than accept a measly payout from the Bowl?  Sounds kinda ridiculous.

Here are the arguments for and against the BCS system:

-Creates playoff atmosphere for the entire season
-Traditional bowl games

Decides a team based on computer rankings and polls, not head-to-head competition
Often produces controversial champion
smaller, non-BCS conferences disenfranchised

My question is: “why not merge the BCS into a playoff format that still uses traditional bowl games?”  Some will call this heresy.  Most will pay attention.

The proposed “Marriage” of the BCS/Playoff formats can be found here.  The proposal is a little dated, since the BCS has added an additional BCS National Championship bowl game.  The gist of the proposal is still on point.

To summarize, the BCS should still rank teams using the same format.  This handles ranking 80+ Division I teams from 11 conferences.  The top 8 teams at the end of the season, regardless of conference, should enter a playoff format, using the current BCS bowl games as the venue.  All BCS/Playoff bowl games would be played at the beginning of January, much like what happens now.

This proposal does many things:  it keeps the tradition of the bowl games, it eliminates conference discrimination, it enfranchises every team, it produces an undisputed national champion.

In conclusion, the dismantling of the BCS is not the solution – there’s too much money and fan base clinging to the tradition.  The solution is the marriage of equity and tradition using playoff bowl games.