I’ll Have Another Wins the Derby and Play of the Week

This week’s Play of the Week comes to us from Churchill Downs. A beautiful North American Thoroughbred colt by the name “I’ll Have Another” took the spotlight in Kentucky this weekend. However, it was not until the last stretch of the Kentucky Derby that the spotlight actually found the horse.

At the sound of the gun, the horses hit the first stretch as if they had been catapulted from the gates. It takes a few moments for the lead pack to disperse into well-distinguished order. Heading into the first turn, I’ll Have Another is not even part of the top five, holding seventh place. As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race,” and the 138th Kentucky Derby was no exception.

During the second stretch, I’ll Have Another makes his first advance and holds the sixth position for the remainder of the stretch. As the horses enter the second turn, I’ll Have Another taps in to his reserved energy and shifts to second gear. As the turn comes to an end, the conservative colt is now chasing the third place runner into the final stretch.

The TicketCity Play of the Week occurs at the end of this turn just as they enter the final furlong of the Derby. The colt’s jockey, Mario Gutierrez, makes a slightly wide turn into the homestretch, immediately taking a direct angle to the inside. At 1:38 in the video, the move that puts the pair into second place is clear as day. After edging to the inside, I’ll Have Another shifts into full-throttle mode. Behind the first place runner by three horse lengths, it takes everything the colt has left to advance into first place and sprint across the finish line, victorious as the winner of the 138th Kentucky Derby, a first for both the colt and the jockey. Don’t miss the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes as the duo attempts to achieve the impossible and take home the US Triple Crown.

May I present to you the 138th Kentucky Derby winning run and your TicketCity Play of the Week (1:38  in the video is where things really heat up).

It’s More Than Just a Two Minute Race

It's all about the hats.

It could not be any more different than where and how I grew up but I can’t wait to make my way to Churchhill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. I don’t know what a Mint Julep is but 120,000 of them are served every year at the Kentucky Derby so I should at least have two just to try. The biggest draw of the event is the hats. Old school or new school, big or small, feathered or flowered the parade of hats has become a time-honored tradition. While women rule the day on the hats, don’t be shocked to see men rocking a special lid for the day as well.

Let’s be honest, the Kentucky Derby is about the event, about the history, about the tradition and the spectacle because after all, it is just a two minute race. While some refer to it as the greatest two minutes in sports, in the end, it’s really quite simple for me. There are a lot of people having fun and I want to be one of them.

Sean Adams is a contributing writer on ESPN.com, radio host on 104.9 ESPN Austin’s “The Adams Theory”, author, and motivational speaker. Sean is a guest author on the TicketCity blog.