The Week in TicketCity Search – The Cowboy Rides to the Top

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 14th
1 7 George Strait
2 1 ACL Fest
3 6 Drake
4 2 Dallas Cowboys
5 - Pearl Jam
6 - Pink
7 - Clemson
8 - Elton John
9 8 SF 49ers
10 3 LA Dodgers

Another week with a winner able to be seen from miles away. George Strait’s final tour gets underway early next year, and tickets have gone on sale, including for our little local venue, the Erwin Center. ACL hung in there, as it usually does for the week after it’s over, and Drake climbed up a few spots to make it to #3.

The Cowboys had to make room, but remained at a respectable #4, joined by Pearl Jam at #5. Their latest album, Lightning Bolt, arrived on (mostly digital) shelves on the 14th. The Lightning Bolt Tour is in full swing. Fans have until early December to catch them in North America before they enjoy the warm summer air in Australia in January.

Pink drops by once more. She rescheduled a few concerts for a little vocal cord rest, but the remainder of The Truth About Love Tour appears to be safe.

Elton returns, while the 49ers end up just one spot lower. Finally, the Dodgers hang on to the countdown, barely, while their NCLS hope hang by a similarly thin thread.

This week it’s obviously time for a little classic country, hand-picked by our office’s biggest George Strait fan:

The Week in TicketCity Search – Don’t Call it a Comeback

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Sept 23rd
1 10 Dallas Cowboys
2 - ACL Fest
3 4 Houston Texans
4 - Luke Bryan
5 3 Drake
6 - Beyonce
7 - NY Knicks
8 - Elton John
9 - John Mayer
10 - SF 49ers

While my memory may be a little fuzzy at this point, I’m not sure anyone pulled off the 1-10-1 bounce before. America’s Team is certainly in a rather élite fraternity either way. I won’t even attempt to predict where they’ll end up next week.

In slightly more expected news, the Austin City Limits Festival drops in at #2. Somewhat appropriate, as there’s now 2x more of it than in previous years. Weekend One is one week away. If you miss that one, Weekend Two is, you guessed it, two weeks away. Headliners include hot new acts like Depeche Mode and The Cure. Which is what I would have said if it were 1980.

Luke Bryan bounces back, while Drake is one of the few who managed to hang around from last week. Beyonce, a former top 3 fixture, returns to lead off the bottom five. She is followed by the Knicks, who remind us that the NBA preseason starts in October.

Elton John’s new Vegas residency shows a spark of interest, while John Mayer’s fall tour makes the list at #9. Finally the 49ers return to slide into the spot the Cowboys left open this week.

Let’s pick a slightly more recent ACL headliner, Muse, who only hail from the 90s. Here is “Uprising”, otherwise known as the only Muse song you know:

The Week in TicketCity Search – Mars Attacks (and Wins)

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Aug 12th
1 6 Bruno Mars
2 - Elton John
3 2 Luke Bryan
4 1 One Direction
5 4 Dallas Cowboys
6 9 Houston Texans
7 5 MS State Football
8 - Selena Gomez
9 - Justin Timberlake
10 - Keith Urban

Pretty big shake up this week. Bruno Mars nails the top spot in a five point jump, leaving 1D only a week to enjoy their return. Out of the clear blue sky, Elton John takes the second spot. John, who is recovering from surgery to remove his appendix, will be doing four weeks at Caesar’s Palace starting mid-September. Not sure why the sudden explosion of interest, but I’m sure Elton doesn’t mind.

Elton’s arrival and Mars’ Hail Mary play leave Luke Bryan nowhere to go but down, landing softly at #3, while 1D’s landing was not quite so elegant. Wrapping things up in the top are the venerable Cowboys, who are even in their 2 preseason contests to date.

The Texans follow, kicking off the bottom five, in one of the few times I’ve used that idiom relevantly. The Bulldogs round out the rich, nougaty, football center of this weeks’ countdown.

Selena Gomez makes her countdown debut this week. Despite claims of focusing on a film career, she’s put out her solo debut album, Stars Dance, and is hitting the road for a late summer / fall tour. Joining her on the countdown, not the tour, are returning favorites Justin Timberlake and Keith Urban. Urban has been absent from the top 10 for a while now, but is back with a new fall tour featuring Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch.

Selena’s debut on the countdown and Selena’s debut single from her latest album, that’s synergistic enough, I suppose. This appears to be the standard attractive-pop-star travelog sort of vid, with some bonus HD stock footage of waves thrown in for good measure.

The Week in TicketCity Search – March 25th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 2 Justin Bieber
2 3 Lady Gaga
3 - Elton John
4 6 WWE
5 4 Lil Wayne
6 - Mötley Crüe
7 - Adele
8 - Bob Seger
9 - Tim McGraw
10 5 Prince

Still no big splash from March Madness on the countdown this week. Looks like we may need to wait until the Final Four to see it. That said, the Austin Rodeo’s brief, shining moment at #1 has ended and the esteemed Mr. Bieber returns to the top. Gaga slides into #2 and the very top of the countdown returns to last summer, when these two battled it out regularly for the same spots. Elton John wasn’t in the mix last summer, though. He’s on tour, part greatest hits, part support for his latest collaborative album with Leon Russell called The Union.

The WWE and Lil Wayne trade up a bit as they round out the top 5. Leading off the second half of the countdown is Mötley Crüe, the band whose name kicked off a untold millions of searches for the “Insert Special Characters” dialogue in word processing programs around the world. Their tour is winding its way through Texas in the next few days. Because I value my readers furthering their knowledge, I present this Wikipedia article. Get it before the deletionists do.

Adele returns after taking a short break from the countdown, followed by Bob Seger, who took a much longer break from music in general. Bob returned in 2006 with his first new album, Face the Promise, since 1995. He hasn’t been on tour since the one in 2007 in support of that release. The 2011 tour currently runs through May, though he’s suggested he may tour again in the fall of this year.

The Week in TicketCity Search – April 16th

[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=lady+gaga&iid=8497054" src="9/1/1/9/Lady_Gaga_Arrives_5fa8.jpg?adImageId=12496338&imageId=8497054" width="234" height="187" /]

Lady Gaga

Like 2 titans, Gaga and the esteemed Mr. Bieber have been clashing over the top spot for weeks now. While her Ladyship had things sown up for a while, the young upstart dethroned her 2 weeks in a row. She has once again ascended to the top. While the top 2 spots have been relatively similar these past weeks, the remainder of this week’s countdown is full of changes, including our first Taylor-Swift-less week in quite some time.

Coachella appears at a strong #3. The Music and Arts Festival on Indio, California’s Empire Polo Fields is scheduled for this weekend. Some British acts won’t be making it this year due to the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland and the subsequent disruption of trans-Atlantic flights. Yes, I copied and pasted the name from Wikipedia, if you’re wondering…

George Strait and a rather strong showing for the WWE round out the top 5. The bottom 5 starts off with a venerable progressive rock trio Rush, with whom I’m primarily familiar with via many mentions on various Adult Swim programs. Rush will be heading out again this summer on the Time Machine Tour. Also new to the countdown is MGMT, a “Neo-psychedelia” band from Brooklyn who just released a new album called Congratulations and will also be touring this summer starting in May.

1 2 Lady Gaga
2 1 Justin Bieber
3 - Coachella
4 7 George Strait
5 9 WWE
6 - Rush
7 - Chelsea Handler
8 - MGMT
9 4 Elton John
10 8 Drake