NBA Playoff Predictor: Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn made the biggest moves of the offseason prior to the 2013-14 Season, and while they stumbled out of the blocks, it’s looking like the team might finally be gelling under head coach Jason Kidd. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry were acquired in a trade with the Celtics, while Andrei Kirilenko was picked up as a free agent after opting out of the rest of his contract in Minnesota. The most productive player this season was one that was already on the Brooklyn roster in Brook Lopez, but the big man is out for the rest of the season after foot surgery.

Right now the Nets sit in the 8th and final spot in the Eastern Conference. The 16-22 record is bad no doubt, but here are a few reasons I believe they’ll be trending upwards in the second half of the season:

  • Played the 8th toughest schedule in NBA so far
  • 2nd easiest schedule for rest of the season
  • Won 6 of their last 7
  • 21st in point per game, will definitely improve
  • 16th in points allowed
  • H0llinger playoff odds: 74.3%

In this instance, I have to completely agree with the Hollinger odds. The Nets have nowhere to go but up at the Barclays Center, even with the loss of Lopez. Garnett has been a complete disappointment and many have questioned Jason Kidd’s methods, but this team does have the talent to make the playoffs and maybe even upset anyone but the Heat and Pacers in the first round. I’ll give the Nets a 75% chance to make the playoffs.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Shake it like a Polaroid Picture of the Empire Polo Field

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Jan. 6th
1 3 One Direction
2 4 George Strait
3 6 WWE
4 - Lorde
5 - NY Knicks
6 - Miley Cyrus
7 - Coachella
8 - Brooklyn Nets
9 - Billy Joel
10 - Super Bowl

The countdown is shaking off the bowl hangover. Lots of new faces for January, though our top three are rather familiar. One Direction returns to #1, followed by George Strait. This little rumble will likely continue for months, at least until George does ride away or 1D is overtaken by the inevitable rise of the next boy band. The WWE rounds out the top three as the big January PPV approaches.

Which brings us to Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, who, probably for brevity alone, goes by the stage name “Lorde.” Lorde will departing Middle Earth for North America this spring. Her album Pure Heroine is quite the hit, with the biggest single “Royals” going 4x Platinum in the states. She’ll be swinging through central Texas early on the tour, so it’s likely she’ll be in the running for #1 as those dates draw nearer.

The NBA rounds out the top five. Deep in the mid-season both the Kicks and the Nets make countdown appearances.

Coachella hits #7 as the lineup for the 2014 festival landed yesterday. The biggest news is the headlining Outkast reunion. Other big names for 2014 include Lana Del Rey, Motorhead, Queens of the Stone Age, and, since, as mentioned earlier, she’ll be in the hemisphere, Lorde.

Since you’re probably maxing on “Royals”, here’s Lorde’s more recent single “Team,” which is pretty good too. The video is kinda weak, though. Seems like there was some kind of “artistic vision” here but it ended up being very, very cloudy. At least it matches the weather in the video.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Mrs. Carter Has A Happy Holiday

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Dec. 16th
1 10 Beyoncé
2 9 WWE
3 1 One Direction
4 2 George Strait
5 3 Rose Bowl
6 5 Alamo Bowl
7 - Brooklyn Nets
8 - Billy Joel
9 - Justin Timberlake
10 - Luke Bryan

Bit of a reversal from last week. The bottom are now the top. Beyoncé returns to the rather familiar position atop the countdown she occupied for some time earlier this year, while the WWE’s trek through Texas moves them up to second place. Last week’s top two had to make room, and did so in an orderly fashion, moving to #3 and #4.

The brief post-announcement week where bowls shine inevitably comes to an end. A couple of bowl games hung on this week: the Rose and the Alamo. For what it’s worth (very little), there were a few more bowls hanging around the 11-20 area. We still have tickets to pretty much any bowl you may be interested in, so if you’re waiting until the last-minute, be advised that minute hurtles ever closer…

The Nets remind us that the NBA regular season continues as well. The NBA has a tradition of playing games on Christmas Day, so perhaps the Nets’ home game against the Bulls on the 25th is the reason they shot up in the rankings this week. Other big Christmas Day games include the Thunder at Knicks, Rockets at Spurs, and Heat at Lakers.

After the Bowls pushed a lot of the regulars out last week, they all came rushing back through the door. Joel, Timberlake, and Bryan all return to the countdown. I’m sure even more familiar faces will be visible once the season had ended. Since we’ve got nothing new, it’s back to some old favorites. More Joel, this time the late 80s, socially conscious version: