The Week in TicketCity Search – The Cowboy Rides to the Top

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 14th
1 7 George Strait
2 1 ACL Fest
3 6 Drake
4 2 Dallas Cowboys
5 - Pearl Jam
6 - Pink
7 - Clemson
8 - Elton John
9 8 SF 49ers
10 3 LA Dodgers

Another week with a winner able to be seen from miles away. George Strait’s final tour gets underway early next year, and tickets have gone on sale, including for our little local venue, the Erwin Center. ACL hung in there, as it usually does for the week after it’s over, and Drake climbed up a few spots to make it to #3.

The Cowboys had to make room, but remained at a respectable #4, joined by Pearl Jam at #5. Their latest album, Lightning Bolt, arrived on (mostly digital) shelves on the 14th. The Lightning Bolt Tour is in full swing. Fans have until early December to catch them in North America before they enjoy the warm summer air in Australia in January.

Pink drops by once more. She rescheduled a few concerts for a little vocal cord rest, but the remainder of The Truth About Love Tour appears to be safe.

Elton returns, while the 49ers end up just one spot lower. Finally, the Dodgers hang on to the countdown, barely, while their NCLS hope hang by a similarly thin thread.

This week it’s obviously time for a little classic country, hand-picked by our office’s biggest George Strait fan:

The Week in TicketCity Search – Saving the Best for a Repost

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct 7th
1 1 ACL Fest
2 2 Dallas Cowboys
3 - LA Dodgers
4 - TX-OU
5 4 Book of Mormon
6 - Drake
7 5 George Strait
8 7 Cher
9 8 SF 49ers
10 - LSU Football

The first notes of ACL Weekend Two’s Friday lineup should be drifting out of Zilker Park by the time I finish writing this. Some band called The Orwells, to be specific. ACL doesn’t hand out the coveted 11am Friday spot to just anyone, people. With two weekends this year, ACL allows me to recycle content as effectively as they recycle bands.

The Cowboys recycle their position on the countdown, while the NLCS bound Dodgers drop in to capture the third spot. Their NLCS series is with the Cardinals. The Tigers sowed up their ALDS matchup with Oakland last night, so they’re on to face the Red Sox in the ALCS.

The tradition of the Red River Rivalry continues this weekend, pushing it to the #4 spot, while the local touring production of Book of Mormon drops to the #5 spot.

Drake returns while George Strait falls a couple of spots, sharing a similar fate as Cher, who loses one as well. The 49ers continue drifting around the bottom five. The Tigers of LSU début this week, in 10th place, but it’s still a début.

This week we’re doing dealer’s choice on ACL performers, mostly because I’ve already posted videos for the other concert performers that ranked this week (I think). So I’m picking an old Neko Case song:

The Week in TicketCity Search – Saving the Best for Last

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Sept 30th
1 2 ACL Fest
2 1 Dallas Cowboys
3 - Pink
4 - Book of Mormon
5 - George Strait
6 - Justin Timberlake
7 - Cher
8 10 SF 49ers
9 - Pittsburgh Pirates
10 3 Houston Texans

The first notes of ACL Weekend One’s Friday lineup should be drifting out of Zilker Park by the time I finish writing this. Some band called The Orwells, to be specific. ACL doesn’t hand out the coveted 11am Friday spot to just anyone, people. With two weekends this year, ACL might hold onto the top spot a little longer than usual.

ACL did knock Dallas off the top, but this time they had a much softer landing at #2. They are followed by a significant shuffle in the results this week, starting with Pink, whose on-and-off relationship with the countdown has once again switched to the “on” position. She’s followed by The Book of Mormon. The Broadway hit is touring through our backyard with a couple weeks’ worth of shows at Bass Concert Hall.

George Strait brings the top five home, and Timberlake leads off the bottom five. Fans have a little longer to wait for George than Justin, but the demand for last leg of The Cowboy Rides Away Tour is growing stronger everyday. It is his “farewell tour”, and what are the odds that you’ll ever have a chance of seeing George on tour again? I mean, think about how huge Cher’s 2003-05 Farewell Tour was, and how that means you’ll never, ever, ever be able to see her on tour again.

Cher enters the countdown at #7 with the announcement of the 2014 Dressed To Kill Tour.

Sports rounds things out, with the 49ers and Texans hanging around from last week, and the Pirates show up to remind us that MLB playoffs are underway and the World Series is just around the corner.

Since I already used the Cher video with the tour announcement post, I guess I have little choice in the matter. Direct from the 11am hour on Friday in Zilker Park, a band whose Wikipedia page has been nominated for speedy deletion: The Orwells!

The Week in TicketCity Search – Setting Up Shop At Number 1

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
June 3rd
1 6 Mumford & Sons
2 2 One Direction
3 3 Luke Bryan
4 1 George Strait
5 8 Beyoncé
6 7 Justin Bieber
7 - San Antonio Spurs
8 9 Justin Timberlake
9 - College World Series
10 10 Bruno Mars

This week welcomes a lot of returning faces and a single shuffle in the top 3. On the strength of some last-minute searches, George Strait still managed to land the #4 spot, but it’s Mumford & Sons that replace him at the top. This is the English folk rock quartet’s first time at #1. Their show this weekend at the Austin360 Amphitheater is probably helping out a bit there.

Five other guys from the same archipelago hang tight in second place, as does Luke Bryan, who remains in third. Rounding out the top five is Beyoncé, who will be reaching our shores later this month. Buzz for her tour has been pretty solid for months now, so it should be a strong contender for top three once it actually kicks off.

Justin Beiber makes his best showing in a while, climbing up to the sixth spot. The Spurs, who had to wait a little longer than most expected to figure out who they’d be facing in the NBA Finals, follow the Beebs. The (eventual) results were as most expected, so will the Spurs be up to denying LeBron another championship?

The other sporting event on the countdown this week is the College World Series, which begins June 15th at the now only relatively new TD Ameritrade Park. The contest for the top prize in college baseball lasts through the rest of the month, ending on the 25th or 26th.

Here’s the week’s #1 with “I Will Wait.” I like “Little Lion Man” better, but it’s got a dirty word in the chorus. To quote one Ralph Parker, “THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words…”

The Week in TicketCity Search – The Cowboy Rides Half Away

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
May 27th
1 George Strait
2 One Direction
3 Luke Bryan
4 Taylor Swift
6 Mumford & Sons
7 Justin Bieber
8 Beyoncé
9 Justin Timberlake
10 Bruno Mars

George Strait’s gig at the Alamodome hits the top of the countdown this week, surprising no one. This is the last stop of this leg of The Cowboys Rides Away Tour. George will be on the horse and riding for at least 20 more dates in 2014, so fans who can’t make this show will have another shot next year. He’ll be joined by both Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert for the Saturday show.

1D’s residency remains solid. They are a few short weeks away from their show at the BB&T Center which kicks off a rather plentiful set of dates in the States. There seems to be no shortage of demand for them, either. Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift to provide some additional country flavor to the top five, where the WWE rounds things out.

The other set of familiar Brits, Mumford & Sons kick off the bottom five. They (probably) lack the screaming tween girl fan base of 1D, but have done very well nonetheless. They also beat out some rather poppy contenders in the remainder of the countdown, from Beyoncé to Bieber to Bruno.

Timberlike kinda ruined the whole ‘B’ thing I had going there.