The Week in TicketCity Search – March 19th

The top 5 is interesting this week, with 2 newcomers arriving out of nowhere and Lady Gaga back on top by a big margin after a brief absence. She’s followed by the esteemed Mr. Bieber, who also regains some steam after stumbling down to 6 last week. Following them are our 2 new entrants, one a reunited band and another, well, not the college basketball tournament I would have expected at #4 this week.

First up is the Stone Temple Pilots. Since I’m not in high school anymore, this is no doubt a reunion of the band that first hit big in 1992. Indeed, the Stone Temple Pilots have returned from a hiatus that began in 2003, and are now working on a new album and playing SXSW. The latter tidbit probably explains their sudden popularity on this countdown.

The other newcomer is the NIT, or National Invitation Tournament. The NIT is a post-season tournament that’s now also run by the NCAA and where teams that did not make the more well known NCAA Tournament may be invited to play. According to the richly detailed Wikipedia article, this has caused some stigma to be attached to the NIT. Doesn’t mean there’s won’t some great basketball there, though.

The remainder of the countdown is more familiar, and where Taylor Swift stumbled to after a strong top 3 run. The Black Eyed Peas return and with Wrestlmania just over a week away the WWE hangs in there as well.

1 - Lady Gaga
2 6 Justin Bieber
3 - Stone Temple Pilots
4 - NIT
5 10 Lady Antebellum
6 8 Conan O’Brien
7 1 Taylor Swift
8 4 Big 12 Tournament
9 - Black Eyed Peas
10 7 WWE

The Week in TicketCity Search – February 26th

Generic Picture of Snow

Generic Picture of Snow is Generic

Again the quadrennial winter sports competition is the week’s winner by a huge margin, thanks to the many various ways people searched for it, though none included “quadrennial winter sports competition”, sadly. Elton John bolts to the top of the week’s concert performers, kicking the esteemed Mr. Bieber from the #2 slot down to 5, while Taylor Swift held steady at #3.

Entering the chart at #4 is Chromeo, whom Wikipedia informs me is an “electrofunk” duo from Montreal, Canada consisting of “Dave 1″ and “P-Thugg”. In doing so, Wikipedia is also subtly informing me that I am getting old. Chromeo played a gig in Vancouver during those aforementioned games, which probably lead the spike in interest. Right now we don’t list any more events, but Chromeo fans can sign up to receive updates if more become available.

The Black Eyed Peas drop back into the countdown at #6 after a short break, followed by John Mayer who has shown some staying power over the past few weeks. This week’s other new entry is Calibash, which is a concert put together by Los Angeles radio station Latino 96.3. Again, no tickets are up right now, but keep checking back.

1 1 Winter Games
2 6 Elton John
3 3 Taylor Swift
4 - Chromeo
5 2 Justin Bieber
6 - Black Eyed Peas
7 4 John Mayer
8 - Calibash
9 5 WWE
10 7 Michael Bublé

The Week in TicketCity Search – February 12th

An odd combo at the top this week. The pinnacle of international sports competition at the highest levels… and the WWE. Suffice to say there is a market for both, and I’m not sure I can find fault with anyone who may consider a flying arm bar slightly more riveting entertainment than curling. Be that as it may, there was a pretty significant gap between 1 and 2. Concerts round out the Top 5, with the esteemed Mr. Beiber retaining the #3 spot, the Black Eyed Peas climbing a couple notches to #4 and Taylor Swift remaining at #5.

Michael Bublé heads up the lower half of the countdown. This crooner makes his debut on the countdown touring with is latest album, Crazy Love. Ordinarily I might poke a little fun at him, but apparently he was an uncredited extra on the X-Files at one point, so I’m giving him a pass. Either that, or Wikipedia is messing with me, a possibility one should never completely discount.

Rounding the remainder is John Mayer, who seems to have been in a really sharing mood recently. The Super Bowl managed to hang onto the countdown despite only being relevant for a short time. It seems to have gotten some help with people searching for next year’s game on Monday. Never too early to start your Super Bowl shopping. Finally, this weekend’s “big game”, the NBA All Star Game, squeezes in at #10.

1 1 Winter Games
2 9 WWE
3 3 Justin Bieber
4 6 Black Eyed Peas
5 5 Taylor Swift
6 - Michael Bublé
7 4 John Mayer
8 2 Super Bowl
9 - Bon Jovi
10 - NBA All Star Game

The Week in TicketCity Search – February 5th

[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=fergie&iid=7772195" src="2/7/b/1/The_52nd_Annual_2e57.jpg?adImageId=9940227&imageId=7772195" width="234" height="342" /]

The Black Eyed Peas at The Grammys.

The top 2 sports events traded places in a pretty close finish. There’s a bit of a longer wait between instances of “The Games” vs. the yearly “Big Game”, so I guess a pretty stiff challenge to Super Bowl dominance is to be expected. The reminder of the top 5 is fairly familiar. I’ll never miss the chance to point out the continued presence of the esteemed Mr. Bieber, who bests John Mayer and list favorite Taylor Swift this week.

The bottom 5 is where things get interesting. The only returning entry is the venerable WWE, perhaps riding a wave of popularity due to their popular first PPV of the year, Survivor Series. The remainder of the lower end of the countdown is an ecelectic bunch of newcomers, lead by a new concert entry, the Black Eyed Peas. The Peas’ “The E.N.D. World Tour” is hitting North American shores this month and will remain here until April before heading off to Europe.

While time is running out for Super Bowl tickets for this weekend, there’s ample time to pick up tickets to the “Super Bowl of NASCAR”, the Daytona 500, which clocks in at #7. NASCAR likes to open big, as the biggest race of the year is one of the very first. Following Daytona on the list is the Senior Bowl, which, while I’d like to suggest you go, has already happened this year. Obviously a pretty big last mintue rush for that one.

Finally, it’s rodeo season in Texas, and San Antonio is kicking off this weekend. It runs for almost two and half weeks, with a lot of top tier concerts, so there’s lots of time to pick up tickets and see the shows.

1 2 Winter Games
2 1 Super Bowl
3 5 Justin Bieber
4 4 John Mayer
5 3 Taylor Swift
6 - Black Eyed Peas
7 - Daytona 500
8 - Senior Bowl
9 7 WWE
10 - San Antonio Rodeo

2010 Grammy Winners On Tour

The music industry handed out small replicas of an obsolete piece of audio equipment last night. Many of the winners are fixtures on my weekly Friday updates, and a few may be this summer as they have tours in the offing. So here’s the list of the major category winners. You can pick up tickets to current tours or sign up to get updates when tickets become available for future tours.

Album of the Year
Best Country Album
Taylor Swift

Best Dance Recording
Lady Gaga

Record of the Year
Kings of Leon

Song of the Year
Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance

Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals
Best Pop Vocal Album
Black Eyed Peas

Best Rap Solo Performance

Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals
Lady Antebellum

Best Rock Album
Green Day

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
Jason Mraz

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

Best New Artist
Zac Brown Band

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance

Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals
Jamie Foxx & T-Pain