The Week in TicketCity Search – October 23rd

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I could have gone with
a Taylor Swift photo, but how
boring would that have been?

Big changes this week. Taylor Swift, who hasn’t been absent the countdown for some time, rises to the very top as demand for her Fearless Tour is bigger now than ever before. The tour was recently extended to run through the middle of 2010, with additional dates in Austrailia and North America. Perhaps with a little girl power bump, Miley Cyrus takes the second spot, while Aventura climbs again to #3.

The Longhorns dip a bit, and right on their heels are the New York Yankees. I wonder why? Oh, right… the ALCS and their inability to shut the Angels down and get it over with. I’ve got a World Series Tickets page to update guys, so get it done so I can put that puppy to bed for 2009.

Finally, making her debut on the countdown at #9 is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, which is the really, really long way of saying Lady Gaga. Another in a long line of artists that no one you know will admit to liking yet sells millions of albums and sells out shows nationwide. The Lady is touring solo in support of her debut album, The Fame, after a planned joint tour with Kanye West fell through. On the whole, that was probably a plus for her.

Current Rank
Last Week
Keyword Searched
1 6 Taylor Swift
2 8 Miley Cyrus
3 5 Aventura
4 1 Texas Longhorns
5 - NY Yankees
6 6 Dallas Cowboys
7 3 U2
8 - Disney On Ice
9 - Lady Gaga
10 - LSU Football

The Week in TicketCity Search – September 18th

With one notable exception, a rather stable top 10, particularly the top 5 area. Jay-Z continues to hold top spot by a wide margin, and the Longhorns remained at number 2. In fact, things would have been remarkably unchanged in the top 5 where it not for the sudden appearance of wildcard Aventura.

Aventura, originally from New York, is a Bachata music group. Wikipedia tells me that Bachata music originates in the Dominican Republic, and routinely features themes of romance, heartbreak, and sadness. “Fire and Rain” is more my speed for that. In any case, Aventura has been around since 1994 and released 5 albums, the most recent of which is The Last. At least they’re set if they break up and never release another one. I think there’s an Abbott and Costello routine in there somewhere…

At the moment we have no tickets listed for Aventura, but you can always give one of our sales associates a call and they may be able to help you out.

The remainder of the countdown features some returning faces as well as a LSU fans supporting their team. Metallica, who had been a fixture earlier this summer makes a return appearance, and KISS moves up as well. ACL continues to find a spot on the countdown as time continues to run out prior to the festival start date.

1 1 Jay-Z
2 2 Texas Longhorns
3 - Aventura
4 3 Miley Cyrus
5 5 U2
6 4 ACL
7 10 KISS
8 7 Taylor Swift
9 - Metallica
10 - LSU Football