The Tadros are June Clients of the Month!

June Clients of the Month Robert and Jenni Tadros remind us that baseball is an international pastime, not just an American one. As residents of Australia, the Tadros look forward to their annual vacation in the US – an opportunity for the family to experience the excitement of MLB games in person.

Robert and Jenni count visiting every stadium on their list of life long goals. And their three children have vowed to help complete the series.

The Tadros Clan at Chase Field in 2011

The Tadros Clan at Chase Field in 2011

So far, the Tadros have explored six different stadiums including Dodgers Stadium, Nationals Park, and Yankee Stadium.  On their visit this year, they’ll be visiting the stadiums of the Tampa Bay Rays and the Marlins, while also attending the All Stars Game at Citi Field.

The die-hard baseball family is counting down the days to buy tickets to the Diamondbacks and Dodgers game that will be played in Australia next year. One of their sons saves up his money to buy jerseys and miniature bats from every stadium to hang in his room. Talk about dedication!

Robert Tadros and the kids at the Angels Stadium last year.

Robert Tadros and the kids at the Angels Stadium last year.

Their most memorable sporting event was celebrating their son Shane’s 16th birthday at the Dodgers Stadium. The Tadros greatly enjoyed their tour of the stadium that day and seeing a “Happy 16th Birthday” banner on the big screen for Shane!

Each member of the family has a different favorite team, ranging from the Giants to the Dodgers to the Yankees. And while they live and breathe baseball, the Tadros hope to one day attend a basketball game or the Superbowl!

The Tadros at the Dodgers Stadium, Nationals Stadium, and Yankee Stadium.

The Tadros at the Dodgers Stadium, Nationals Stadium, and Yankee Stadium.

We’re very excited and proud to have the Tadros as Clients of the Month.

TicketCity Client of the Month: Steve H.

steve hAs February’s Client of the Month, Steve H. has the kind of fan story that reminds us what “for the love of the game” really means.  A die-hard Ravens fan, 2012 was a special year for Steve, albeit bittersweet as he watched his favorite player do the signature pregame dance before the home fans one last time.

Ever since Steve and his wife attended their first Ravens game during the 2001 Super Bowl, they’ve been hooked on the Baltimore purple. Now 13-year season ticket holders, Steve and his wife haven’t missed a home game.  When Ray Lewis announced that he would be retiring heading into the AFC Wildcard game against the Indianapolis Colts, Steve and his wife made a promise to themselves: they were going to be there to see Ray play his last game- no matter what.

At that time, they could have only hoped for the adventure this promise would lead to. Their cross-country tour, a.k.a. “Ray Lewis’s Last Ride”, included trips to Denver, Foxboro, and ultimately New Orleans.  After each win, Steve called TicketCity’s Rick Rivera for tickets to the next game.

As most passionate fans do, Steve practices a little healthy superstition, always sitting in either row 17 or seat 17 for a Ravens game (17 is Steve’s lucky number).

“Rick knows where we like to sit, and after the win against New England, he knew we were all in,” Steve said. “He secured our seats in row 17 for the big game, and even helped book our hotel in the French quarter.”

Although football season is over, Steve proudly displays his Ravens flag in the front yard of his Florida home, enjoying the comments it receives from his neighbors.

We’re very proud to have Steve H. as February’s Client of the Month.