Star Wars on Ice

It’s All Blades

Those with a healthy work/life balance may not have heard yet, but Disney bought Lucasfilm. The Oct. 30th announcement, though slightly overshadowed by a rather sizable patch of inclement weather on the East Coast, created quite the buzz in certain corners of the Internet. Didn’t hurt that the announcement included the promise of a new Star Wars film in 2015.

The chorus of snarky crossover ideas poured forth fairly quickly. So that’s why I waited a week to post my own: Star Wars on Ice.

Disney has produced ice shows since the early 80s. This explains why I grew up with jokes about ice shows, I suppose. They have multiple ongoing productions, including Rockin’ Ever After, Treasure Trove, and 100 Years of Magic. You can check them out when they pass through a well-chilled arena near you on our Disney On Ice page.

I figure a well choreographed lightsaber fight on skates might be (forgive me) pretty cool. The first part of Empire Strikes Back practically begs for the ice show treatment. Seriously: AT-ATs on skates. Come to think of it, so does the last part of Empire, sorta. If you’re Han…

I’m sure there is already a hard line of fans lamenting the “impurities” that Disney could introduce. An ice show would certainly be considered such. You just have to look at the prequel trilogy to see how purity can be a bit of a double bladed lightsaber. So, lighten up and let it happen.

I know I could have used the Force the first time I tried to ice skate.

The Week in TicketCity Search – November 5th

A not entirely unexpected bloodbath this week in the rankings, as the World Series has ended in a manner that did not befit the blockbuster narrative I set out in the last update. While there’s a lot of new on the list, some things are back to ‘normal’, as the esteemed Mr. Bieber returns to being the default choice for the nation’s entertainment dollar. The Breeders’ Cup two day event shoots up to #2, a big showing for an event that didn’t spark much last year. Perhaps the move to Churchill Downs has something to do with that.

Certainly a newcomer to the countdown, but not the entertainment world in general, Prince arrives at #3. I sense this is because of his recently announced US concert tour, dubbed “Welcome 2 America”, in support of his most recent album 20Ten. Looks like things will be kicking off at the Izod Center in December. He’s followed by another list newcomer, the English band Take That, who announced at big stadium tour in Europe. We don’t have any inventory for them yet, because the current dates are pretty deep into 2011, but sit tight, I’m sure it’ll pop up soon.

The 17 time NBA champion Lakers enter at #5 as the NBA season gets underway, followed by the Longhorns before more concerts take over the rest of the list. George Strait has been absent for a while, but he’s back with a concert with Reba McEntire in Austin early next year. Disney on Ice, Bon Jovi, and Roger Waters round out the countdown this week.

1 8 Justin Bieber
2 4 Breeders Cup
3 - Prince
4 - Take That
5 - Lakers
6 9 Texas Longhorns
7 - George Strait
8 - Disney on Ice
9 - Bon Jovi
10 - Roger Waters

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 30th

[picapp src="2/e/9/3/Taylor_Swift_Fearless_dd5f.jpg?adImageId=7011636&imageId=6199345" width="234" height="282" /]

Make-Up Taylor Swift Pic For Last Week

A slightly premature Happy Halloween to all.  The shakeups continue, though Taylor Swift retains her commanding lead at #1, Miley Cyrus exits the countdown completely for the first time in a long time. Replaced by? Bon Jovi. The veteran pop rockers have a new album, The Circle, releasing in November, and a new tour to support it. The Circle Tour doesn’t kick off until February 2010, but long time fans are looking to get their seats early.

Aventura remains a steady 3, while the announcement of a new Garth Brooks show in Vegas put him back on the radar after his “retirement”. Interest is running high for his opening shows, though the engagement is for five years, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you’re not able to get in for the first few months. Like many Vegas acts, Garth is going to be there a while.

The World Series clocks in at #6, though maybe I should have just combined the numbers for it and the Yankees down at #8. The Turnpike Series is now tied 1-1 heading into Game 3. Squeezed in between is Notre Dame, who’s about engage to in the “San Antonio Showdown” with rivals Washington State this weekend. Tickets are still available for that game.

1 1 Taylor Swift
2 - Bon Jovi
3 3 Aventura
4 - Garth Brooks
5 8 Disney On Ice
6 - World Series
7 - Norte Dame
8 5 NY Yankees
9 7 U2
10 - Phish

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 23rd

[picapp src="c/d/4/4/Billboards_4th_Annual_5682.jpg?adImageId=6450398&imageId=6881354" width="234" height="353" /]

I could have gone with
a Taylor Swift photo, but how
boring would that have been?

Big changes this week. Taylor Swift, who hasn’t been absent the countdown for some time, rises to the very top as demand for her Fearless Tour is bigger now than ever before. The tour was recently extended to run through the middle of 2010, with additional dates in Austrailia and North America. Perhaps with a little girl power bump, Miley Cyrus takes the second spot, while Aventura climbs again to #3.

The Longhorns dip a bit, and right on their heels are the New York Yankees. I wonder why? Oh, right… the ALCS and their inability to shut the Angels down and get it over with. I’ve got a World Series Tickets page to update guys, so get it done so I can put that puppy to bed for 2009.

Finally, making her debut on the countdown at #9 is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, which is the really, really long way of saying Lady Gaga. Another in a long line of artists that no one you know will admit to liking yet sells millions of albums and sells out shows nationwide. The Lady is touring solo in support of her debut album, The Fame, after a planned joint tour with Kanye West fell through. On the whole, that was probably a plus for her.

Current Rank
Last Week
Keyword Searched
1 6 Taylor Swift
2 8 Miley Cyrus
3 5 Aventura
4 1 Texas Longhorns
5 - NY Yankees
6 6 Dallas Cowboys
7 3 U2
8 - Disney On Ice
9 - Lady Gaga
10 - LSU Football