Special Thanks to Our June Employees of the Month!

I hate to brag, but at TicketCity we tend to rock it 24/7. We love to work hard and play hard, and it shows through our very talented team and the efforts they put in each in every day.

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out two employees that rocked it especially hard in June. A big shout out goes to John and Andy, our June Employees of the Month!

A Big “WooWoo” For Our May Employees of the Month

Where would we be without our fantastic, amazing, irreplaceable team? The TicketCity family really has got a great thing going on!

A special shout out goes out to Lance and Lindsey, our May Employees of the Month, for being EXTRA fantastic, amazing, and irreplaceable. WOOWOO!

Thank you Lance and Lindsey for all of your hard work during May and throughout the year!

Congrats to Our April Employees of the Month: Eric and Megan

April was an exciting month here at TicketCity. So exciting, in fact, that we had not one but TWO Employees of the Month. Rest assured that both Megan and Eric are well-deserving of this glorious title.

We are particularly fond of Eric’s picture. Really gives you a sense of his personality, doesn’t it? Congrats to both of our Employees of the Month for April, Eric L. and Megan G!

Want to see some of our past Employees of the Month? Check them out here and here.

Congrats to Our March Employee of the Month, Lindsay!

Congrats to Our February Employee of the Month, Charles!