The Week in TicketCity Search – February 5th

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The Black Eyed Peas at The Grammys.

The top 2 sports events traded places in a pretty close finish. There’s a bit of a longer wait between instances of “The Games” vs. the yearly “Big Game”, so I guess a pretty stiff challenge to Super Bowl dominance is to be expected. The reminder of the top 5 is fairly familiar. I’ll never miss the chance to point out the continued presence of the esteemed Mr. Bieber, who bests John Mayer and list favorite Taylor Swift this week.

The bottom 5 is where things get interesting. The only returning entry is the venerable WWE, perhaps riding a wave of popularity due to their popular first PPV of the year, Survivor Series. The remainder of the lower end of the countdown is an ecelectic bunch of newcomers, lead by a new concert entry, the Black Eyed Peas. The Peas’ “The E.N.D. World Tour” is hitting North American shores this month and will remain here until April before heading off to Europe.

While time is running out for Super Bowl tickets for this weekend, there’s ample time to pick up tickets to the “Super Bowl of NASCAR”, the Daytona 500, which clocks in at #7. NASCAR likes to open big, as the biggest race of the year is one of the very first. Following Daytona on the list is the Senior Bowl, which, while I’d like to suggest you go, has already happened this year. Obviously a pretty big last mintue rush for that one.

Finally, it’s rodeo season in Texas, and San Antonio is kicking off this weekend. It runs for almost two and half weeks, with a lot of top tier concerts, so there’s lots of time to pick up tickets and see the shows.

1 2 Winter Games
2 1 Super Bowl
3 5 Justin Bieber
4 4 John Mayer
5 3 Taylor Swift
6 - Black Eyed Peas
7 - Daytona 500
8 - Senior Bowl
9 7 WWE
10 - San Antonio Rodeo

The Week in TicketCity Search – Jan 29th

Big shift this week, as sport once again claims the top 2 spots. Granted, it took 2 of the biggest sporting events of the year to dethrone concerts. The Super Bowl is a natural for #1, and will probably be there next week as well. Interest in the Winter Games is also reaching an all time high. The games are, comparatively speaking, conveniently located to the United States this year, so getting there won’t be quite as big an issue as it can be depending on the host country.

Lady Gaga fans seem to have cooled a bit. While she manages to cling to the countdown just barely, it’s a far cry from her weeks of dominance. I sense she’ll be back up top fairly quickly, though, much like Taylor Swift recovered pretty quickly from a drop to #8 last week to lead the crop of concert performers that round out the Top 5, the esteemed Mr. Bieber among them.

I realize I can’t remember if John Mayer has been on the list or not before, as I’ve done quite a few of these. Someone who I’m certain has not is the #6 entrant, James Taylor. This may also be the first time someone whose albums I’ve actually bought showed up on the countdown. James is playing some dates in May and June of this year.

1 5 Super Bowl
2 2 Winter Games
3 8 Taylor Swift
4 - John Mayer
5 3 Justin Bieber
6 - James Taylor
7 - WWE
8 7 Jason Aldean
9 9 Monster Jam
10 1 Lady Gaga

The Week in TicketCity Search – Dec 4th

No surprise the Big 12 Championship remained on top this week, though I had thought the SEC Championship would climb a little higher. Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift held the entire SEC at bay, though. The return of KISS to the countdown, and number 5, rounds out the top.

John Mayer fans pushed their former pop-y current blues-y favorite up a couple notches to start the bottom 5. Miley fell a little further than usual down to the 8th slot and young Justin Beiber actually managed to hold on to a spot in the countdown at #10, another surprise.

That leaves us with the fact that December is the start of Bowl season. Two more bowls make appearances, not coincidentally the two whose participants are all but formalized. They are not, in fact, “official”, so we can’t add their names to our ticket listings quite yet. Suffice to say, there would be considerable surprise if the Cotton Bowl didn’t feature Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss and the Rose Bowl was not Ohio State vs. Oregon.

1 1 Big 12 Championship
2 2 Lady Gaga
3 3 Taylor Swift
4 6 SEC Championship
5 - KISS
6 8 John Mayer
7 - Cotton Bowl
8 5 Miley Cyrus
9 - Rose Bowl
10 4 Justin Bieber

The Week in TicketCity Search – November 27th

What happens to the Top 10 on a big holiday weekend… not much it turns out. Now that the Big 12 Championship has been set, it climbs from 5 to 1. No doubt this sudden surge of interest is partially attributable to the presence of our home town team, the Longhorns, in the championship game. The remainder of the top 5 is a pop tour-de-force with Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus all there to welcome this week’s chart newcomer Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is a 15 year old Canadian pop singer whose debut album My Word was released on November 17th. A recent autograph signing for Mr. Bieber was the cause of near-riot at the Roosevelt Field Mall where a Def Jam Recordings (really?) record exec got arrested for what the media liked to play up as “failure to tweet.” People hate on Wikipedia as a source, but I’d not be able to relate most of that information without it, as I am far outside Mr. Bieber’s target demo in both age and chromosomes.

The bottom 5 shows interest in the SEC championship remains strong, if not quite what it was over the past couple weeks. As both Big 12 and SEC championships are this weekend, it’s likely both may experience a last minute surge. The recent Texas-Texas A&M rivalry game contributed to both teams appearing in the countdown. John Mayer slips a bit and Aventura returns once more after a few weeks absence.

1 5 Big 12 Championship
2 1 Lady Gaga
3 6 Taylor Swift
4 - Justin Bieber
5 2 Miley Cyrus
6 4 SEC Championship
7 - Texas A&M Football
8 7 John Mayer
9 - Aventura
10 9 Texas Football

The Week in TicketCity Search – November 11th

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Looking for fairly boring photos of Lady
Gaga is like a fun Internet scavenger hunt.

The never ending battle between pop and country-pop got interesting this week, as Lady Gaga pushed Taylor Swift from a formerly rather secure perch at the top of the countdown. Taylor tumbles to sixth place in the process, as the desperate scramble to fill up on tickets to her latest set of concert dates has subsided a bit, it seems. Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour is gearing up for a November 27th kick-off date, with a full calendar through April of next year.

Miley and Bon Jovi both move up a spot as the SEC Championship has a softer slide than Taylor, and the Big 12 Championship remains firmly in 5th place. Making his first appearance on the countdown is John Mayer, whose new album Battle Studies dropped on November 17th. Mayer is playing a couple dates in 2009 before his concert tour expands in January 2010.

Rounding out the Top 10 the Rose Bowl remains steady a 8, while the Longhorns peek in once more at 9. Buzz continues to build on the team for a spot in the Big 12 Championship and the BCS Bowl beyond. Finally, the WWE rushes in from the outside to interfere in the countdown title match and swipe the #10 belt. That will conclude the surprisingly smart mark commentary for this week.

1 1 Lady Gaga
2 3 Miley Cyrus
3 4 Bon Jovi
4 2 SEC Championship
5 5 Big 12 Championship
6 1 Taylor Swift
7 - John Mayer
8 8 Rose Bowl
9 - Texas Football
10 - WWE