The Week in TicketCity Search – Roaring Prisms

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Jan. 20th
1 5 Luke Bryan
2 7 Houston Rodeo
3 3 One Direction
4 - Katy Perry
5 - NY Knicks
6 - Justin Bieber
7 9 Justin Timberlake
8 8 WWE
9 6 Super Bowl
10 1 George Strait

Interesting shake-up this week, with modern country securing the top spot and classic country taking a pretty big tumble. Luke Bryan makes the leap from #5 to snatch the crown from George Strait who hangs on, but only barely, at #10. Bryan is again part of the summer Country Megaticket shows, and judging by his performance here, the most anticipated among a strong group of performers.

Not only part of the Megaticket, Luke will be showing up at the #2 spot as well. The Houston Rodeo makes a strong climb from #7 last week. With little more than a month to go, expect some strong showings from the Rodeo in the coming weeks.

As mentioned earlier this week, Katy Perry’s new tour will be hitting North America this June. The Prismatic Tour is currently in Europe, but will be spending most of the summer in the US and Canada, wrapping up in Houston in October.

In what I can only assume is a bit of halo effect from “current events,” the Esteemed Mr. Bieber returns to our hallowed countdown halls. Not sure if the lack of any concert dates is a disappointment or a relief to the intrepid searchers…

Tradition demands I use a Katy Perry vid since she debuted on the countdown this week. I already posted the new one in the tour update, so we’re back to “Roar” now. The video is the touching story of a plane crash survivor learning to make her way in the jungle, and make clothes out of salad. The best fact I know about the video is that Katy Perry has a real pet cat named Kitty Purry, who is not the tiger in this video (or any other tiger, for that matter).

The Week in TicketCity Search – The Houston Rodeo Has Bands, Literally

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Jan. 13th
1 2 George Strait
2 - Seahawks
3 1 One Direction
4 7 Coachella
5 - Luke Bryan
6 10 Super Bowl
7 - Houston Rodeo
8 3 WWE
9 - Justin Timberlake
10 - Jason Aldean

George wins the week, with 1D falling to #3 thanks to a little more football fever. The Seahawks bid for the NFC championship shoots them to second place. They have home field advantage against the Niners this Sunday. Still time to pick up tickets to the game if you’re going to be in The 206 this weekend. Spoiler alert, there is a chance of rain. Those looking a little deeper into the playoffs pushed the Super Bowl up #6 this week.

Coachella gains three to land at #4. I suspect it will depart soon, as the actual shows are still a few months off. The post-announcement honeymoon is coming to a close. Familiar faces return this week, chief among them Luke Bryan. He is joined by countdown favorites Justin Timberlake and Jason Aldean a little further down the list.

The Houston Rodeo make this year debut in the seventh spot as the full concert schedule dropped this week. As usual, big names abound, including the aforementioned Mr. Bryan as well as the Eli Young Band, Usher, Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, and Keith Urban. Brad Paisley gets things started on 4th, and the Zac Brown Band will close things out on the 23rd.

Almost closing out the Houston Rodeo is The Band Perry, who will be performing on the 22nd of March. If you’re counting, and I am, that’s three “Bands” in the lineup this year. Instead of posting the insufferable promo video of them doing the Houston Rodeo line-up announcement, let’s just watch a video. This video is, I’ll say… “inspired by” the game of chess. Raises some questions about the artistic director’s familiarity with the fan base. On the other hand, it’s people running at either and then punching, so maybe I take that back.

Houston Rodeo Lineup Announced

Luke Bryan takes the stage on March 17


The Houston Rodeo lineup is out, and it’s going to go down as one of the best ever. With 20 nights of concerts and countless hours of bull-riding, calf-roping and fun, there’s no reason why everyone should not check the rodeo at Reliant Park. From Jason Aldean to Maroon 5, it truly is a star-studded lineup from top to bottom. Check out the full schedule below.

If you can’t get enough in Houston, make the short drive west to check out what’s happening in central Texas. The 2014 San Antonio Rodeo runs February 7-16 and features superstars like Tim McGraw, Big Time Rush, Alan Jackson and Billy Currington. The Austin Rodeo runs from March 1-16 and includes performances from Josh Turner, Willie Nelson, Kevin Fowler and Dwight Yoakam.

Here’s the full concert schedule for the Houston Rodeo:

  • March 4 – Brad Paisley
  • March 5 – Eli Young Band
  • March 6 – Reba McIntyre
  • March 7 – Usher
  • March 8 – Chris Young
  • March 9 – Selena Gomez
  • March 10 – REO Speedwagon
  • March 11 – Jason Aldean
  • March 12 – Jake Owen
  • March 13 – Maroon 5
  • March 14 – Keith Urban
  • March 15 – Hunter Hayes
  • March 16 – Pesado, Banda MS
  • March 17 – Luke Bryan
  • March 18 – Robin Thicke
  • March 19 – Florida Georgia Line
  • March 20 – Blake Shelton
  • March 21 – Easton Corbin
  • March 22 – The Band Perry
  • March 23 – Zac Brown Band


The Week in TicketCity Search – Follow the Bouncing Ball

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Mar. 11t
1 1 George Strait
2 2 Bruno Mars
3 3 One Direction
4 - Big 12 Tournament
5 8 Rihanna
6 - SEC Tournament
7 6 Taylor Swift
8 4 Houston Rodeo
9 - ACC Tournament
10 - Big East Tournament

Another week and another top 3 clique is born, this time it’s quite the boy’s club. George Strait’s show at the Houston Rodeo is this very weekend and there is still time to get into Reliant Stadium to check it out. This may be your last chance. Sure, the second leg of the Cowboy Rides Away Tour is in 2014, and he might play Houston again, but even if he did, you could still tell all your friends you saw his second-to-last show at the Houston Rodeo. That’s still pretty cool.

What’s going on this weekend? Ah, NCAA Tournament selection. That would mean this week is the (popular) conference tournament extravaganza! The Big 12 comes out on top, with the SEC a couple spots behind, and the ACC and Big East just cling to the bottom of the list. While the Big Dance is a big deal, it has trouble making the list until the Final Four, because the early rounds are spread all over.

The tourneys edged out a lot of concert players this week, but Rhianna benefits as she returns to the top five. Taylor Swift’s rocky patch in media relations due to an apparent inability to comprehend “humor” hasn’t hurt too much, as she slides only one spot this week. The Houston Rodeo, no doubt helped out by Mr. Strait’s appearance, hangs around as well. If interest runs high enough this weekend, they may stick around next week as well.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Are We There Yet?

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Mar. 4t
1 - George Strait
2 4 Bruno Mars
3 2 One Direction
4 5 Houston Rodeo
5 1 Beyoncé
6 3 Taylor Swift
7 7 Justin Bieber
8 6 Rihanna
9 - Maroon 5
10 10 Pink

A little “local flavor” tops the list this week. With George Strait swinging his last tour through the Houston Rodeo next week, it’s not surprising to see him shoot to the top of the list. He’s probably why the Rodeo gained a spot this week too. Not doubt a lot of central Texas will want to be there at Reliant Stadium for this one. Texans who can’t make it to the Rodeo will have another chance when Strait closes down the first leg of the tour at the Alamodome in June, with Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert.

That’s only the first leg, though. Leg two of The Cowboy Rides Away tour starts up again in 2014. Apparently it is a very long ride.

George’s lightning capture of the top spot threw the rest of the countdown into complete disarray. Bruno Mars takes advantage of the chaos, slipping into the #2 spot, while 1D weathers the storm with only a minor ding. The heat from Beyoncé has cooled a bit; she lands at #5 this week. It would have been tough to sustain those kind of numbers. She’s still on the field, though, more than can be said for her hubby and JT, who made a rather tepid splash last week and have since departed.

Taylor Swift can provide Beyoncé a shoulder to cry on, as she joins the esteemed Mr. Beiber in the bottom five. They are in good company, though, as A-listers Rihanna and Pink hold on for another week, and Maroon 5 returns to the countdown. Their tour with Neon Trees and Owl City (because, I presume, the owls need somewhere to perch) continues through June.