The Week in TicketCity Search – Avoiding The Red Flag

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Nov. 12th
1 2 US Grand Prix
2 10 Taylor Swift
3 1 One Direction
4 - Aerosmith
5 5 SEC Championship
6 - Carrie Underwood
7 - Cotton Bowl
8 4 Maroon 5
9 6 Miami Heat
10 7 BCS Bowl

So many racing puns, so little time… Suffice to say, the US Grand Prix takes the win this week, in what remained a relatively close battle with a very resurgent Taylor Swift. She had dropped to #10 last week after a strong debut, but leaps right back to the #2 spot this week. That leaves former champ 1D two spots out of contention. I wouldn’t worry about the boys, I suspect they’ll be reclaiming the crown soon enough.

Kinda-sorta-not-really out of nowhere, Aerosmith enters the countdown at #4. They’re playing the Frank Erwin Center tonight, so this bit of fortune isn’t really a surprise at all.

In spite of all the other changes in the top 5, the SEC championship holds steady at #5. The regular season of college football is drawing to a close, and soon the bowl frenzy will be upon us. This week the Cotton Bowl makes an appearance, while the BCS slips from #7 to #10. Get a jump on your friends and check out our Bowl game listings. Also enter this year’s TicketCity Bowl Contest for a chance for you and your three best friends to see your team play a bowl game!

Carrie Underwood debuts at #6 to start off the bottom five. She’s on the Blown Away Tour, covering North America between now and Summer 2013. She’s not slacking, the tour will rack up over 100 dates, making it a safe bet for one of the top tours of 2012 and 2013.

The Week in TicketCity Search – One Direction to the Finish Line

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 29th
1 1 One Direction
2 6 US Grand Prix
3 3 Justin Bieber
4 6 Maroon 5
5 - SEC Championship
6 9 Miami Heat
7 - BCS Bowl
8 7 George Strait
9 - NY Knicks
10 5 Taylor Swift

Despite all that horsepower the F1 racers couldn’t quite outrun One Direction. They got close, though. With the actual race next weekend, it will be interesting to see if the USGP can pull out a win against the fleet English boy band. The esteemed Mr. Bieber is left to spin his wheels in the #3 spot this week, and Maroon 5 pulls ahead, gaining two places to end up at #4. How are the racing puns working out for you?

With a little less than a month before the big bowl announcement weekend, we’ve got some eager post-season college football fans looking for the SEC Championship and the BCS Bowl. That action will only heat up in the next few weeks.

The NBA is looking a little stronger this week. The Heat climb up a few spots to open up the bottom five. Joining them this week are the Knicks, who debut at #9 on the countdown this season.

Both George Strait and Taylor Swift tumble this week, with Swift suffering the biggest fall. She lands at #10. Bit of a lull between now and when her Red concert tour officially starts next year. Fans in LA will have a chance to see her at the KIIS Jingle Ball on December 1st, though. You can check out all the holiday Jingle Ball concerts here.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Red & Maroon

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 29th
1 4 One Direction
2 6 Maroon 5
3 1 Justin Bieber
4 3 Mississippi State Football
5 - Taylor Swift
6 5 US Grand Prix
7 10 George Strait
8 - Dallas Cowboys
9 - Miami Heat
10 2 Jason Aldean

After all those months, Mr. Bieber regains the crown only to lose it a week later. It falls to none other than arch boy band rival, One Direction. An unexpected reversal of fortune, especially considering 1D still hasn’t started up their 2013 Tour. Spoiler Alert: it starts in 2013. Maroon 5 enjoys some good fortune of their own, riding the buzz of their tour announcement to the #2 spot.

Fresh off her own tour announcement is Taylor Swift. The Red Tour starts up next spring and rolls right on through summer. It features England’s newest folk-pop sensation, Ed Sheeran, as the opening act. Major buzz on this tour propels Swift to the #5 spot this week, and probably higher next week.

The USGP starts off the bottom five, dropping one spot, followed by George Strait, who turns around last week’s dive and climbs back to the #7 spot. Late season Cowboys fans are putting in some effort, bringing the team back to the #8 slot.

The Heat show up to remind us the NBA season has begun. After clenching the title last year, they’ve got momentum going into this season and are favorites to put another one on the mantle. There’s a lot of basketball between them and the Finals, though, and we’ve got tickets to almost all of it.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Start Your Engines Up

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 22nd
1 3 Justin Bieber
2 - Jason Aldean
3 1 Mississippi State Football
4 4 One Direction
5 - US Grand Prix
6 - Maroon 5
7 - World Series
8 - Phish
9 - Rolling Stones
10 2 George Strait

Ah, now we’re getting some variety in the countdown. With ACL done and college football season heading into the “slow” month, we see some new (relatively) faces appearing. At the top, though, is the very familiar countenance of the esteemed Mr. Bieber, who retakes his crown after spending many a month in exile.

He’s followed by Jason Aldean, whose tour is moving through our backyard, so I’m pretty sure that’s how he pulled an “out-of-nowhere” landing a #2. Miss St. drops to #3 and 1D holds steady at #4.

Very new and in at #5 is the United States Grand Prix. New to Austin, the inaugural racing weekend gets underway November 16th, culminating in the USGP on the 18th. The brand new Circuit of the America hosts the event, and we will have more on the track soon.

Also new, and starting off the second half of the countdown, is Maroon 5, who just released the North American dates for their Overexposed Tour. Along for the ride are Neon Trees and Owl City. The tour begins next February and currently runs for around 32 dates, though that could be extended.

The World Series enters at #7, and Phish return at #8. George Strait suffers a big drop, 8 spots down to the very bottom this week.

While I’m pretty sure it’s the first time they’ve been on the countdown, it’s certainly not the first time the Rolling Stones have been on the road. Debuting at #9 this week, they’ve been at it for 50 years. Called the 50 and Counting Tour, these dates are celebrating that golden anniversary.

One For The Roadie: Sugarland Plans Benefit For Indiana Tragedy

Last weekend, a horrible tragedy stuck before a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair. The main stage collapsed, causing the death of five festival goers. The band hadn’t taken the stage yet, and are currently trying to “emotionally process the magnitude and gravity of the tragedy” of what happened, according to a release they sent out. They are also set to have a benefit performance in memory of the lives lost in Indiana once, as they put it, “families can have time to go through their own services and memorials.”

In a total, didn’t-have-to-do-it move, the bands Train and Maroon 5 will donate the proceeds of their show on 8/18 at the same Indiana State Fairgrounds to the families of the events last weekend.

It’s good to know that at a time like this, when fingers could be wagging in an accusatory fashion, cooler heads are prevailing and allowing the mourning of those who passed. And while the charity of two concerts is a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, there have been many tragedies where bands—not pressured by lawsuits or threats thereof—have given their time as much as Sugarland, Train and Maroon 5 have. It’s a small silver lining to an otherwise sad situation, but one that has to be given its proper due.