The Week in TicketCity Search – July 1st

TicketCity Week in Search

1 2 Justin Bieber
2 3 Taylor Swift
3 9 Davis Cup
4 7 Maná
5 - U2
6 1 CONCACAF Gold Cup
7 - Lil Wayne
8 - Ghostland Observatory
9 10 Katy Perry
10 - Kenny Chesney

With the departure of the College World Series and the Gold Cup, the countdown is shaking up a little more than usual this week. While the tail end of the Gold Cup did manage to squeeze in at a respectable number six, its another Cup that’s fueling some excitement. The Davis Cup semi-final between the United States and Spain is just a week away. Still time to get tickets to one of the biggest tennis events in recent memory.

The rest of the top five returns to concerts, where last weeks’ second and third have stepped up to first and second. Maná rises higher again this week, as if buoyed by a well of arcane power, and U2 returns to the countdown in the fifth spot. Lil Wayne returns at number seven. His tour isn’t letting up, boasting a packed schedule all the way through September.

Ghostland Observatory’s schedule isn’t quite so packed, but that just means a bigger demand for seats. It shows as they return to the countdown at number eight. Katy Perry climbs one spot from last week, and, while Taylor Swift has been the only country star on the countdown for a while, Kenny Chesney slides into the number ten spot to give her a little company.

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 29th

Not surprisingly, the top of the countdown is dominated by the World Series. The big term is #1, while the Texas Rangers come in a close second. While their performance in the first couple games has been a little less than stellar, they’ve got home field advantage this weekend. Would be slightly anti-climatic to make to the Fall Classic for the first time and get swept, after all. I’m sure they’re just building up some dramatic tension. Win the next 3, lose Game 6, setting up the big showdown in Game 7, when all the Giants fans will end up cheering for the Rangers in a final dramatic play. All very Rocky IV.

In a more sports themed countdown than usual, Ghostland Observatory shoots into the #3 spot from nowhere. The local boys made good performed last night at the Cedar Park Center, so I bet that had something to do with it. Not to worry, if you missed them, they’ll be in the general vicinity (Houston then Dallas), this weekend.

The Breeders Cup remains popular, holding steady at #4, while Phish again rise up the charts from #9 to #5. That would only be really funny if Dolly Parton managed the same feat. Baylor and Auburn pop into the list below Phish. Baylor is playing Texas this weekend, a factor in both teams ending up on the countdown.

Finally, in something of an inversion of the countdown from month past, both Lady Gaga and the esteemed Mr. Bieber appear at the bottom. I suppose mentioning his absence last weekend was enough to bring him back.

1 3 World Series
2 1 Texas Rangers
3 - Ghostland Observatory
4 4 Breeders Cup
5 9 Phish
6 - Baylor Football
7 - Auburn Football
8 - Justin Bieber
9 2 Texas Longhorns
10 - Lady Gaga

Ghostland Observatory continues to rock….

Ghostland ObservatoryIn November, Ghostland Observatory fans turned out in droves to support their hometown band.  Selling out two performances back to back at Stubb’s in Austin, TX, Ghostland fans are still buzzing about the crazy and entertaining show.  

Now, the electro-funk duo continues to rock the nation.  After shows in the north east, the band is headed to Seattle for a New Years Eve performance before coming back to Texas.  Their kaleidoscopic lasers coupled with heavy electronic beats are sure to get your feet moving. 

In January, they will perform an encore to the World of Sound performance featuring the University of Texas Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Choruses and Jazz Trio.  Sign up for ticket updates on the band’s performances here.