The Week in TicketCity Search – Beatles, Horses & Motorcycles

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Apr. 15t
1 3 Paul McCartney
2 4 One Direction
3 - Kentucky Oaks
4 6 Taylor Swift
5 10 Rihanna
6 - MotoGP
7 - Kid Rock
8 7 Justin Bieber
9 - Beyonce
10 - Kentucky Derby

Paul McCartney classes up the joint at #1 this week. He dropped in at three last week and spent little time politely queuing his way to the top. The previous champs Mumford & Sons are nowhere to be found. The boys in 1D decided to slip into the McCartney motorcade and return to the #2 spot after what was their worst performance in some time last week: the dreaded #4.

Concerts couldn’t keep hold of the countdown permanently. We’re about 2 weeks out from Derby weekend in Louisville. The more economically friendly Oaks enters the countdown in the third spot. The Derby just slides into the countdown at #10. I’m sure it will be climbing up a bit over the next couple of weeks.

Epic segway time.

Speaking of horsepower… the MotoGP shows up at #6. MotoGP is a more Twitter-friendly way of saying Motorcycle Grand Prix, which is impressive because it predates Twitter by a while. The very Twitter unfriendly “MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas” is on for this weekend at the Circuit of the Americas here in Austin. For the record, the spec on a MotoGP engine calls for 240 horsepower. That’s a lot of Derbys.

Of interest on the concert side this week, Kid Rock’s latest tour has earned him the #7 spot, and Beyonce, once queen of the countdown, had returned, but at the slightly more modest #9 spot. She’s playing dates in Europe at the moment, but will return stateside this June when she will likely make a much stronger play for the top once more.

The Week in TicketCity Search – February 11th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 3 Lil Wayne
2 5 Taylor Swift
3 - Willie Nelson
4 6 Lady Gaga
5 2 Katy Perry
6 10 Monster Jam
7 - San Antonio Rodeo
8 9 Linkin Park
9 - WWE
10 - Kid Rock

It’s that time of year again, when the only sports on the countdown are the ones where the qualifier “entertainment” is firmly attached. That means concert tours once again dominate the top 5, with Lil Wayne climbing the charts the past few weeks and finally making it to #1. Taylor Swift also climbs but only makes it to the #2 slot.

That brings us to #3, featuring home town favorite Willie Nelson who will be featured on another home town favorite, Austin City Limits Live, this Sunday and Monday. I’m a little surprised that combo didn’t spike to #1.

After Willie is a rich, nougaty center of pop goodness, with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry rounding out the #5, one which also included hip-hop, country pop, and outlaw country. Quite the eclectic mix this week.

It’s rodeo season in Texas, and the San Antonio Rodeo kicks off this weekend with a full slate of concert performers for the next couple of weeks, including Train, Miranda Lambert, and Martina McBride. The Houston and Austin Rodeos will start up in March, both with more big name concert performers. And, presumably, various varieties of cows.

The Week in TicketCity Search – January 21st

TicketCity Week in Search

1 1 Super Bowl
2 9 Taylor Swift
3 - Janet Jackson
4 - Dayglow
5 - Jason Aldean
6 2 George Strait
7 10 Monster Jam
8 - Justin Bieber
9 - Pro Bowl
10 - Kid Rock

Many changes this week as we finally cast off the last remnants of college bowl season and see a couple new faces in concerts. Naturally the Super Bowl remains at #1. The tantalizing prospects of some pretty interesting matchups are fueling some higher interest here than usual. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we will know this weekend. While on the subject of football, the Pro Bowl worked its way in near the bottom of the list.

Taylor Swift graciously gave the Pro Bowl her #9 spot, trading it for #2 this week. She’s followed by list newcomer Janet Jackson. Miss Jackson isn’t a newcomer to the music scene, though. The 2011 tour she’s gearing up for, Number Ones: Up Close and Personal, is based on her visiting 35 cities to sing her 35 #1 hits. That is a reasonably large number of #1 hits.

Janet is followed by the second newcomer to the list, “Dayglow.” The Dayglow Tour, billed as the “World’s Largest Paint Party”, is where people younger and more attractive than myself go to dance and squirt one-another with neon black-light paint. If you get the VIP package, you get a free bottle of paint… so, yeah, there’s that, too.

The rest of the list is mostly just some of the usual suspects popping back in for a visit. Jason Aldean, Kid Rock, some dude named Bieber, all dropping by for a little extra face time.

The Week in TicketCity Search – December 3rd

TicketCity Week in Search

1 - Cotton Bowl
2 - Big 12 Championship
3 1 SEC Championship
4 2 George Strait
5 - Taylor Swift
6 - Sugar Bowl
7 - BCS Bowl
8 - Lady Gaga
9 - Chick-fil-A Bowl
10 - Kid Rock

With only two survivors from last week, the countdown is starting the annual change for bowl season. Four bowls made it this week, with more to come. This weekend is the big announcement, where in most all bowl participants will be decided. One our biggest weekends of the year. Cotton Bowl is leading at the moment. With Texas A&M accepting the invite, it’s not surprising. The Big 12 championship, which will no doubt effect who ends up in the National Championship, arrives at #2, followed by the SEC Championship which fell from #1.

We get a short break from college football to allow George Strait to find a comfy spot after losing the #1 slot. He’s followed by Taylor Swift. Swift recently announced the Speak Now Tour in support of her latest album. This will probably be a hot ticket that keeps her on the countdown most of the summer.

Back to the bowls with Sugar and the big National Championship at 6 and 7. The BCS is out in sunny Phoenix this year, rotating through with the Fiesta Bowl.

More concerts as Lady Gaga returns to the countdown after a brief absence, though only making #8. Gaga is still touring overseas and won’t be stateside again until February. Kid Rock debuts on the countdown at #10. This is his first appearance and likley due to his recent touring announcement. He’ll be out on tour early in 2011 in support of his recently released Born Free album.