The Week in TicketCity Search – Local Flavors

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Dec. 2nd
1 10 One Direction
2 4 George Strait
3 - SEC Championship
4 - Beyoncé
5 6 Billy Joel
6 - WWE
7 3 Luke Bryan
8 - Baylor Football
9 - John Mayer
10 8 Pink

Okay, so, fair enough, new tour announced, thus I have no reason to expect the top spot to be otherwise occupied at this point. Occupied with a very, very comfortable margin, of course. George didn’t go down without a fight. He racked up some impressive numbers in a second place performance that would have been an easy win on any other week. The SEC Championship lands in third place as two teams that are not Alabama meet up to crown the winner

Beyoncé’s return this week likely has something to do with her tour winding through Texas this weekend. Fans are running out of time to get to the Mrs. Carter Show, as she will be wrapping things up near the end of the month at the Barclay’s Center. Billy Joel still has gas in the tank, rounding out the top five this week.

Like Mrs. Carter, the WWE will be stomping around Texas in the next couple weeks, with a big PPV in Houston on the 15th followed by three more shows in Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi.

In at #8, Baylor’s season ending game with the Longhorns. There’s still time get your tickets to the big TicketCity VIP Tailgate before the game. I’d go into all the awesome stuff that’s going on there, but suffice to say, it’s happening in a heated tent. Anyone looking at the forecast for Saturday will certainly appreciate that.

John Mayer drops by at #9 this week. Not sure if this is his first appearance or not. He’s part of this week’s rather large fraternity of “people doing stuff in Texas.” Specifically, he’s playing the Frank Erwin Center tonight, so here’s a taste of what you may hear at the concert tonight.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Don’t Call it a Comeback

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Sept 23rd
1 10 Dallas Cowboys
2 - ACL Fest
3 4 Houston Texans
4 - Luke Bryan
5 3 Drake
6 - Beyonce
7 - NY Knicks
8 - Elton John
9 - John Mayer
10 - SF 49ers

While my memory may be a little fuzzy at this point, I’m not sure anyone pulled off the 1-10-1 bounce before. America’s Team is certainly in a rather élite fraternity either way. I won’t even attempt to predict where they’ll end up next week.

In slightly more expected news, the Austin City Limits Festival drops in at #2. Somewhat appropriate, as there’s now 2x more of it than in previous years. Weekend One is one week away. If you miss that one, Weekend Two is, you guessed it, two weeks away. Headliners include hot new acts like Depeche Mode and The Cure. Which is what I would have said if it were 1980.

Luke Bryan bounces back, while Drake is one of the few who managed to hang around from last week. Beyonce, a former top 3 fixture, returns to lead off the bottom five. She is followed by the Knicks, who remind us that the NBA preseason starts in October.

Elton John’s new Vegas residency shows a spark of interest, while John Mayer’s fall tour makes the list at #9. Finally the 49ers return to slide into the spot the Cowboys left open this week.

Let’s pick a slightly more recent ACL headliner, Muse, who only hail from the 90s. Here is “Uprising”, otherwise known as the only Muse song you know:

The Week in TicketCity Search – Phishing for Better Rankings

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
July 8th
1 1 One Direction
2 2 Justin Bieber
3 4 Beyoncé
4 7 Luke Bryan
5 - Taylor Swift
6 - Lil Wayne
7 - Justin Timberlake
8 - Phish
9 - Dallas Cowboys
10 - John Mayer

Reunion of sorts in the top five, with 1D, Bieber, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift all back. Swift has been out of play recently, but there is certainly no shortage of concert dates left in the Red Tour. It won’t wrap up until the end of the September.

The bottom five is a mix of returning favorites, starting with Lily Wayne. Wayne is headlining the America’s Most Wanted tour, with TI and, date depending, either 2 Chainz or Tyga. The tour lasts through the end of August.

Phish is back once more. They too will be busy until the end of August, playing multi-day mini-festivals at amphitheaters and pavilions around the US.

The week’s one sporting event is the Cowboys. The NFL preseason is just a few weeks away and excitement builds steadily. College is right behind. Noticed a few of the usual college suspects making their way up towards the top 10 this week.

I sense it’s probably not the greatest idea to go with a Lil Wayne vid, and no one has time to make it through an hour and half Phish jam, so I’ll use this space to welcome back Jon Mayer to the countdown with a video of him providing tips on how to look like Carlos Santana.

The Week in TicketCity Search – July 30th

By a squeaker this week Gaga returns to the top of the countdown. It was very close. Almost had to check for hanging chad. How’s the decade old humor working for you? While the top 2 spots haven’t changed much for months, the number three this week goes to the WWE, who spent a lot time in our backyard recently. They’re on their way to other markets, so probably won’t be figuring so strongly in the countdown next week.

The big ManU tour culminated in a game against the “MLS All-Stars”, pushing MLS into the top 10 this week. It was between them and searches for Manchester United directly, so I give it them this week. Rounding out the top 5 is Drake, who has joined the populous fraternity of countdown entrants who appear and disappear from one week to the next.

Leading off the lower 5 is John Mayer, who has been touring most of the summer and made a few appearances on the countdown. Following him is the Jonas Brothers, who have not posed any threat to the esteemed Mr. Bieber’s dominance of the top 2 spots. I wondered a while back if they would, and that question has been answered with a resounding ‘no.’ The initial pop for Dave Matthews Band has cooled a bit, as they fall from 3 to 9, leading to the Dallas Cowboys who sneak in at #10 this week as the NFL preseason rapidly approaches.

1 2 Lady Gaga
2 1 Justin Bieber
3 4 WWE
4 - MLS
5 - Drake
6 - John Mayer
7 8 Longhorns Football
8 - Jonas Brothers
9 3 Dave Matthews Band
10 - Dallas Cowboys

The Week in TicketCity Search – March 12th

2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Thumbnail

Click for all your 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket needs.

While March hasn’t yet been officially diagnosed with any mental disorders, the NCAA basketball conference tournaments figure heavily in this weeks countdown. The Big 12, Big East, and SEC all put in appearances as last minute shoppers jockey for seats to the championship games. Those opportunities are quickly evaporating, as Saturday brings the conference games to close and Sunday is the NCAA Tournament selection show. So, gentlemen, start your brackets… specifically the one to your left…

Taylor Swift did remain atop the countdown, and John Mayer surged a bit to #2. The esteemed Mr. Bieber put in his poorest performance in recent memory, dropping to the bottom five to join the WWE and a couple of countdown newcomers. The more notable of the two new entries to the countdown is, of course, Conan O’Brien, whose recently announced comedy tour is a very sudden, very big hit before the first show has even gone on the books.

The other countdown newcomer is the country music group Lady Antebellum, whom Wikipedia informs me is made up of 3 people, 2 of whom aren’t ladies at all. I have to say I find that a little disappointing. In any case, they’re playing both the Houston and Austin Rodeos in almost back to back performances, which is no doubt helping to fuel the interest on our site.

1 1 Taylor Swift
2 4 John Mayer
3 - Houston Rodeo
4 - Big 12 Tournament
5 8 Big East Tournament
6 3 Justin Bieber
7 9 WWE
8 - Conan O’Brien
9 10 SEC Tournament
10 - Lady Antebellum