Summer Shows Bring Most Loyal Fans

Of the near 200 top bands touring this summer, the top 10 most in-demand tickets are for artists avid fans have seen before. The artists that top TicketCity’s summer concert sales have all toured in the past, ultimately illustrating that some of the most loyal fans will continue to see their favorite bands again and again. TicketCity takes a look at the top 10 artists touring during the summer, measuring average ticket sales and quantity sold in the industry, as well as how these fans transcend off stage through additional channels like social media.

The Week in TicketCity Search – The Obvious Choice

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
July. 9th
1 1 One Direction
2 2 Justin Bieber
3 4 Jason Aldean
4 8 Real Madrid
5 - Longhorns Football
6 6 Dallas Cowboys
7 - Mississippi State Football
8 - Madonna
9 - Teen Choice Awards
10 - Boston

We’ll pretend I wasn’t off last week, though honestly, I ran the numbers and I wouldn’t be saying anything different about the #1 spot. Yes, the summer of 1D continues unabated. Can pretty much see the proverbial touch being passed from the esteemed Mr. Bieber, who once again comes up far short of a win. Such is the way of things, and it’s a nice torch while you have it, but eventually even One Direction will be handing it over to the next bunch. Oh, and if you know who that’s going to be, let us know.

Jason Aldean lands the #3 spot. Aldean’s a regular, though rarely cracks the top five when he does appear. He’s had a strong few weeks on the countdown. It will be interesting to see if he makes it up to #2. Real Madrid slips into the spot he departed, on the strength of a four spot climb. The international soccer club’s US tour is the strongest I ever recall for any big European team.

Rounding out the top five is the faint but ever growing rumble of college football season. The Longhorns, a common sight on the countdown in the fall months, arrive fairly early this year, bracketing the Cowboys with another college team, the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. Need to be clear about any team named “Bulldogs.” Seriously, have you seen how many there are?

Concerts round us out, starting with Madonna, whose MDNA tour is legging through Europe at the moment, but returns stateside in August. The Teen Choice Awards enter at #9. Doesn’t look like One Direction is on the bill at the moment, but something tells me there’s some bookers working overtime to make sure they show up. Carly Rae Jepsen is going to be there, maybe she can give them a call…

The Week in TicketCity Search – March 9th

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Mar. 5th
1 5 Radiohead
2 3 Big Time Rush
3 8 Big 12 Tournament
4 2 Houston Rodeo
5 1 Madonna
6 10 Big East Tournament
7 9 Justin Bieber
8 - Big Ten Tournament
9 - SEC Tournament
10 - Miami Heat

As college basketball fans get ready to fire up their brackets, there’s still the matter of determining out who will populate them. The conference tournaments are in full swing, and figure heavily this week. Holding over from last week, we have the Big 12 and the Big East, both showing some positive movement. The Big Ten and the SEC enter the countdown in the bottom five. There’s still time to get some conference tournament championship tickets, if you want to see your top pick lock down their seed in person.

While popular, the conference tournaments didn’t exactly crowd into the top five. Raidohead walked away with a strong victory, followed by Big Time Rush, making for an odd musical pairing at the top of the countdown. The Houston Rodeo is in full swing. It lost a couple spots this week, but still turns in a strong showing. Lots of big acts coming up next week at Reliant Stadium.

The bottom five is almost all basketball, and hawk-eyed Beiber fans, checking back to see when new concert dates arrive. Not quite yet, I’m afraid. The Heat return to the countdown, reminding us that professional basketball is still rather popular even as the collegiate flavor steals the spotlight a bit.

The Week in TicketCity Search – March 2nd

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Feb. 27th
1 3 Madonna
2 5 Houston Rodeo
3 - Big Time Rush
4 - One Direction
5 - Radiohead
6 10 SEC Tournament
7 2 Drake
8 Big 12 Tournament
9 6 Justin Bieber
10 - Big East Tournament

Linsanity has abated, allowing room for the prelude to March Madness to begin. Three big conference tournaments show up on the list this week, though none managed to crack the top 5. Madonna surged back to the #1 spot after falling to #3 last week. She’s followed by the Houston Rodeo, which features a big line of top concert stars this year, including the group in this week’s #3 spot, Big Time Rush.

Since the Nickelodeon’s boys aren’t rushing anywhere else in Texas until July, I have to guess it’s because of their Houston Rodeo show. It’s a banner week for boy bands, as Big Time Rush is followed closely by One Direction. One Direction is a boy band from the UK who achieved some notoriety on the original UK version of The X Factor. At the moment, One Direction fans are just as disappointed as the ones for #9 on the list, as we don’t have anything for them right now.

Radiohead rounds out the top 5, ushering in the basketball heavy bottom 5. The SEC wins the battle of the conference tournaments, followed by the Big 12 and the Big East clings to the bottom of the countdown at #10. The tourneys get underway next week, so expect to see strong showings for all of them on the next countdown.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Feburary 17th

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Feb. 13th
1 - New York Knicks
2 2 Madonna
3 3 Drake
4 - Maná
5 5 San Antonio Rodeo
6 7 Justin Bieber
7 6 Van Halen
8 - Adele
9 - Kevin Hart
10 - Houston Rodeo

Well, ordinarily I’d be wondering why the Knicks came out of nowhere to capture the top spot on the countdown this week, but it was fairly hard to escape the hailstorm of media coverage garnered by one Jeremy Lin. Were it not for Mr. Lin, the countdown would have been concert exclusive.

Madonna and Drake remain stationary in the second and third spots, while Maná returns to the countdown with a new tour. They were quite popular on the countdown during their last tour, but don’t worry, I think I used up all my role-playing terminology puns then.

Down in the bottom five, recent Grammy sweeper Adele appears. Currently no dates are available, but she has stated she’ll be working on a new album soon and so another tour will likely not be far behind. Kevin Hart takes over comedy duties from Daniel Tosh this week, and the Houston Rodeo rounds out the bottom five as the San Antonio Rodeo did for the top five.