The Bard on Broadway

A play called Hamlet starring noted Hollywood actor Jude Law opens on Broadway today at the Broadhurst Theatre. I checked and this one seems to be based on a movie that’s been remade almost 60 times since 1907. Talk about remake fever… People complain when they do a new version of Star Trek, why doesn’t anyone stand up the for the artistic integrity of the original 1907 silent film version of Hamlet?

Oh, wait, it actually is a play, from Shakespeare. One I didn’t have to read in my entire academic career. Don’t worry, I had to read some of the others. I have seen the Simpsons‘ parody of it, so I’m vaguely familiar with the plot. Spoiler alert: this is the one where pretty much everybody dies at the end. They don’t call ‘em tragedies for nothing.

The production at the Broadhurst is scheduled to run for 12 weeks, until December 6th. Law has previously headed up productions in London and in Denmark, at Kronberg Castle, the setting of the play. Law is not best known for appearing in the title role of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, but I certainly remember it.

You can get your epic tragedy fix on our Hamlet Tickets page.

Get Off My Broadway

Source: User Nogwater on Flickr

This Sign Is Probably Gone Now
Source: Nogwater on Flickr

News broke that Avenue Q, a popular mainstay on Broadway for the last 6 years or so, and winner of the 2004 Tony Award for Best Musical, is moving “Off Broadway,” a direction most productions don’t take. Generally speaking, the move is in the opposite direction, as Off Broadway productions “make the big time” on the Great White Way. Must be a long trek right?

Not really.

I grew up hearing the term “Off Broadway” over and over and no one ever explained it, and I heard it a lot. Perhaps it’s all laid out in Kindergarten, and I was sick that day. In any case, until recently, I assumed it was geographical in nature. Off Broadway must have been, like… a few blocks away or something. Thus, it followed “Off-Off Broadway” was probably in Sheboygan. Turns out, though the general geographic location is important, both Off Broadway and Off-Off Broadway are in the same basic place: Broadway.

How “Off” you are is principally determined by how many people you can pack into your theatre. You are a Broadway Theatre if you have more than 500 seats. You are Off Broadway if you have between 99 and 500 seats. Off-Off Broadway? You guess it; less than 99 seats.

Geographically speaking, the various Broadway Theatres must be in the New York City area, no matter what capacity of “Off” they contain. The street address of most Broadway Theatres isn’t, in fact, Broadway, though they are mostly clustered around Broadway (the street) in Manhattan’s Theatre District.

Avenue Q is an example of an Off Broadway production that made it to Broadway and now boomerangs back. The Off Broadway production will open at New World Stages on October 9th. Off Broadway isn’t exactly our thing, so you can check out the New World Stages box office to buy tickets if you want to see the show there.

If you’re not looking to see puppets in a more intimate venue, you could catch the Avenue Q touring show, which is hitting dates across the country starting October 2nd in Scranton, PA. TicketCity has tickets for most shows on our Avenue Q Tickets page for the touring production.

TicketCity and Offer Easy Planning for Fall Travel

As temperatures begin to cool and leaves begin to turn, millions of travelers are expected to take to the road in pursuit of fall foliage in the Northeast, and when they do, TicketCity and will be there to provide recommendations for natural sites of interest, as well as live events they won’t want to miss along the way such as baseball, football and Broadway.

TicketCity partnered earlier this year with TripCart, the most comprehensive online Road Trip Planner and travel reference site.  Together, they have taken the guesswork out of planning exciting things to do while chasing fall’s ever-changing colors. Booking weekends full of sports and entertainment through the sites’ revolutionary combinations of enticing content and robust, interactive technology has made the information gathering process a breeze.  Not to mention TicketCity’s reputation for outstanding customer service, abundant seating options and guaranteed reliable transactions.

This fall, TripCart, TicketCity, and good ol’ Mother Nature herself present foliage fanatics and sports enthusiasts a weekend of colorful indulgence in the Northeast’s favorite cities.  And fall foliage tours aren’t limited to small towns in Vermont or the Rocky Mountains anymore and aren’t exclusively about the trees and leaves.

Highlights of TripCart’s unique Urban Fall Foliage Guide include information on hundreds of scenic spots and routes, including:

Red Leaves by David Hepworth.

  • Lunch among leaves and life at Massachusetts’ Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Drive through cranberry country just south of Boston along State Road 105, along twinkling ponds and red-gold forests.
  • Combine rich fall foliage with rich American history at Philadelphia’s Valley Forge National Historic Park.
  • Take a break from city hubbub and hike through tranquil, colorful Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.
  • Hop on Metro-North for a moving view of Hudson Valley Fall Foliage or grab the subway to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for a nap under the color-changing trees and then a stroll through trendy Park Slope. 

For those travelers looking to supplement their nature exploration with spectacular live sports or entertainment events, TicketCity offers no shortage of ideas to choose from:

Boston Red Sox by Keith Allison.

  • Catch the U2 360 concert tour at Gillette Stadium in Boston on September 20, 2009.
  • See Dave Matthews Band in concert at Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ on September 19-20.
  • Celebrate the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame benefit event at Madison Square Garden on October 30, 2009.
  • Support the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox with tickets for events as they head into postseason baseball.
  • Enjoy NFL action with the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and New York Jets tickets throughout the entire NFL season.
  • Kickoff the NBA season with tickets to the New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks or Boston Celtics.
  • Explore Broadway and all of its offering including tickets to shows such as The Lion King at Minskoff Theatre, and Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre.

Travelers are encouraged to mix and match nature with culture to create an itinerary that captures the best of fall foliage, entertainment, and fun. For more information on TripCart, or to begin planning your next excursion within the United States, visit For details on the hottest sports or entertainment tickets, visit