The Week in TicketCity Search – November 13th

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There aren’t any CMAs left.

Merry Friday the 13th. Big split this week, with an all-returning Top 5, and an all-new Bottom 5. Taylor Swift, who I learned from last week’s Saturday Night Live is very tall, remains atop the countdown, again by a handy margin. Following Miss Swift is the 2009 SEC Championship, which has garnered quite a bit of interest over the past couple weeks. That interest exploded last weekend as Alabama basically clenched their appearance. Both Florida and Alabama are considered locks at this point.

Miley remains secure at #3, while Bon Jovi climbs to 4 and the Big 12 Championship, which is a bit murkier even now, falls to 5. That ushers in the bottom 5, where an odd mix of seasonal shows, side projects, college football, and comedy turns up. On the musical side, Not So Silent Night is an alt rock / punk rock ensemble show featuring Muse, AFI, Vampire Weekend, and more. According to Wikipedia, Puscifer is a side project of noted winemaker Maynard James Keenan, who, in his spare time not making wine, fronts a band named Tool.

Rounding out the Top 10 is our first taste of bowl fever, as The Granddaddy of Them All fittingly posts the first appearance of a bowl on the countdown. TCU fans also brought their team some recognition. Finally, Dane Cook is on tour and posts the first showing of a comedian ever on the countdown.

1 1 Taylor Swift
2 10 SEC Championship
3 3 Miley Cyrus
4 6 Bon Jovi
5 2 Big 12 Championship
6 - Not So Silent Night
7 - Puscifer
8 - Rose Bowl
9 - Dane Cook
10 - TCU

Georgia Dome SEC Championship Seating Chart

We’ve had a great number of inquiries about SEC Championship Tickets for the game in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia Dome.  Fans want to know which sides or sections will be for Alabama and which will be for Florida.  Below is a seating chart and legend to help you out, but basically it’s pretty easy…  The SEC East team, Florida, has the East side of the stadium, and the SEC West team, Alabama, has the West side of the stadium.

Tickets allotted to Florida are in sections 124-135, 333-347.  Alabama allotment includes 101-107, 136-140 and 301-310, 348-352.  If you assume the natural split of the remaning sections will follow that would be:

University of Florida Gators

Sec 116-135

Sec 222-247

Sec 322-347

University of Alabama Crimson Tide

Sec 101-115, 136-140

Sec 200-221, 248-251

Sec 301-321, 348-352

2009 SEC Championship Seating Chart Georgia Dome                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

So now you know what seats you want.  Your next step is to buy them – and quick!  Of course TicketCity can help you out, just visit or call 1.800.SOLD.OUT for SEC Championship Tickets, Big 12 Championship Tickets, and bowl game tickets, including the BCS Championship!

The Week in TicketCity Search – November 6th

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Miley Cyrus Returns

“Interesting Times” indeed. Not just the punchline of a purported ancient Chinese curse or a good read by Terry Prachett, it describes the movement on the top 10 in recent weeks nicely. Not that I mind, makes it easier to write these things. One thing certainly hasn’t changed, that’s Taylor Swift’s recent dominance, which continues handily through this week as well.

It is all about music and football this week. The football arrives courtesy of 2 upcoming and hotly anticipated conference championships, one for the SEC and one for the Big 12. The Big 12 is certainly anticipated locally, as Austin’s own Longhorns are a favorite to attend at this point. The SEC because, well, it’s the SEC which has a habit of producing college football’s top teams year after year.

Miley missed the countdown so much she returned at #3, while Aventura and Bon Jovi both dropped thanks to the Longhorns and their championship hopes. AC/DC makes an appearance. They’ve been on tour for a while now, but it took a show at the Frank Irwin Center to put them up on the big board. A veritable institution of rock, they’ve been touring in support of their most recent release, Black Ice, which is just over a year old at this point.

1 1 Taylor Swift
2 - Big 12 Championship
3 - Miley Cyrus
4 - Texas Longhorns
5 3 Aventura
6 2 Bon Jovi
7 - AC/DC
8 - Lady Gaga
9 7 KISS
10 - SEC Championship

Cowboys Stadium Sneak Peek

We’ve all waited and the time has come… That’s right, the new Cowboys Stadium officially opens this weekend with it’s first public event headlined by George Strait.  Additional star-studded performances include Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton, and Julianne Hough. The public will now have the chance to take in everything about the new stadium – from the seats and views to concessions and restrooms.  There will surely be reviews of it all.  And for those of you attending, we hope you’ll give us your feedback and photos as well.

TicketCity took a tour of the new stadium a few weeks ago and at that point there was clearly still some work to be done.  But the ginormous video display was hoisted and secured, making the rest of the preparations for this opening weekend seem like a piece of cake.  Take a look at our Tour of the New Cowboys Stadium - and a special offer on football tickets for the upcoming season!

For those of you attending the George & Reba show , have fun knowing many of you will be the first to ever sit in that seat at the new stadium.  And if you haven’t gotten your tickets to see the new stadium yet, check out some of these upcoming events:

June 20 – Jonas Brothers

Aug thru Dec – Dallas Cowboys

Sept 5 – BYU vs. Oklahoma

Oct 3 – Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Oct 12 – U2

Nov 28 – Texas Tech at Baylor

Dec 5 – Big 12 Championship