2011 Outback Bowl Seating Chart

Here’s the map for 2011 Outback Bowl, updated to show which side Florida and Penn State sidelines are on. The game will be played on Saturday January 1, 2011 at 1:00PM.

Outback Bowl Seating Chart

Georgia Dome SEC Championship Seating Chart

We’ve had a great number of inquiries about SEC Championship Tickets for the game in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia Dome.  Fans want to know which sides or sections will be for Alabama and which will be for Florida.  Below is a seating chart and legend to help you out, but basically it’s pretty easy…  The SEC East team, Florida, has the East side of the stadium, and the SEC West team, Alabama, has the West side of the stadium.

Tickets allotted to Florida are in sections 124-135, 333-347.  Alabama allotment includes 101-107, 136-140 and 301-310, 348-352.  If you assume the natural split of the remaning sections will follow that would be:

University of Florida Gators

Sec 116-135

Sec 222-247

Sec 322-347

University of Alabama Crimson Tide

Sec 101-115, 136-140

Sec 200-221, 248-251

Sec 301-321, 348-352

2009 SEC Championship Seating Chart Georgia Dome                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Top Rivalry Games in College Football

Success on the field (i.e.- wins & losses) is often the biggest driving force behind demand for a game.  Two top 10 teams are generally going to draw a lot more interest from fans than two teams with losing records.  The games that are usually the exception to that rule are rivalry games.  Because no matter what the team’s record is, their fans still want to be there to see them beat their rival.

Rankings of the top rivalry games typically skews towards which sets of teams are more in the national spotlight (i.e.- winning games).  Which makes demand cyclical for certain rivalry games, as the teams fall off slightly.  E.g.- Tennessee and Florida is a strong rivalry game, but it used to be the top game when Tennessee was a consistent top 10 team.  The Apple Cup (Washington versus Washington State) has also fallen back a bit while the two programs move through some lean years.

So what are the hottest rivalry games right now?  Below is a list of the top games as we head into October 2009.  These games are ranked on average ticket price, so they are subject to change. 

Top 10 College Football Rivalry Games (as of 10/1/2009)
1. Texas vs Oklahoma
2. USC vs Notre Dame
3. Florida vs LSU
4. Florida vs Georgia
5. Ohio State vs Michigan
6. Alabama vs Auburn
7. Oklahoma vs Nebraska
8. Texas vs Texas A&M
9. Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State
10. USC vs UCLA

Week 13 Recap – Anticipating the BCS Championship

Week 13.  Just when you thought it was getting hot, it just scalded your face.

Oklahoma blew the top off Texas Tech this weekend in a stomping that should have made any spectator recoil in pain.  The Oklahoma defense was impenetrable and ravenous, eating Graham Harrell for dinner with four sacks on the night.  Tech just stuck their thumbs in their mouths, and cried.  How embarrassing.

Now that Tech is no longer in contention for the BCS title, lets look at our possible BCS Championship contenders:

Alabama is still #1 in the BCS standings, but they will need to prove their clout against upcoming opponents Auburn and Florida.  The Gators have one of the strongest offenses in the SEC, and are on pace to demolish any team standing in their way to a BCS Championship berth.  I give my vote to Florida for the BCS Championship berth – Alabama is going to have one heck of a time trying to overcome the Gators in the SEC Championship.

In the Big 12, Oklahoma and Texas are sitting pretty with Tech still gasping for breath after this weekend.  Oklahoma will face a ranked Oklahoma State team this coming weekend, and will need to seal the win to capture the Big 12 Championship berth.  If the Sooners are upset by the Cowboys, then Texas Tech will have another opportunity to see the Big 12 title game.  Texas will face Texas A&M this coming weekend, and the Horns are heading into the game as strong favorites over the Big 12 cellar-dweller.  Despite the clear schedule for week 14, nobody knows which way the vote will swing when it comes down to Texas and Oklahoma for the Big 12 title bid.

If both Texas and Oklahoma can defeat their opponents this weekend, then it is likely Oklahoma will pull ahead in the polls due to a tougher schedule.  In that case, It is likely we will watch Oklahoma in the BCS title game.  However, the Longhorns have a way to pull off the unimaginable, so my vote is solid for the Longhorns.

My prediction for the BCS Championship game:
Florida Gators vs. Texas Longhorns

College Football Updates:

Notre Dame has a new athletics director. Jack Swarbrick, a 1976 graduate of Notre Dame and Indianapolis lawyer, will be taking over the reins for the Irish’s previous AD, Kevin White. Swarbrick is largely responsible for drawing in the 2012 Super Bowl to Indianapolis, an accomplishment that should look little more than pretty on paper for all those who doubt whether he can make big things happen for Notre Dame in the upcoming season. The fact still stands that Swarbrick has no previous experience as athletics director or even in athletics administration, which will make his AD tenure interesting to follow. Already off to a good start, Swarbrick will have the benefit of various infrastructure improvements (thanks to Kevin White and Bob Davie) with the brand spanking new $21 million Guglielmino Athletics Complex for football, Joyce Center renovations and plans for a new hockey facility. On top of all of this, he is of the Fightin’ Irish blood after all, and Notre Dame fans can be enthusiastic that he is one of their own.

Florida Gator fans will miss safeties Dorian Munroe and John Curtis. Both players have suffered season-ending ACL tears. Coach Urban Meyer sounds hopeful concerning Munroe’s future with the team post-surgery, but is a little skeptical about a return for Curtis, who has already had surgery twice before on the same knee.  Look on the bright side: This gives #1 DB recruit Will Hill a place to shine in the 2008 season.

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